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Христиане боятся инопланетянThe case goes to the fact that the aliens are going there. At least at the recent meeting of the British Royal society (Royal Society) was promised that in a year, the latest orbital telescope Kepler will find a planet with conditions suitable for life. After this opening identification brothers on reason will be simplified and will not be long in coming.

To prepare the society for the forthcoming "acquaintance" already Ted Peters (Ted Peters, Professor and theologian (professor of Systematic Theology at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California). At the same meeting, he announced the results of a sociological study conducted to find out, won't collapse if the world's religions after it will be precisely known that aliens exist? Not falter or whether faith in God? To clarify the situation Professor interviewed 1300 people - representatives of different confessions. Asked and atheists.

All Buddhists stated that aliens will not affect their faith. And more than 40 percent of them expressed confidence that the undeniable fact of the existence of brothers in mind will create problems for other religions.
About 8 percent of Catholics saw aliens a threat to their personal religious convictions. And said that it would be very shocked. 22 percent of fear for the state of his religion at all. And more than 30 percent believe that the threat hangs and over the representatives of other confessions.

Approximately in the same proportion distributed and fears of other Christian communities (like evangelists and Protestants). What will the Muslims, Hindus and Jews, Professor could not figure out for conclusions scientist was not enough data.

Only one percent of respondents atheists believe that aliens somehow change their perception of the surrounding world. And the majority (69 percent) - non-believers in God - I have no doubt that the acquaintance with brothers in mind will plunge into the crisis of world religions. Among the believers similar opinion on average adhere to 34 percent.

Each alien civilization is their Jesus?

Among serious scholars became one of the first to experience for believers Paul Davies (Paul Davies), astrobiology of the University of Arizona (Arizona State University in Temp). Several years ago, he predicted that the aliens will cause a serious theological problem - at least for Christianity.

"They (Christians) believe that Jesus came to Earth to save mankind - not dolphins, Neanderthals or some aliens, - commented on the scientific results of the current survey. And the presence of aliens stipulates either need to increase the number of Jesuses (its son of God on every habitable planet), or to think of a reason why only the mankind has received special attention of the Lord.

By the WAY

In the Vatican naturally think that the Lord could create not only people, but also green people.

It is not excluded that the Holy see is preparing a flock alien shock. In the Vatican regularly claim that it is possible to combine a belief in God and brothers in mind. A kind of Manifesto of this is the article about aliens", published two years ago in the newspaper L''osservatore Romano. It publishes publishes the Vatican.

The author of the article is not some fanatic-a UFO, and the father Jose Gabriel Funes is recognized in the scientific community astronomer and head of the Vatican Observatory - Spicaly located at the Pope's summer residence. And the content of the article titled "Aliens - my brothers, are probably reflects more and attitudes that prevail today in the Catholic leadership.

Funes has announced that belief in God and the intelligent life on other planets does not contradict each other. Moreover, he admits that aliens exist. Far ahead of us in development. And he created them is still the same Lord God who is one for the whole Universe.

- Time on Earth presents a great variety of beings, but there may be others that God has created, including reasonable, preach astronomer. - Not for us to limit his artistic freedom.

Even St. Francis of Assisi, continues Funes, considered all earthly creatures of our brothers and sisters. So why would the people not be treated similarly to the aliens? As brothers? They too are part of the divine plan.

According to the scientist, a humanoid brothers in mind along with people can count on the redemption and salvation given by Jesus Christ, and divine mercy.

For connoisseurs revelation of the father Gabriel looks not absolutely supernatural. The Vatican for 10 years pays aliens increased attention. And the previous Pope personally spoke in 1999 that the Almighty Lord was free to create intelligent life not only on Earth.

Ufologists, heated numerous conspiracy novels, generally suspect there some kind of secret. There are even rumors about the existence of a special Vatican Commission for the study of contacts with aliens, which analyzes the information coming from all over the world. Moreover, it is precisely known that the Vatican is working closely with the secret services, was keenly interested in UFOs, has funded several secret institutions and leases powerful telescope in Arizona (USA).

It seems that we are not alone in the Universe should a joy to our hearts. And spinning all sorts of thoughts about the incredible benefits that are "brothers" will bring to humanity. And if they evil? As in most movies about aliens? And plotted evil, to kill us and Rob? Why with such generally to meet? Especially at home.

As if sweeping aside such concerns, father Gabriel Funes says that aliens can be free from original sin. That is immortal, not subject to disease and decay, living according to the laws of God, as Adam and eve in Paradise (up his exile). But the main thing is to be a creatures, absolutely devoid of malice.


Detected: we - 37 965-I reasonable civilization in our galaxy

Duncan Forgan (Duncan Forgan) from a Scottish University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh in Scotland) has estimated the number of inhabited worlds in the milky Way. And believes that no less than 361. Of course, a scientist not sure at 100 percent. But the result of its evaluation.

Duncan has created a model of the milky Way - our, in fact, galaxies, in which, as is known, a reasonable life appeared - we are the evidence of it. Asked the program, the parameters of which have correlated with the current knowledge about the ability of the stars to acquire planets suitable size and located in a favorable for the emergence of life zone.
And launched in the three scenarios. The first suggested that living organisms appear to work, but then grow well. Second - they have difficulty becoming intelligent beings. Under the third scenario, life could travel from one planet to another, as follows from the very popular hypothesis of its occurrence on the Earth.

In the end, despite all the difficulties, he has received three positive result. Namely 361 reasonable civilization for the first time, 31 513 for the second. And as much as 37 964 for the third.

Duncan published their findings in the latest issue of the scientific journal International Journal of Astrobiology.

- It is important to understand that the picture that we have built, still incomplete, " said the scientist. - Even if other forms of life exist, it is not necessary that we will be able to establish contact with them. We have no idea about what form they may take. Life on other planets can be as diverse as on Earth, and we cannot predict what may look intelligent beings on other planets or how they behave.

More optimistic in their forecasts Seth Shostak (Seth Shostak), senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, which deals with the search for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence. He believes that in the galaxy can be up to a million radio transmitters. And some of them the transfer is sure to be captured in the next 20 years due to the development of terrestrial communication equipment and computers.
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