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Конец света: Библия раскрывает секреты грядущегоWhether or not the end of the world? The Bible is clear about the changes. Changes around the living and not living. Volcanoes in a flame of fire raise up, it seemed mountains standing firm. But after tens or hundreds of thousands of years stone going out with winds and rain, mountains gradually destroyed in the sand or flooded by the sea and be on the depth of the sea waters.

This is the end of the world? The Bible says that no, around-man-life. Green grass, butterflies, runs here and there a variety of forest animals... But some time later we see that Luga faded, fell dead butterflies decayed in the grass, part life has become food for other or perish in the land Around.... there is a constant change in the cycle of destruction and creation, narodenia and death. Therefore, a natural question for a man: and what will be further? And what is the end of the world by the Bible? What the main Christian book? Will this order of things go on forever or such laws as well when destined to fail? And people ask themselves this question is not how many across the universe, how about our Planet and the human Civilization.

The end of the world by the Bible - options

Many options of termination of existence of the human civilization was invented by people on the basis of reasoning, inference, of speculation and guesswork. Fashionable whether on that basis to conclude that when the world will end? The Bible makes it clear that some of them are quite plausible, and some are quite fantastic. But there are descriptions that cause special interest. Since they were delivered to us by the Ancient Prophets in the books, passed from hands in hands" from the depth of centuries. There are descriptions in the Bible, the book of descriptions of the life of Jesus Christ, which according to the Christian faith is one of the Three Incarnations of the Creator of the whole world, visible and invisible around us.

That there is described the end of the world by the Bible. In some other beliefs Christ is presented as the great Prophet. However, the interest in his earthly life, which is described in the Bible, indisputable and quite instructive and useful. And everyone, regardless of faith or lack of it, would be very beneficial, read this ancient book. What you can learn about the end of the world by the Bible of the sayings of the Prophets of the end of the Ages" or "end of the world"?

It is hard to argue with the idea that that has its end, and has its origin. This is logical and right. Much discussion, keen interest and disputes constantly occur around the end of the world. But if the world ends, the Bible also describes how was the "Beginning of the world"? Let's try to consider their opinions about it from the point of view of the books of the old and New Testament and the existing views on the creation of the World, and then we will understand what will be the end of the world by the Bible.
One of my thoughts, what is the reason of creation of the surrounding World, the universe, planets, Earth is the need to place in this world a man in a leather jacket or leather Rize".

The end of the world by the Bible - everything

According to legend, the person was born without the necessity of death (without the need of the soul from the body, because the body was not), the ever-living. But people were created only Angels are incorporeal, with the First and most mighty Angel after God is the Light bearing, Lucifer. According to legend, there was a desire by the Light of the bearing to be equal with God, to have your own way, and thus he contrasted himself to God, was not one with God. And could Light bearing inspire this idea is part of the Angels of Heaven behind him. And thus was "written" by the Creator of the Light of the Heavenly host, was below his spirit"was "Fallen Angel", together with other angels that followed him. Although some other views, Light bearing called "the fallen", because that will be defeated in opposition to the Creator. And in a sense we can assume that the phrase "end of the world" in the Bible can mean "the end of the Light carrier - Lucifer".

Creating the same people, the Creator himself gave free will to the people, putting them without death in the garden of Eden. Never knew they were no good, no evil (for comparison, as the river or the wind does not know, for example, no good, no evil). It was Fallen angel said to the first-created Adam and eve: "Shesti the fruit from the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, and know that God knows". It is the knowledge of Good and Evil laid Fallen angel in the souls of people, thus opening the way to the" deeds of the just and unjust, good and evil, light and dark, that is what is called "sin."

And what would "protect" the souls of people from other will but their own, and were "signed" the men in leather garments" - body. World "incorporeal" was separated from the world "material" by the presence of a body of men. Thus imposed phenomenon of death is the next release of the soul from "leather garments" - body, at the end of a vital way of the world. (Age - hundred years, the people of the mind or the head, the man is the creature, one hundred years of living). Therefore, which acts according to his will create it during the life of the soul is happy or upset after death, seeing unvarnished after the demise of the true picture of what is happening with her life events and Affairs of man.
Accordingly house for the bodies of people with the World around us, with the stars and Planets.
So, the beginning and the cause of the creation of the world is fairly clear. What is the end of the World?

What would the "end of the world"? The Bible answers to this question.

Enough references about the coming events of the end of the World is in the New Testament and the book of revelation, the revelation of other true prophets. What is said in the New Testament? For example, Evangelie Matthew, Chapter 24.
What would present more understandable to the reader language about the end of the world according to the Bible, brief will form the main ideas of this Chapter. More close to the text and their understanding of it, anyone can be accessed by opening the 24th Chapter of Matthew.

When Jesus came out of the Temple, gathered around him and his disciples. Wanting to show him the magnificent monumental Building of the Temple (as a building material Affairs of men's hands, and in the mighty symbol of Faith of the old Testament), they pointed him at the Temple.
Jesus replied that this will all be destroyed.

