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Установлено, какой была температура Вселенной 7 млрд лет назадAstronomers from the three Western European countries: Germany, Sweden and France has teamed up with Australian colleagues in order to measure the temperature of our Universe at the moment when her age was twice less, than now. The task they were able to perform with the help of a telescope, provided by the Australian Government Association of scientific and applied research CSIRO.

Scientists analyzed gas is one of the nameless galaxies, located away from us 7.2 billion light years (the amount of redshift 0,89). The temperature of the galactic gas supports preserved, despite more than 13 billion years separating us from the Big Bang, the radiation from cosmic background.

During the study the galaxy is quasi-star radio source PKS 1830-211. Emitted by a quasar radio waves penetrate the space anonymous galaxy. Molecules galactic gas partially absorb the energy of these waves, creating in them a sort of "fingerprint". It astronomers and were able to determine the desired temperature. It was equal to -267,92 C or 5,08 K. Modern universe bit colder (-270,27 C or 2,C).

The research results confirm the legitimacy of the Big Bang theory, which States that the expansion of the Universe leads to a gradual decrease in temperature of the background radiation.
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