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ВЕЛИКИЙ ПЕРЕХОД. КОРРЕКЦИЯ СОЗНАНИЯYOU ENTER IN the GREAT PHASE CHANGES, WHICH IS NOT ONLY correct, AND ATTUNING YOUR bodies as we already described. In the mass order is made and adjustment of your consciousness, that is analyzer perception of reality of all your bodies respect the existing reality.

What is corrected. Consciousness and awareness have all your body in varying degrees of perception and intensity, each at its own level of connection to the universal consciousness of the universe. You have the transition in the 4th dimension and consequently, your perception and awareness should move into the new reality that surrounds you.

We often use the analogy that you can understand. For example, in linear reality now you see one particular subject in a three-dimensional image. When you go hmelnuyu reality is added to the vector of movement. Everything in nature and the universe is in a state of continuous transformation or movement, nothing is constant and unchanging.

Even those items that you see every day, and that your vision have regular shape and appearance actually change. And it's not that they are erased or wear out. The fact is, they are in permanent continuous processes of deep changes on the cellular level and at the level of subatomic structure.

Stone, it is only in your opinion still. In fact, he continuously alters its structure and luminosity, its properties and characteristics. Simply existing instruments of your scientists are not yet able to fix these fluctuations, as their speed is developing also non-linear.

So, you see an object, say a ball of color, size and density, but in 4-dimensional system is added to the motion vector and you'll see (it is not quite accurate), rather perceive this ball as constantly changing object. This is the concept of iridescence. About it and tell you in other information channels about the rosy phenomena and perceptions. Radujnoe is determined by the flickering of the luminosity of the object at the moment of perception. So the world, wherever you go in the literal sense of the rainbow world, and it is beautiful.

Of course, under raduzhnogo mean not only the color and not only 7 colors of the rainbow, but also many features. Already now, many of you can see various items in rainbow condition. Sometimes it is not seen by the vision that you have for it is not configured, and energetically. You see bursts of energy, something like auras and luminosity of separate objects and take it for reflection or an accident.

We have called you - believe yourself. Believe one's own perception. Nothing is impossible for you in this and other world. Take radujnoe ambient reality, and the world will colors Shine!

How? Listen to yourself, look, watch, gradually your vision will adjust to it and you will be able to distinguish it more clearly than ever, because if you are not ready at the moment of transformation, your visual ( we do not mean the eyes in the form in which they exist you have now) perception is literally stunned.

As you now can't look at the sun without the threat to his vision, so it will be difficult to Orient in a new world.

You should be most careful ,conscious and responsive. Should you notice any changes in your awareness and perception that happen literally in front of you, not to think about them. Start with yourself, with your mind, notice shades and nuances. This requires concentration and presence in the here and now, as it has often been said to you

We have already passed that the presence here and now the continuity of the life process and cycle. TEARING THEIR EXISTENCE IN MOMENTS, YOU BREAK THE RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR EXISTENCE.

The selection rainbow component of all things gives meditative practice. Of course, we understand that when your speed of life you don't always have time to realize where and why are we mean universal scale). But highlight each day at least an hour of time for meditative immersion in the reality for expanding the practice of contemplation and perception of iridescence. This is best done, of course, on the nature.

We gave the example with the Orb, imagine the same radujnoe living being. Watch the plants. They also go with you to a different state measurement. Watch the people surrounding you. Do not consider them from the point of view of your canons of beauty. Try to consider them from the point of view of iridescence of their essence. You will understand once you start to look at it. You will see a new light in her eyes, you will see the glow of the body. You will feel the waves of energy. which emanate from them. Get used to this state.

The second is energy perception. Your feelings now are the most important. Trust them. Your experience tells you and sends you your light body. In the new world, you will not see. You will feel. How to convey the feeling of the wind blows - only directional airflow is? As to convey a sense of perception of the sea? On this special topic! Your ocean is a living organism, in General, with awareness, starting from the water droplets in the ocean and ending with the whales. It is a single organism, in tune with the whole planet.

Now, plunging into the sea, you have just touch the water to your body? There is something more. How to pass finally, the perception of a fire? Only light and heat effects? No! You like to look at the fire and water, you love the wind and like to lie down on the ground. We talk about the energy that pervades all life (and there is nothing inanimate) on the planet.

Now you perceive these energies intuitively. You want to lean against the tree. You are fun to swim in the sea. You fall out of reality, looking at the fire, and so forth. In the new world, you will feel it directly without mediated filters physical machine. And you will see the light hologram of your world and the universe.

We have already talked about light threads by which your body will be able to travel to any (or almost any) point of space. You will perceive light and color coming from all living creatures and finds that he does not always coincide with the colors of the physical world. Your perception will expand significantly. This is not the level of the universal perception, but much broader. You will hear the sounds are not available so far spectrum and new colour variations. And radujnoe.

Initially, or if unpreparedness for many of you this will cause difficulty understanding. For many, this is the cacophony and rubbed, so you are, in a sense, can go blind and deaf.

Why simple untrained person can not see the angel, only to feel his presence. Because protect your physical machine. Luminosity, radujnoe and energy fullness of these entities is so great that you literally can go blind. Some of you see them in a dream.

So start to perceive objects surrounding you and creatures from the point of view of the transfer of power to you. You tell your feelings. To do this, you and they are given by the Creator.

What do you feel at the sight of a butterfly? What do you feel looking at the sea? Trust your feelings and take them into myself if they do not have a negative charge. But if so, you should think for themselves and to listen to him. What feelings do you discomfort? In fact everything in the universe and your world is configured to radujnoe perception. If you have a problem with it - listen to yourself, what prevents you perceive the world as a rainbow, what it is?