In the future, when Jesus sat on the mount of olives, again gathered around him, his disciples and asked a question: when will be the end of the ages? What are the signs of the coming of Jesus and the signs of the events of the end time?
Christ answered them that there will be many who will call themselves "I am Christ," and many people will be seduced (deceived).
Will you hear a lot about the different wars and rumors of war. All it really is, but this is not yet the end of the century. Will fight peoples and countries with each other, there will be a famine, people will die, in some places will earthquakes.
All these events are the beginning of diseases of both body and souls of men. The persecution will start among all peoples to believers in Christ, mutual hatred and betrayal among all, many false prophets will appear. Everywhere will be going iniquity, respectful and loving applies to each other, people will not. But in all corners of the world and among all Nations the gospel will be preached.
These signs and will be the sign of the end of the world.

The prophet Daniel is the prophecy that in those days in the Holy place will be abominable desolation. (Possibly mean Holy for many cultures and peoples of the city of Jerusalem will be negligent, careless and negligent waste).
At the attainment of these symptoms then you need to go. Who at the moment is on the roof - do not need the house to return, why or who is in the field not return back for his clothes (meaning not to burden themselves with concerns about the salvation of the material property at this time).

Great trials and sorrows are waiting for these days mothers, pregnant or nursing child.
When it comes time to run away for the winter or on the last day of the week - this will further increase the disaster, which never happened and will not happen.

But the days of these severe disasters will be shortened for the elect, otherwise nothing alive would be saved.
Then if you say that Christ in the desert, in the secret dwellings, in other places - it's wrong. And there will be many false prophets and false Christs, show different marvellous works, and trying to seduce people.
And the actual coming of Christ will be clear without words, like a giant lightning visible from all sides of the world.
The end of the world. The Bible reveals tinymodel completion of these heavy days of mourning, the light of the Sun, the moon will be dim, and the heavenly disasters to happen will be (most likely mean not only atmospheric changes or changes planets, but also changes invisible among the host of heaven, without corporal).

Then we will have given a sign of the appearance of Christ in heaven and all people on earth will experience both sadness and joy at the same time (shall weep and be seen Christ is all in power and great glory.
And will be sent Angels to gather, that would be elected from all parts of the world and heaven.
And will these events to occur when the family (descendants) of students listening to Christ , not to end up. And rather heavens and earth will end its existence than the truth of these words will finish existence.

And the days and hours to accomplish this end centuries no one knows, not even the Angels, but only knows the Creator.
(you may have in mind the appointed day and hour of the end of the ages is not so simple. Perhaps, the end of the ages will come when peopleand shall cast himself into "the abyss" wars, iniquity, wickedness, mistrust, dishonesty, greed, hypocrisy and other wrong acts. And thus "to themselves" prescribe "the end of the ages", "the end of men", the end of the shower inside the shell of the body. And the end of an existing until about Miro existence).

And it will be the coming of Christ at the time of ending centuries of a sudden, like suddenly there occurred the flood in the days of Noah and his Ark. Like before the Flood people ate, drank, laughed, had fun, got married and married and didn't think about the upcoming terrible events, so it will be before the end of the ages, the coming of Christ.

At that time half of men and women will be taken away and the other will remain (meaning the soul half of living will be taken out of the bodies ).
And you must be prepared for these terrible events as if they will soon happen because they happen at that time and no one even think.
(I mean to be spiritually ready, and be prepared by our actions towards others).
The end of the world: the Bible has quite a number of sayings of the Prophets about this event

The end of the world by the Bible - last days of humanity

Also interesting description of the last days of human existence in Ancient Writings, called "Revelation". While some are of the opinion that some of these revelations are later "inserts" vaults, generalizations and quotations from more ancient Teachings about God. However, interest described the End of ages still undisputed. What events described in revelation? Is it a description of the end of the world by the Bible?

This occurred after the events of the Resurrection of Christ and following his ascension to the world of heaven. Was John at that time in solitude on the mountain name Tabor. And John was an Epiphany clean. And the power of the phenomenon that was that couldn John to stand and fell to the ground. John prayed seven days and asked what would be revealed to him was when will the events of the phenomenon of the coming of Jesus Christ and what will be? (the events of the end of the century).
Were opened to him a vision.

In the beginning was given to him to see the light, much brighter than the sun. (meaning that they saw the light was not from the Sun, the light of Heaven. As a sign that all of happening is not of this world ) and felt he aromatic fragrance. It was given to see John's book the great, whose thickness is comparable to the seven mountains, put on each other and the length of the book the mind cannot grasp. In the book of the seven seals imposed. John asked, what was revealed to him that the book of this?

