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Будем ли мы защищены от всех болезней?Viruses are a great number of forms and modifications. Once we understand how a lot of them, we will Uversa to improve control over them, " said Carl Zimmer. And who knows, maybe one day will come when they will become our friends , not enemies.

Scientist - writer Carl Zimmer said that his utopia about universal health care where the risks of any virus.

Viruses more than all forms of life on the planet. If you take all the stars in all universes and multiply in a million - you will understand how many viruses.

Zimmer believes that we must be filled with optimism and to turn towards the future, to prepare for the worst. When confronted with an unknown virus we are defenseless in the face of enormous devastation and history shows examples of such cases. We understand viruses are now a lot better, and it gives hope that one day we will be able to find a drug that will kill any virus. But these studies only just begun, and it is unknown how much is left up to the moment when we will see the result.

The virus is highly variable and clever, and there are many things that they can be useful.
Some scientists use viruses in solar panels, others produce protein. So, is it possible that in the future viruses will cease to be enemies, and will become our friends.

Now viruses survive in the open space in near-earth space, mutate under the action of radiation, and then back. It is believed that all of the most serious illness is caused by the return of the virus mutated flu and introduce him to some harmless infusoria that makes her a tubercle Bacillus that causes tuberculosis, or in the blood cell and the subsequent development of cancer.

As if we have little space, now mutant viruses used in GMOs in the production of vaccines in the industry. What happens when the body of the virus from the DNA of corn will connect with the body of the virus, giving doped floor at the factory, they unite with the body of the virus from synthetic hormonal drug, Yes they still added a "returnee" from orbit?
All this cocktail is in the rivers in the sewage - you cannot filter so small components. Analyses show that in England 90% of all waters contain biological hazard. Nobody knows what to do with it and how, but to solve it had 20 years ago, could be prepared for the consequences.

Volny (because namechennyy) translation from the site of the air force.
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