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Палеоуфология и современностьIn Bible sources and legends, there are numerous evidences on the planet of the gods, prophets, "sons of God"that has had a significant impact on cultural development and the religious worldview of many Nations. In the famous Dead sea scrolls (so secure that their rights to see received only a few scientists), according to the American astronaut Edgar Mitchell, said about Satan, who will be on Earth, and his presence will continue for 6 years beginning in 2012.

Millions of people will read it and will follow him, but then God will cast out the devil - and this time forever. With Professor Felix Banana and five scientists who studied the scrolls of the Dead sea under the supervision of the Vatican, there was the obligation not to disclose derived from the ancient texts information, but Bonian first to break the silence. At a press conference in Paris, he said:

After years of hesitation, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to hide the truth from us. Tablets from the shores of the Dead sea are not the only version of the Old Testament. They contain such historical predictions that can shake the world. After all they contain the information that:

25 thousand years ago arrived on earth flotilla of spacecraft. They have the form disks, and, judging by the lists that were created around yourself anti-gravity field. Gravity had no effect on them. Were described themselves astronauts... In the beginning of XX century on Earth will be the Antichrist, and the descriptions he matches the exterior of Hitler...

In 1992 will be a collapse of one of the powerful States, and will begin local wars and disasters in Europe and Asia racist, religions and ethnic group. All will lead to a broad military actions of the Western powers...

In 1996, will begin the reformation another world Empire, based in Asia for the high wall...

2025 for men will begin calm century without economic crises, wars, poverty, and it will last until 11911 year, when the world will end, and the elect will be born again as a specific form on another planet in the Solar system...

In the Qumran scrolls has this interesting information:

Moses was not a Jew, an Egyptian or a human at all. He came to Earth as a messenger superior beings from another planet...

It's no coincidence that it was often depicted with visible "horns" on the head. It is noteworthy that in the Greek work "Sofia" include information about angels:

The angels [alien] are projections, where the relics of the Holy cloud.

In the traditions of Judaism Moses is the prophet of God Yahweh, who taught the Jewish tribes of religion. He is revered in Christianity, Islam Musa, with him as the leader, the Bible links the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt to Canaan (Palestine). Together with Aaron, employees inarticulate Moses Telecom (this suggests that he was not fluent in the language of the Jews), he managed to bring his people out of captivity in Egypt. In the third month of the outcome of the prophet on Sinai received from Yahweh's ten commandments regulating rules of behaviour of the person before God. After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, the people had reached the land East of the Jordan ("promised Land"), the very same Moses was not to cross the river Jordan - YHWH condemned him, and perhaps withdrew from the Earth for improper execution of the duties. At the age of 120 years Moses supposedly died on mount nebo:

...but no one knows the place of his burial to this day.

During the Exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt, Moses constantly accompanies the luminous cloud (UFO alien)that convaincue tribe of Jews to their further stay on the way of plants with the help of its agent religious worship. In the book of Exodus says:

When the cloud rose from the tabernacle, then traveled
the children of Israel in all their journey;
if, however, was not raised a cloud, then they journeyed,
till it was not raised;
for the cloud of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day, and fire was in the night
in it the sight of all the house of Israel, throughout all their journeys (ex. 40, 36-38).

If you examine the biblical sources without undue religious fanaticism, it is possible to assert, that Jesus Christ could be alien missionary sent to Earth to warn its inhabitants and guide to the true path. Christ himself has repeatedly said that he came from heaven:

... for I came down from heaven, not to do My will,
but the will of him that sent Me...
I am the living bread that came down from heaven (John. 6, 38-51)

Given the "immaculate conception" and wonders wrought by Jesus, who are not able to reproduce the common man (the resurrection of the dead, walking on water "Aki dry land", saturation thousand people with five loaves, healing the mentally ill, and others), you can say that it is really so. After Pontius Pilate and his legions crucified Christ on the cross, the body of the unfortunate placed in a coffin and put health. Before taking Jesus down from the cross, one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side:

...and forthwith came there out blood and water...

This suggests that the blood of the Son of God curled up, and he was alive.

"Ambulance" aliens in the form of angels in white overalls came only three days later, paralyzing the protection, reanimated the preacher. This is how the event is described in the Scriptures of Matthew:

By the end of the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.
And, behold, there was a great earthquake : for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.
his appearance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow : and for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men. Angel, turned it toward women, said, "fear Not, for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified;
He is not here : for He is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
and go quickly, and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead" (Matt. 28, 1-7).

