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Атмосфера над бермудским треугольникомTo the Bermuda triangle of course, we must identify and atmospheric phenomena occurring on its territory. First, because the planes disappearing like ships that fly in the atmosphere above the triangle, and secondly, because the ocean and atmosphere in close unity. We have seen that the fixed and variable winds make the surface layers of water move in the same direction; the temperature of the water mass on the surface of the ocean also has a decisive influence on the atmospheric circulation.

A large part of the triangle is in the area of trade winds. This constant winds blowing in the Northern hemisphere around the South-West direction (called the North-East trade winds) from subtropical high pressure belt, located about 30 degrees n the zone of low pressure near the equator. The surface of the ocean is rather homogeneous, so the trade winds over the ocean phenomenon is very stable. On the continent they are not as permanent as the land heats up faster and faster cools. The trade winds blow approximately on the height of up to 3 km their speed ranges from 3 to 8 m/s, in winter they are more pronounced than in the summer. At high altitudes in the opposite direction blow antipasti.

To the North of the area of coverage of the Meltemi area is calm. It takes a very narrow strip around between the thirtieth and thirty-fifth Parallels. This zone in the era of sailing ships got curious name - "horse latitudes", still preserved, although many sailors don't know when and why it occurred. This name came in the days when sailing ships from the Old world to America was transporting horses. Can happen so that the vehicle got into the area, was forced weeks and months to stand still with drooping sails. Drinking water was over, horses suffered from thirst and, seeing around endless water surface was loose and jumped overboard into the ocean.

The area is calm there and the area South of the trade winds, around the equator. In this zone is dominated by calmer winds blowing in the Eastern direction.

Considering the frequency of accidents that happen to the courts and planes, we should pay attention and to other meteorological conditions in the area of the Bermuda triangle, primarily in storm activity. If you look at the meteorological directory (for example, Brooks C.E.P. Handbook of Meteorology. Chicago, 1977), we can see that in the southern part of the triangle, located between Florida and the Bahamas, a year is 60 stormy days. Quite a lot, almost every fifth-sixth day - storm. If you move to the North, in the direction of Bermuda, the number of storm days per year is increasing and approaching 80. This means that the storm is almost every fourth day. And although this need not be the storms that threaten the sailing of seagoing vessels or aircraft flights, still the storm there's a storm, and it can be fatal, especially for small boats. In the southern part of the triangle of storm days more often in summer season in the Northern autumn and winter.

While we were talking about storms ordinary, familiar to us in our geographic latitudes. But the Bermuda triangle is very often rayed by the impacts of tropical cyclones. A tropical cyclone is the generic title of atmospheric depression, in which the wind speed reaches 34 m/s, with frequent and more, and gusts of over 80 m/S. Tropical cyclones are among the most terrible natural disasters. On their account, tens of thousand of victims. More detailed information about the reader can find in my CED GE "Natural disasters". Here we will limit ourselves to a mere statement of the fact that the Bermuda triangle is one of the world largest of these cyclones. And though they arise outside Treugolnik closer to the equator, between 5 degrees and 10° n but are distributed in the different direction of the thoughts, mostly to the North and Northwest. These massive air vortices moving with a speed of 30 to 50 km/h to the side of Florida, Cuba, Bahamu Islands and further North. In the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean sea ASO of the occurrence of a tropical cyclone is inevitable if the vast area of the ocean warms up over 26th C. Warm and moist oceanic air Utah by air swirl, passing the cyclone their energy. Tropics cyclone is the generic name phenomena, local names of its various - cyclone, hurricane, Typhoon. In the Caribbean region, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and in the Bermuda triangle use the first three names.

A significant number of hurricanes, and most damaging, sweeping over the southern part of the Bermuda triangle in the direction of Florida. However, the Northern region is not much safer. Strong hurricanes happen even at the latitude of the Bermuda island (30 degrees North latitude). Through the Bermuda powerful hurricanes sweep approximately once every two years, through the Bahamas more often two or three times a year.

Although today there is a meteorological service, warning of the possibility of a hurricane and giving information about his power and the coming time, still a lot of ships are victims of hurricane winds. The fact that the hurricane may suddenly change the direction of its motion. In addition, small boats, with which there is no radio, no can get storm warnings.

Other dangers of the court, shall sea tornado - a small but extremely powerful atmospheric vortices. At sea they appear only when the surface water is heated. They raise and suck in water, turning as if in water columns. They move rapidly and zigzag. In the scientific and popular literature sea tornado called waterspout (water-spout. Probable! that this storm will meet with the ship, a small but absolutely to exclude it is impossible. For small ships it means death, and the large Ocean liners can receive significant damage.

Review of the atmospheric phenomena observed within the Bermuda triangle, confirms that we are talking about areas in meteorological against very dangerous. Here is constantly blowing trade winds, often strong storms, tropical cyclones, and tornadoes. When action by air streams are superimposed on each other, ships can get into a desperate situation. About the storm winds blowing against the current of the Gulf stream, delaying the upper layer of the water and raising the heavy waves, much has been written. There are the testimonies of the captains and entry in the ship's log, indicating that even large ocean-going ships experienced difficulties, and sometimes found themselves on the brink of disaster. Tropical storms, catching up water in the Straits and in the shallow waters of the Bahamas, Florida and the Cuban shelf, have been and will be fatal for many ships.
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