And said to him was that it included all events and actions which are in heaven, earth, and hell, and human actions righteous and sinful. (meaning that all the actions and events of the past and future are visible, marked and stored in this key is applied to the image of the "books of record of events and actions, a long life of the human race and the whole world")

John asked: when will be achieved the end of the world and what are the hallmarks of this time?
Replied he was. When these times will have plenty of bread and wine, such abundance that neither before, nor after this will not be such. With one bread ear will get half a Cup of flour, and with bunches of grapes - wine volume in half of the jug . But it will take a year and will not be on earth or half a Cup of flour, no half of a jug of wine (here figuratively said that before the beginning of the onset of the end of the century, the first will be a great abundance of products, and then the greatest shortage of products).
And in that time the coming of the Antichrist (the embodiment of the first created the Angels that went against the Creator and the speaker and against Christ) and will create the Antichrist deceptive and false wonders. (given and the description of appearance of the Antichrist, but it should include allegorically. For example: mention appearance "mouth wide elbow" - means a lot of false and beautiful words, "sharp hair on the head like an arrow" - "acute" mind, creative actions of "damage" and not "creation" and so on).
And in that time, the heat, the calm, serene and little water.

Asked John: how much time will be on earth, the Antichrist?

The answer to him was that for three years, but "fly" as they few months. Will be sent Enoch and Elijah, who caught doing and show the falsity and deceptive nature of the Antichrist, for what will be killed.
John asked: what events will be after that?
Reply to him was, then disappear all people from all over the earth, and all that was natural for people, will disappear (all vain care and vain things, which were considered natural for human life).
John asked: what events?

Will sent the Angels and the Archangels Michael and Gabriel "the sounding of the voice of the trumpet", which will reach all corners of the world and be raised from the dead, all dead.

John asked: what will be raised all the dead from the beginning (Adam) and up to what is happening days?
The answer to him was that all people will be resurrected in "human nature thirty years" - that is, in the condition, a natural for a man thirty years old. And while some people died in old age, some babies, some young will all have one view (not divided into men and women, single species) , age (looks the same-thirty years), there will be no differences in color of hair, no colour, no differences in the people. As such and similar bees at each other. All people will be resurrected without bodies (incorporeal), as the Angels of God.

John asked: will the recognition of each other relatives, acquaintances, friends, parents? And will there be a thought about something earthly and material?

Reply to him was, that he who led the life of the righteous will be the force to see who led a life of sinful - no power to know. And there will be no thoughts about any of the earth. (you can offer such an allegory: do they want people to remember and if he remembers what hour, minute, and second he took the bread out of the Cup on the table in kindergarten? Or non banknotes, which were paid in the Department of stationery for a pen to work? All material on the resurrection will not seem important , and thoughts about it will not).
John asked: what will be achieved next?

The answer to him was that all the worthy, Holy and ctime will then be raised angels under the cloud, will be raised and people. And they will answer for their actions. And the spirits of evil "Pilipets" to the Antichrist and will also be raised under the clouds (all transition from the world of material in the world is not material). And will be sent then the Angels in all the earth, and the earth will be burned to a depth of eight and a half thousand cubits (approximately about four miles deep. Burned will be and the mountains, and rocks will turn to dust, and burned up and trees, reptiles, animals and all living things. Will not become nothing on earth that could move and without movement will be the land (immovable). (possibly mean that not only will disappear movement of any living creatures and the motion of the earth around its axis will stop and she would be one party to the Sun). And will not be on the surface nor mountains, hills or cliffs, and will be a smooth flat burned and weathered surface, white (from the burned to ashes the surface of the earth and of all living things).

What picture of the last times of the World can describe these events and from the descriptions of the other prophets? The end of the world the Bible describes as an approximation of the time, which is characterized by a great abundance on the one hand, but next year the abundance will disappear. Will be but war as a confrontation, between Nations and between people with each other. All negative dark side of human life and the essence of "splash out". Great thirst for money is one of the signs of the approaching those times. Excessive mnogopartiinosti will "absorb" pure feelings and thoughts of a person, making it "insensitive" from a large number of direct and indirect cares only about their body. Both peoples, States and countries will not be "unanimity". So the midst of the Church will not force, belief will be lost. Will not force the rulers of the countries, towns, settlements. Against the background of political and spiritual cataclysms will occur and natural disasters, in the form of earthquakes. All these disasters will lead to terrible planetary hunger all over the world and countries without exception.

When will the world end

The Bible describes that in this time of trouble will be to tag people "seal" (in prophecies called the seal of the Antichrist"), without which one cannot get bread, and only having this seal can. People will die on the roads, and gold bars will be cheaper than the manure. At that time will be ruled by one ruler over the whole world, outwardly gentle and carrying within themselves and everyone around them evil, hypocrisy, and represents the Antichrist.

The end of the path of the whole human race and all living things on earth, i.e. the end of the world the Bible is characterized first of the great Planetary drought, without moisture and without movement of the atmosphere, perhaps without movement of the planet Earth around its axis. What follows is literally a complete incineration of the Planet on four kilometers deep.

Next, the people are as equal incorporeal Creatures, in the newly Transformed and Bright world without hatred, anger, envy and inequality. The end of the world by the Bible similar to the description of the ascension?
Whether to believe in it? Everybody has to come in its own way to the end of his days and days of the World. The end of the world the Bible pereskazyvat by the mouths of the people who lived before us many hundreds of years ago. Similarly, we can complain, fear, worry, and our descendants search in our fears of a true revelation of the coming.
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