After the "resurrection" of Christ Jesus several times appeared among his disciples and 40 days after the execution went up in a cloud (UFO) on the mount of olives near Jerusalem:

He got up before them, and a cloud received Him. And when they looked at the sky, at the time of His rise, appeared to them two men in white clothes, and said, ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up at the sky? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven (acts. 1, 9-11).

Another alien missionary was probably Quetzalcoatl (the"feathered serpent"), which embodied the divine essence. He is revered by the Indians of Mexico and Central America as a person, who personified God. Having appeared in South America in the X century, Quetzalcoatl established a school of followers of divine knowledge, where he taught his doctrines as high priest and prophet. It acts related to the following achievements of the Indians, as a calendar, art, different crafts and cultivation of corn. Quetzalcoatl was trying to convince the Indians that human sacrifice is a great sin. Perhaps making sure that mankind cannot be set on the right path, he, like Jesus Christ, ascended into heaven, and his heart was the morning star. The "feathered serpent" promised to return in the year the ome Acatl and bring happiness to our people.

Currently, there is an assumption that our universe is a kind of wave of information hologram, where past, present and future exist simultaneously. In each of us and even elementary particle as a normal hologram contains full information about the Universe. God is Omniscient, omnipotent, Omnipresent) - universal mind who programs and controls all our actions with unknown to us for a purpose. Maybe God (gods) - alien civilization, under ultra-high level of development.

With the beginning of our era the number of reliable information contained in various historical sources, about unidentified flying objects and aliens is significantly reduced. The impression is that the aliens are almost 500 years left our planet and more openly interfered in the process of human development.

The first rare reliable mention of mysterious objects appear only in the early middle Ages.

Possibly, a small amount of information about UFOs and aliens at this time due to the dominance of the Inquisition: witness any mysterious phenomena could be accused of intercourse with the devil, and the narrator inevitably waited for the fire. Confirmation of this can be the fate of the Italian Giordano Bruno, who preached the idea of many inhabited worlds in the Universe and expressed rather seditious thoughts for that time:

So, I said that there are endless separate worlds like Earth, which, as Pythagoras, I look like a star similar in nature to the moon, other stars and other planets that has no end, and that all these bodies are infinite worlds, forming thus invisible infinity at infinite space, and this is called the infinite universe and worlds that have no numbers.

Only for these statements 7 February 1600 he was burned at the stake by the Inquisition.

Information about extraordinary phenomena and accidents VII-VIII centuries gathered English monk Trouble Hon. In his book "Church history" atfound interesting facts, reminiscent of UFO:

664 year.
At night in the cemetery of the monastery in Barking, near the Thames, when the sisters sang Psalms on the graves, they suddenly noticed a light from heaven, coming down on them like a huge canvas. Then the Ohr rose, moved to the other side of the monastery and went into the sky. Such a bright light can obscure the midday sun. The next morning the young man in the Church said that the rays, peering through the crack in the door and the Windows, seemed to carry the light of elapsed days (KN. 4, the main VII).

In the same year, what was stolen corpse nuns, and quite unusual way:

One night, just before dawn, when the nun in Barking named Tarthat came out of the cell... [and saw] wrapped in swaddling clothes, a corpse, brighter than the sun began to rise up from the house, where the sisters have laid him to rest. She quickly figured out what was that went up. This is seen her vision pious body rose farther and farther on the ropes, which shone brighter than gold, until he became invisible, having disappeared in the open sky (KN. 4, the main IX).

In the fifth book of the Trouble Honourable mentions about another crime of aliens:

690 year.
In Saxony, the heavens were killed and thrown into the Rhine two English priest. Huge, reaching to the sky ray of light followed their sailing on the river bodies (the book. 5, chapter. X).

Enlightened monk emphasizes the uniqueness of what happened - "the heavens were killed". The other deaths of people he usually indicates a fairly basic cause of their death - "were killed during the storm" or "killed by lightning".

In "Lauryssens the annals" have the following information:

776 year.
Saxony has started to build a platform from which stormed the Church. But the Lord was good, as always. He overcame his pride, and the same day there was an attack on Christians, who lived near the Church, and seemed vision - top Church inside the fortress. Saw her and out of these places, and many of the people here today, they say that saw the likeness of two huge red boards hanging over the Church, and when the Gentiles had seen that sign, they were thrown into confusion and fled in panic.

To the same period of time are the events that are described in the ancient Japanese chronicle "Nihongo":

Big star sailed from East to West, making a loud sound.

640 year.
On the seventh day of the second month of spring star entered the moon.

In autumn, on the ninth day of the seventh month, in the reign of the Empress AME-Th-Takara-Icasi-Chi-Tarasi-Chem, guest star entered the moon.

