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МКС зафиксировала на камеру гигантский летающий объектScientists around the world tend to believe that people are not alone in the universe. Indeed, only in our galaxy the milky way there are hundreds of millions of planetary systems. And in the universe - hundreds of billions of galaxies. It is very likely that around other stars similar to the Sun, as well planet rotates on its physical characteristics, reminiscent of the Earth. In addition, there are theories suggesting the existence of other life forms that do not match the earth's biological concepts. For example, the existence of intelligent energy substances.

To the utter dismay of fans of science fiction, none of the theories of the existence of life beyond Earth, yet not confirmed and have not denied. Scientists-astronomers and UFOlogy continue constant search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Powerful radio telescopes all the time to scan the sky for it is natural periodic signal sent from distant galaxies, but so far in vain.

In parallel planned and measured the work of scientists who hope to find in space signs of another mind, things happen that make you think about what might need to look for and not so far away. The proofs of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations are numerous facts recorded appearance in the field of view of people of various objects with physical abilities, inexplicable from the point of view of modern science. And if seen by eyewitnesses and shot Amateur cameras objects raise a note of caution, accurate shots, made by the military and astronauts, make you think.

Analysts section "science news" publications "market leader" reported that a similar situation occurred on the eve of the international space station, which is located in near-earth orbit. Luggage space laboratory recorded output from the atmosphere of the earth and the flight of an unidentified flying object. The quality of shooting, widespread in the media gives no right to assert that the aircraft enters into space. The only thing that you can understand - its dimensions are very impressive. Given the fact that UFO seen on the black background of space, and it is right above the horizon of the earth, large-scale projection suggests that the object is not inferior in size large earthly city. In a few seconds the UFO flies away in the direction from the orbital station and dissolves in the dark. Experts say that the astronauts saw this many times. Familiar to them as well and the dynamics of its move (exit from the atmosphere and in space). Experts are positive that the object cannot be created by man. It is reported that published the video is not the only witness of the incident, but the other video is not yet available to the General public.

Other cases of UFO sightings

The cosmonauts and astronauts observed a strange objects in space from the beginning of the era of space flight. For example, in April 1964 American auto Gemini" was put into orbit by the booster "Titan" immediately after its release into the calculated orbit, the ship was surrounded by four unidentified object and accompanied him during the first round in its orbit. After that, the UFO moved away from the object and disappeared into space. The mission control center was fixed their appearance and presence, no signs of cooperation have been identified.

Soviet cosmonaut Komarov, Feoktistov and Egorov, who were on Board of the first multi-seat manned spacecraft Voskhod, after reaching the target orbit reported in the PMU on many objects resembling disks that surrounded the ship. Have not been previously reported that the flight "Sunrise" was calculated for 5 days, but due to the fact that with the appearance of UFOs astronauts began to overcome inexplicable fear, and their condition became very depressed after a few hours flight had to stop.

Many cases of UFO encounters associated with the U.S. program of lunar exploration "Apollo". Directed towards the moon manned Apollo 8 in December 1968 was twice attacked by a UFO. As reported by the astronauts, double-disc-shaped object appeared on a path parallel to the motion of the ship and was moving at a speed of about 11 thousand kilometers per hour. The specified object were irradiated "Apollo -8" strange light radiation, which knocked off course the ship and took down the navigation system.

Author: Yevhen Popovych
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