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Tornado, hurricane, hail, and rain fell upon the city of Komsomolsk in the Poltava region. This was not for all history of the city. More than 300 trees were torn off. Hailstones the size of a chicken egg has broken machine. Street in seconds turned into rivers. Because of the massive breakage of wires in the city turned off the light and water. Exclusive video from the epicenter of the storm.

Storm warnings city has not received.

The disaster came suddenly. About 17 hours darkened, and the wind started to blow. Many citizens say that there was even a "pillar" of the tornado. People saw in the air flying cats and dustbins. Near kindergarten " Cheburashka passer not be taken away just because he has his hand on the fence. The wind began to break trees. Huge poplar twisted together with the roots. On the street of the world, one of the trunks fell right into the Windows of the building.

In the houses along the street of the Constitution, which are facades to the Dnieper, killed glass. Their residents say that awful howl of the wind was heard even through the tightly closed doors and Windows. The storm passed only the new Windows. The wind shifted a hailstorm. Chunks of ice the size from chicken eggs to walnut a few minutes broke Windows machines that were under the open sky. Streams of water instantly covered the main street.

On the corner of Miners and the World water was chest. In the surrounding streets -- to the waist. Waves from the cars that tried to pass through the water, killing up to the door entrances. The hurricane raged for half an hour, the rain poured about three. But that was enough to paralyze the city. Because of the massive breakage of wires in Komsomolske turn off the light and water. Mobile communication has appeared only at night. When I earned the TV, the leadership of the city live asked residents to take with chainsaws, to help clear the streets of broken trees.

In the morning the effects of the hurricane were visible throughout the city. Pine grove in the children's Park turned into a windfall. Broken fences and roofs. Street Dobrovolsky and Miners are still flooded. In every yard inhabitants and workers of municipal services, sawn fallen trees, return to the place of departed bins and fallen benches. Material damage to the city yet to be assessed.
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