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Код Да ВинчиAs I looked at the picture of Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles me, as it turned out, was staring at the young Italian. It happened in Milan, in the famous Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is located in the Western area of the capital of fashion", as some call this city in the North of Italy. In the refectory of the mentioned Church survived one of the most famous frescoes in the world - "the last supper" hand of the genius Leonardo da Vinci. Many saw this work of Leonardo - at least on reproductions.


I tried looking at Leonardo's masterpiece, to stay in a room with fresco longer put each viewer fifteen minutes. Here, seeing my interest, to me and came Signor Alessandro Lanzi. So I met with Italian scientist. We quickly agreed with him: writer from Ukraine wanted to know more about the mysterious paintings, and the researcher frescoes - to tell about it not just idle tourist, and the employee of the pen.

That's what told me Alessandro about the history of frescoes and their artistic discoveries associated with it.

The constructor of military vehicles

In 1490 the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, powerful and talented in many areas of the Governor, ordered the great architect Bramante to finish the begun once the Church, adapting it into a temple and a tomb kind Sforza. In the same year, a very loving Ludovico married Beatrice d'este, Duchess de Bari, which later bore him two sons, two future of the Dukes of Milan - Massimiliano and Francesco.

But the main intrigue of our history ahead... Visionary Duke Ludovico in 1482 was discharged itself at the service of the great Leonardo da Vinci as an architect, designer of the military machines, hydraulic engineering and civil engineer constructions.

Ludovico was not mistaken in Leonardo: the one proposed by the Duke of development "guns, mortars and light weapons" in a new, very convenient form, different from all known. Also chroniclers mention the creation of the great da Vinci light and very durable bridges," and, what is most surprising, "armed vehicles, invulnerable and unapproachable". What is this carriage? Perhaps, these are the types of tanks, sketches found in the mysterious drawings of Leonardo?

Look for the woman

And here in 1495 Leonardo da Vinci began to create his "last supper" in the new Church-tomb Sforza. Painting this cannot be called a fresco in the full sense of the word. Leonardo first covered stone wall by a layer of resin plaster and putty, and then wrote on this part of tempera - that was the correct figure for what we do when working with this fresco). Therefore, within a few decades Leonardo began to collapse: experiment genius in this case was unsuccessful. But that's another story...

Alessandro Lanzi told me that Ludovico Sforza, a great lover of women, in 1489 met with an outstanding, clever and beautiful noblewoman - Cecilia, Gallerani. She became the mistress of the Duke and gave birth to his son Cesare in may 1491 - that is, when Sforza was married to Beatrice! Cecilia lived in Sforza castle, and only "urgent requests of" lawful wife forced Ludovico delete your passion from a family nest.

And that's the lancers, exploring the "last supper" of Leonardo, found that there Judas strikingly similar to Sforza, only with pririsovali beard... But why the da Vinci needed to portray his benefactor, patron of art, the breadwinner, connoisseur in such unattractive, humiliating form - in the form of a traitor?

Alessandro gives a convincing answer: it is the woman! As it turned out, and this proved and other researchers, Leonardo was in love with Euro cilia he met her in the Sforza castle in 1489. Da Vinci wrote a portrait of the woman. You all know him: this is the famous "Lady with an ermine". Preserved and draft messages Leonardo to Cecilia, where he says to her: "my love goddess..." it is Known that da Vinci, Gallerani among themselves to you, although in those days, even friends and relatives turned to each other on you...

Did Cecilia reciprocate da Vinci? Well, Yes. And most likely, she managed to meet with two men: Ludovico and Leonardo! Probably, in the vast spaces and secret rooms Sforza castle it was not too difficult to arrange...

What makes jealousy

Jealousy is a terrible force. And, according to scientists of the lancers, afflicted this passion Leonardo and wrote a portrait of Ludovico Sforza in the image of Judas. But that's not all! Remember: Dan brown in his book argues that the fresco "the last supper" by the right hand of Christ is depicted not the Apostle John, and earthly friend of Christ, Mary Magdalene. Bold statement, but absolutely fantastic. In fact, says the lancers, in love with Leonardo really writes John with a woman's face, but it's still the same Cecilia!

I had more time to come to Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and to consider carefully the work of da Vinci. Then I spent a couple hours on the study of different reproductions murals - in the enlarged view, before and after the recent restoration the 1999 review of the copies of portraits Ludovico and "Lady with an ermine"... Now I can't disagree with the conclusions of the Italian scientist. The tendency Leonardo to the ciphers and the mysteries known. And nothing strange in this "game" is not. The da Vinci code exists, only it is a little different...
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