661 year.
In autumn, the first day of the eighth month, the crown Prince was in the remains of Empress... that night on the mountain of Asakura was a demon in a big hat (UFO), looking at the burial rituals. All the people saw him, he exclaimed in amazement.

In the Anglo-Saxon chronicle Gemara mentioned about the fire from heaven, which destroyed the entire village:

680 year.
At this time, burned Coldingham. He was burned with fire from heaven,
which was revealed by the will of God.

Unfortunately, the details of this tragedy are not reported, but such cases in England, when was burnt down forests, crops, as well as towns and villages, was repeatedly - in 1032, 1048, 1067, 1078 years. All these disasters associated with the rotary fire sign in heaven.

Jofri Gamer wrote in 1067:

This year indeed many people saw the fiery sign. During the year he violently burned and burned, close to the Ground for some time, he became the highlight of her. Then, turning, he went up, and then sank down deep in the sea. In many places he burned forests and fields. No one knew neither what it was neither that this sign had predicted. In the County of Northumberland this fire was aired for two seasons.

The brothers Grimm in the "German legends" lead a strange history, which occurred in 1125 ad. From the description we can conclude that someone (not people) with flamethrower, why it was set fire to forests and fields on the territory of Germany:

This year the fiery people wandered in the mountains, like a Ghost. It was at midnight. People went from one birch to another, and lit them. The guard said that he was like a flaming fire. He did it in just three nights. Georg Miltenberger... told: "At the first advent Sunday night between 11 and 12 o'clock near my house he burned all around. He went from a lane to the hedge, and after midnight suddenly disappeared. To many people he inspired fear, because the nose and mouth, he was the fire, with frightening speed razletevshihsya in all directions.

Unidentified objects were set on fire the building of accidents Earthmen not only in Germany but also in Siberia. In the Chronicles of the Siberian", which was written by the scribe and nachetkina (a layman, allowed to read religious texts) Cherepanova, have the following information about aliens and unusual occurrences in the vicinity of the city of Tobolsk:

the year 1706.
November 20 in Tobolsk was seen: in Exodus the 4th hour of the night, in the midst of heaven, in the air, fell, like a scroll Bel, stretched, and aloud people shustal, and fell among the voivodship court, near the porch; and suddenly there came a man, and his four sparks of fire up separately volatile and the aggregate together, and through a small moment all disappeared; at the same time caused a cloud, and the sound is great, grinding hours with two. And be voivodship home fire.

February 2, Tobolsk burned in the 7th hour of the night the house of merchant Karavaeva, on the big street under the mountain. And seen from the mountain with the fire of the three pillars of light-like; two on the sides of the bridge stood between them sagen ten, and the third pillar in the middle of the bridge, near the lane on the shore. And burned by the fire of the great flame. The mansion of the same neighbor Oshurkova wall against the wall with it, Karavaeva, nothing remained unharmed, all began to smolder, and it Karavaeva, the other wall was through two fathoms, and they began to smolder.

on November 21, in the night, before sautrinu, in the city, on the Bank of the river Irtysh, burning barn Peter Meleshkina with stolen bread, which he from the Treasury sovereign hidden way for himself translated. Above this fire from the East was visible comet-star, had a ray of its emphasis on it the fire, and total stood until it stolen bread, rye, oats, flour, oatmeal is not burned. And this comet was clearly announced the wrath of God upon the conviction of a thief, evil gathering.

One of the most detailed descriptions of mysterious objects resembling a UFO, can be found in the book "Visions, Abbesses of Hildegarde Ungenskii:

It was in the summer 1141 from the incarnation of God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I was 42 years and 7 months. The clear sky suddenly descended shining fiery light. He has permeated my whole being, and filled my heart and all my chest, like a flaming fire; the fire that did not burn, but was very hot, like the sun warms all things rays it.... It was like a big mountain color of a shining iron. On her as on the throne sat a man, surrounded by bright lights that the splendor of his glory blinded my eyes. On either side of him stretched similarity light shade, like the wings of unprecedented length and width. And before him, at the foot of the mountain, stood something full of eyes. There I saw another gracious way in colorless clothes on, but with white boots. From the head it came so bright lights falling on all that dwelt on the mountain that I was not able to face him. But from him who was seated on the mountain, as at the throne, came forth the rain of sparks, Hosea this vision merciful light. In the same hill I saw a lot of small Windows that appear pale, bright-white man's head.