As the perception of the energy component of each environment you entities will automatically be increased and change your luminosity. Referring to its intensity and coloring. Because as you know the color is not as just a perception, but also the relations with other qualitative characteristics of the spectrum of perception. It is very difficult to explain human language. For example, red is associated with hot, isn't it? is the color quality, the quality of the energy intensity of this coloring. Blue is associated with the calmness is not a psychological concept, but the real quality of colouring of energy.

The combination of light and color characteristics creates new colors and new qualities. We already wrote about it. Blue and pink gives purple value of luminosity.

The growth of energy coloring your light body will happen automatically when you first fully trust your perception (off at this moment logical construct of the mind and being present in the here and now.

For those of you who will have difficulty changing perception - ask for help from your unmanifest teachers. We have already passed that each fondly cherish, accompany and help. Important is your desire, then there is a vector of your intentions. Because without your permission to intervene in the vector your perception, no one has the right. This does not apply to those who knowingly went on this way all my life, that is, the Lightworkers, who initially agreed to the intervention of the higher "I" in the adjustment of their consciousness. Even so, you have all the time ask permission, that is, see: there has been a change vector your intentions.

The third is telepathicE. communication. Imagine that now suddenly you can hear the thoughts of all men at the distance of, say, 100 metres. And half a mile? You will be able to deal with it? Look into your mind and see what's going on there. The same happens in the mind of almost everyone.

And this cacophony of thoughts and images will suddenly become available to your perception. How do you feel? Already now, many of you,almost all can communicate telepathically. Simply you do not trust yourself. Your concept of "feeling" very versatile: the vision, the perception of energy, and telepathic. Actually this is a single process of perception that we are for the convenience of your understanding divided into components.

As you understand their Pets. It's very simple - you feel, perceive them. How do you communicate with trees? Isn't communicate? Sometimes you literally hear them, but say to yourself - this can't be, it seemed. The most sensitive of you listen to it.

But most importantly, that occasionally you hear and thoughts of other people. Isn't it? Again don't believe yourself. Place it on accident. What is important is the following points. First, your perception of others ' thoughts at all - it is just a barrier of perception that you had placed initially, for your protection. Or to be more precise, practical most of you have put this barrier yourself because you did not know how this process to manage.

Because among you now have people who can read thoughts. Your military structures develop special methods for the identification and training of these people. Even for you, this is not a secret, you just don't know the scale of this phenomenon. So, you need to remove the barrier of your perception, namely afford to hear and believe it.

The next step is the limitation of perception. You don't want to hear the thoughts of all people as well as themselves certainly do not want to see any people around you fully read your thoughts. The word thought we again not understand the words in my head, and images. Because you actually think the images, and then your brain puts them in a verbal category.

After all languages have a lot, and the images are almost the same. Telepathic transmission occurs images, even entire paintings perception. Many of you think it will look like this: without opening your mouth, you ask: how do you feel today? And you say - all is well. This is not the case. It is your mental filters.

Actually you will give the readiness to accept the feeling (feeling) the other person, and he answers (if willing) will convey your feelings of his condition, which would you classify as good. Here's how it works now and will work further without the verbal system.

So, it is very important word READINESS. That is, each of you will need to review not only the filters in my perception, that he is not ready to hear) but the filters of your gear (which is not ready to send). In other words, you need to learn to manage this process, otherwise the cacophony of all your thoughts without your control will be poured out on others. There are many practices, for example, stop the internal monologue. And many times we called you control your thoughts. It's not just a thought, and thought forms that you send "walk" in your world.

Actually for you, the most difficult part is the control over the thoughts. You've used that no one hears you in a human environment that does not even try to control them. Start from today. Analyze your thoughts. Imagine that today hear all your thoughts. And slowly sort them, filter them, remove from your vocabulary. Actually, if to the process of thinking you will be connecting the heart, to balance their thoughts with the heart, then the process will occur easily and automatically.

Next, the feeling of your physical body. About this many were transferred information. Now is the process of releasing your astral body from the physical shell. We see it actually in the majority of you. This is an irreversible process, but you can control. Release your astral body occurs during sleep. Many practitioners wizard, for example, yoga can do this, and practices of the output of the astral body beyond the physical path of meditation is quite common among you. And this is normal.

Many of you have already moved in the 4th dimension. Here is keeping them still relationship with the planet on a physical level and the relationship with other people and entities of the dense plane. It is you who is in the lead, who makes a way in my example, who have already passed the transformation and voluntarily remains in a solid plan to help others. This is a great masters and teachers, and many Lightworkers who have already practiced all of the above and understand what we are saying.

They are among you. Next to you. You can feel special level of their luminosity. Them want to communicate, they attract. Don't look at gender, status, social position , appearance, and other attributes of your mental apparatus. It could be anyone. You will feel. Then contact that person mentally asking for help. Believe me, he will hear you. Will see that the help will come through it, or the other.

Now these people a lot. Do not hold back their feelings. This does not mean that you have to go to him and say, Hey, come on help me! He will only smile in reply. Because he will not know exactly what you want. You must understand and feel it yourself.

Many of you would think that all the above is difficult. No. You start. Gradually it will become practical automatically. You do not hamper every morning to clean teeth. You are accustomed to having it. Here, start small. Do not blame yourself if something goes wrong. Your intention to do this will work for you or against you.

And most importantly LOVE EACH other. See in every human and creature on the planet - the divine principle. Understand that you all is rosy beings and you will have a wonderful rainbow world! We are waiting for you there! There are very few.
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