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Ледниковый период начнется через 2 годаHead of the sector of space research of the Sun Pulkovo Observatory, doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences, Habibullo abdussamatov running the project "Astrometry", created for studying the behavior of our star and its influence on Earth's climate. He and his staff said that in 2014 on our planet will begin next glacial period, which will last for almost two centuries.

The sun is reduced

Supporters of the global warming theory argue that if we do not take appropriate measures, in three or four decades, our planet is literally "boils", as a pan on the stove, and it will destroy humanity. With the second statement, the developers of the project "Astrometry" completely agree. But the reason for the expected disaster they call the opposite. Scientists believe that its perpetrator is not warming but cooling.

This statement is based on the fact that the behavior of the Sun has many cycles, most of which are related, according to Professor abdussamatov, with a diameter of light. Right now ends quite large - bicentennial - cycle activity. The diameter of the Sun is reduced and therefore reduced and the flow of heat to the surface of earth. According to the Professor and his band, at the moment we are at the very beginning of the ice age.

- Changes taking place on the Earth with some delay compared to changes in the Sun's activity due to the thermal inertia of the Earth, which are conducive to the oceans, " says the Professor. - Since the beginning of 90-ies we see reduction of solar radiation. In the current situation the Earth to absorb the maximum amount of heat, and now it is just to cool off. The maximum temperature reduction will be in 2055.

Apocalypse will not be

Even the scientist added that for more accurate forecast, it is necessary to install special devices on the ISS, but he was sure that they, fully confirming the hypothesis of researchers, will only help to clarify the timing of the peak of the ice age.

As a consolation, we can say that we are talking not about a global Apocalypse ultra low temperatures and frozen oceans. Scientists say-

the word has been spread about the so-called small glacial, which (or rather that), our planet has experienced in the XIII, XV, XVII and XIX centuries. Despite the fact that "small" icing was the cause of crop failures, epidemics and high mortality rate among the population, their humanity had survived. But if we instead of global cooling will start to prepare for global warming, the consequences will be much more unpredictable.
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