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Исчезнувшие знания неведомых предковHow many high civilizations existed on the planet since the beginning of humanity and to our modern era? Researchers from several countries argue that not less than ten, in different regions of the Earth and at various times; some were replaced by others, and others for various reasons sunk into oblivion, leaving us with evidence of their former existence. Evidence incredible and mysterious...

On one of the many clay tablets, related to the Sumerian civilization, near the Moon shows two of the stars of the constellation Gemini. Astronomers from Cologne proved that, based on their location, the image on the plate reproduces the picture behind the times in which we live, for 6000 years.

Studying priceless manuscripts Diogenes Laertius, experts have learned such a phenomenal information: ancient Egyptians had a record 373 solar and 832 lunar eclipses. Simple mathematical calculations show to get these numbers eclipses, observations had to be not less than 15 thousand years!

What do scientists, when they are faced with such a completely mysterious Enigma, known as maps sailor Piri Flight?

Although these are truly unique, maps developed in the late 1400-s ad, they are wonderful accurately reproduced: the coastline of South America, it is not examined at that time the river of the continent - the Amazon, Orinoco, and Parana, Uruguay. The most surprising, however, that on maps sailor Piri Greenland and Antarctica is depicted without ice cover! Undoubtedly, the compiler maps was one of the most educated men of his time. But how did he know, what were these continents many thousands of years ago, before the ice age? Modern scientists declare unambiguously in order to map such huge territories, as Greenland, Antarctica and South America, even now, on the outskirts of the third Millennium, the necessary efforts of several hundreds of qualified specialists, armed with modern technology and equipment. And even then only with the help of aviation!
But the planes thousands of years ago?! It is impossible, incredible! However cards Turkish Admiral Piri Flight exist, and to ignore it is impossible.

In the XVII century in London lived known to all of us today, a man named Jonathan swift, traveler and writer, author of the immortal adventures of Gulliver's travels. Swift actively interested in ancient teachings, has collected in his travels a lot of old books and manuscripts. Not one of them whether he got information about the two satellites of Mars long before there was a rather powerful telescopes (the end of XIX century), in which it was possible to distinguish the celestial bodies of the Solar system? And only after almost 160 years after swift wrote about these satellites in "Gulliver's Travels", they opened the astronomers, the characteristics and parameters, data writer, extremely close to the actual!

on 17 February 1600 was burned scientist Giordano Bruno, who expressed the idea of the infinity of the Universe and the presence in it of innumerable worlds similar to ours.

However, thousands of years before it the same idea (and not as an assumption, and as the immutable truth!) recorded in itself the texts of the pyramids of Egypt, the Holy book of Ancient India, Tibet and China! In one of the earliest texts of the Cheops pyramid is said about the infinity of outer Space. The book "Vishnu Purana", written in Sanskrit three and a half thousand years ago, shows that the planet Earth is just one of the billions similar worlds inhabited by intelligent beings and in the unknown corners of the infinite Universe. According to one Tibetan manuscripts, "in the Universe so many live worlds that even Buddha himself would not be able to count them. These worlds are surrounded by blue air sheath that surrounds and our planet". Interesting statement ancient monks, isn't it?

Especially about the blue envelope of the Earth, which can be seen only from space! The idea that in the distant stars live rational beings, similar to the people, was common in ancient Peru. Researchers believe that this view goes back to the ancestors of the Incas!
Needless to speculate about what not from their everyday life, activities, practices and experiences, which corresponded to the level of their development, the ancient people found fragmentary knowledge about the whole complex of the above information.

Of course, that the source of their roots or disappeared in the earth's powerful civilization, which are not scientists suspect or is located somewhere beyond Earth.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" №21 2012
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