Hildegard observed this mysterious object repeatedly and describes it in detail:

After these things I saw some huge dark create, view similar to the egg turned sharp end up in the middle of expanding and down again tapering. The outer cover it consisted of a glowing fire, and under it was seen something similar to dark skin. And in the fire that was glowing red ball of fire such magnitude that the whole image was illuminated by the light emanating from him. On it there were three torch in height, who fire their supported the ball, so he didn't fall. And a ball that has been repeatedly raised up, and the blazing fire rose to meet him, so that his flame erupted. After this, he turned back and meet him was cold, so he immediately removed his flame. The fire, which was surrounded from everywhere the way he that came with the wind vortices, and from the skin under fire, came another wind with its eddies, koi from all around the image. Inside the skin was dark flame, and it was so terrible that I was unable to look up at him. And the flame that menacingly shook the skin with thunder, lightning storms, hail of large and small stones, very sharp in mind. And when there was a great noise, broke out again, the glowing fire, and the winds and the air began to move, so again the lightnings flashed, and thunder boomed, because the fire that was said, the first blast of thunder.

Next, the Prelate describes something like a battle between two representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, that is, between white and red balloons:

In the air, I noticed a large, incandescent ball of fire, over which they were in the height of two burning torch. They kept the ball on the height that he was outlined the circle of his way. And the air is everywhere was full of bright balloons. The white ball meanwhile, it intensified, muffled radiance of his own. Then he turned when under the above-named red ball, and with a new force of it lit the flame and his shining other small balls. In the air there was a wind that vortices their coverstrudilsya in all directions within the said establishment. Under the air that I saw a streak of smoke and under it - white skin, which has spread here and there, scattering dampness around the establishment.

There is a description of unusual objects and in the "History of England", which was written by Mathieu Paris:

1077 year.
on 9 April. This year on palm Sunday, about 6 hours, in a completely serene sky near the sun appeared a huge star.

1200 year.
They say that God has inscribed in heaven warn message Earth... and all fell down, praying that it is not predicted no trouble. Down over Jerusalem, it hovered over the altar of St. Simon at Calvary, where Jesus was crucified Christ.

1234 year.
At midnight the Circumcision of the Lord in a clear cloudless sky, where the stars were out and the eight-day Moon suddenly appeared a large ship wonderful colors, elegant forms and good equipment. Some monks of the monastery of St. Alban... watched it in a long time, it seemed that his wainscot painted. Then it started to disappear.

In the "Chronicle Lanercost", which tells about notable events in England and Scotland during the reign of Edward III (1312-1377), there is a description of the attempted abduction by aliens of one of the humans:

1289 year.
Old shepherd John Francis, instead of going to Church, herding in Daltons.ca forest near Richmond, England. Were the spirits of the air, formless dwarves, who were stabbing him, from which he fell ill the whole body. They tried to raise him up, but he firmly grabbed the ground, turned his thoughts to the Lord's Passion, while the spirits, finally, realizing the futility of their efforts, not departed. He made it to the house, week lay in bed and told him what had happened to all my friends.

1295 year.
on 27 July in the sky Scotland there were red shields with the coats of arms of the king of England... They are a great many took the entire sky.

Belgian monk-Jesuit albert d'Orwell observed an unusual phenomenon in Lhasa (Tibet). His description is practically no different from the stories of eyewitnesses of this phenomenon in our time:

November 1661. My attention was attracted by something moving in the heavens. At first I thought it was a bird unknown breed, used to inhabit this country. But when approaching it took outline dual Chinese hats [typical form of flying saucers], flying slowly revolving, as if weightless, on invisible wings of the wind. Surely it was a miracle, magic. This object, passing over the city, as if to give them to admire, has made two circles and disappeared into the mist. No matter how I strained my eyes, but to see it was gone. I wondered, did not me joke height on which I was, however, noticing nearby Lama asked him whether he had seen it. Saciva head, he said to me: "my Son, that thou sawest the affliction. Beings from other worlds for centuries through the oceans of space. They brought enlightenment of the mind to the first people who inhabit the Earth. They forbade any violence and taught love for each other. However, their teaching was like seeds thrown on the stones, and has not given shoots. We readily accepted these bright creatures, and they often come down near our monasteries, teaching us and revealing things, lost centuries ago during the cataclysms that changed the world".

A similar facility was observed on August 5, 1926 during the expedition to the mountains of Tibet famous Russian artist and researcher Nicholas Roerich. In the "Heart of Asia" he wrote:

And we notice - at high altitude something brilliant moves in the direction from North to South. From tents brought three strong binoculars... We watched voluminous spherical body, glistening in the sun, clearly visible among the blue sky. It moves very quickly. Then we see how it changes direction more to the South-West and hidden behind a snow chain Humboldt.

