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Swiss diver Franco Banfi (Franco Banfi) went to the Brazilian region of Mato Grasso, to specifically capture in nature famous Anaconda, the largest snake in the world.
1. And he managed to make stunning pictures of the Anaconda right in its natural habitat, under water. Franco found great snake eight meters in length and do not pose a threat, because the instance recently lunched a capybara.
2. The photoshoot Anaconda only lazily looked askance at 53-year-old diver and, according to the latter, he could touch her hand, but still not decided against it.
3. - First moment is scary but you get used to it and begin to really respect this animal, " says Franco Banfi, " I have never been so close to the Anaconda, but to me this big nonpoisonous snake much safer than small and poisonous creature.
4. Anaconda is the largest snake. Its average length is about 5-6 meters, and often found instances of 8-9 meters. Unique in size measured reliably individual has long 11,43 m (this instance, however, was not maintained).
5. Currently the most famous giant Anaconda has a length of about 9 meters and a weight of about 130 kg, it is contained in the new York Zoological Society. The main body color Anaconda - grayish-green, with two rows of large brown spots round or oblong form, alternate in a checkerboard pattern. Body sides are some yellow spots smaller size, surrounded by black rings. This painting effectively hides the snake when she hides in a quiet water, covered with brown leaves and bunches of algae. Females much bigger and stronger than males.
6. Anaconda inhabiting the tropical South America East of the Andes: Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Eastern Paraguay, Northern Bolivia, northeastern Peru, Guyana, French Guiana, and the island of Trinidad. Due to the inaccessibility of habitats Anaconda scientists difficult to assess the number and trace the dynamics of populations. In zoos in the world of Anaconda much, but they take root in captivity is quite difficult. The maximum term of life anacondas in the cage - 28 years of age, but usually in captivity these snakes live 5-6 years.
7. Powered Anaconda different mammals, waiting for them near the water. She catches tapirs, peccaries, agoutis, capybaras, and so on, has been described cases when Anaconda devoured even jaguars (to overcome this predator, obviously, only the very largest Anaconda). For lunch the Anaconda often fall waterfowl, small caimans, turtles and snakes - at least in the zoo once Anaconda strangled and ate 2.5-meter Python.
8. The fish is in the diet anacondas a much smaller place than four-legged inhabitants of the jungle. Like all Boas, Anaconda still waiting for prey, and when she arrives, grabs her lightning and throw perfume and throw rings body (contrary to popular belief, Anaconda, like other Boas, not crushing the victim and not break her bones, and squeezes it and does not let breathe, and she dies from suffocation). Like all without exception of the snake, the snake swallows the prey whole, much stretching however mouth and throat.

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