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Механическую деталь, которой 300 миллионов лет, нашли ученныеIn the layer of the Russian coal found a strange discovery. It is a part of the mechanical parts, which age - old dinosaur. Age of coal deposits on Chernogorodsky mine in Khakassia, where he found a strange artifact, almost 300 million years. In those days people on Earth did not exist.

Fragment finds similar to jagged "asterisk", which can be used in the transmission mechanism. It was found inside a lump of coal a man by the name of Vladimir from Vladivostok to study finds gave it biologist Valery Bri?re.

The results of the analysis of the findings showed that it consists of aluminium alloy and magnesium and made by hand. In addition, the opinion of some scientists agree to the idea, that the find could be the same age as deposits of coal, others believe in the fabrication of the artifact and the lack of any historical value.

In General, who and with what purpose has created this detail, remains a mystery.
"If after all this artifact is not fake, why scientists are silent? Why in scientific journals about it there is no article ? And where the results of the analysis? In practice too many fakes, so it is difficult to distinguish them from the real," said geologist Sharon hill.
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