In the book "Acts of historical collected by archaeographic Commission" (St. Petersburg, 1842, so 4) there is a letter-the report about the strange event occurred in the Belozersk district. It is composed by Ivashka rzewski and directed "the Emperor Archimandrite Nikita". Certainly credible document tells about the mysterious phenomenon. In a modern retelling of the writer Yu of Rossiya events developed as follows:

August 15, 1663 between 10 and 12 o'clock in the afternoon local time he heard a great noise, and North of the clear sky appeared a huge flaming object with a diameter of not less than 40 meters, which, heading South, came down and began to slide over the surface of Roboter. From the front of the object came two fiery beam, and on each side were poured blue smoke. After going some distance above the lake, the body disappeared under mysterious circumstances. However, in a short time it appeared again in about half a kilometer to the South-West where gone. His second appearance after awhile ended with a decrease in the brightness and disappearance. After some time, the same incandescent body, has become the bigger, brighter, more terrible, appeared half a kilometer West, and then, pomerko disappeared.

The total time of stay strange body above the lake about a half hour. The size of the lake is small - about 2 kilometers long and about 1 km in width. During the appearance of this body on the lake in a boat drove peasants, who tried to approach him. The attempt failed, near the body was unbearably hot. The light from the body was so bright that there were located at a depth of about 8 meters the bottom of the lake and rasplyvetsya in hand from the fire fish. The fire at the movement was blazing over the water on its surface appeared brown, like rust film, which is then blown by the wind.

The writer tried to analyze the eyewitness account:

What was this thing? It could be mistaken for a Mirage, but then remains unclear noise when the body; heat, which is felt by the people in the boat; the behavior of fish; the appearance of reddish film. Maybe it's a case of mass delusion? But the phenomenon was observed by two groups of people separated by a distance of several hundred meters. Testimonies from different groups of mutually agreed upon and complement each other near the details, in full compliance with the status of observers. From the porch saw the phenomenon in General, without detail. Observers in the boat recorded unavailable for standing details... What was it? Who knows?

During the middle Ages there were no technical terms for the description of unidentified flying objects, and often in testimonies they look like the sea, the ships, "flying house"and something mystical or the devil. In some countries of Western Europe have legends about mysterious phenomena that are usually called "the wild hunt", or "night hunting" (when the mysterious "something" forever abduction or returned them, as a rule, the hideously deformed).

Folklorist Carl von Leuprecht, who lived in the XIX century, leads a story of German peasants:

Between Along and Stivenom in Lech is a spacious launched Heath, lying on the hill. It was there and saw people wild hunt that took place long and cruel. One day there happened to be a man out of Hofstetten. It was getting dark. Suddenly he heard far away howling and strange sounds as if started violent storm. He was hiding and stopped, and, looking round, saw that directly above it in the air rushing wild hunt... And when he lost, and in horror, forgot to close to the ground, some power easily lifted him into the air and entailed. Six long weeks, the poor were unable to return to earth; no living soul knew where he was and what happened to him, and his family were about to start to grieve about it. And he himself did not know where he was and how to get out; he was like himself and couldn't gather his thoughts. He was constantly dizzy, he had only to think of something, and everyone who heard about it, too, was reeling.

Further evidence of the abduction of people left Renuart Kisat, clerk of Lucerne:

In summer 1572, month noemvri a 15-day, my fellow by the name of Hans Buchmann, called Kransbueler background Rho Martvili, an employee of the Rotterdam office, which are over 50 years old, was brought to my attention that one day he, having many orders from superiors, suddenly lost't know where. Four weeks later from missing came news that he is in Milan. Finally at the Meeting next, 1573 (February 2, i.e. two and a half months after his disappearance, he returned home, having lost the hair on the head, beard and even eyebrows; the person and his head was broken and covered with bruises. As soon as the authorities found out about this, they held a special inquiry, what I witnessed.

What happened to the victims of unknown forces that ill-starred day?

Heading into town Sempach to perform the order, he hesitated and made his way until the evening. He, however, had gotten drunk, thrown but not so many. He wanted to go home, but he had to spend the approaching night in the forest. Near Alstatte where once happened Samoska battle, every year in most of its day heard a strange sound, a roar and howl at first reminiscent of the whole buzz of bees, then everywhere begin to be heard the sounds of the game on the unknown string instruments, that left him in sadness and grief, for he could not understand where he was and what was happening. However, he gathered strength, clasped her arms and prepared to stand up for themselves.

But he then an hour like a lost his mind, lost weapons and jacket, hat and gloves. Simultaneously, some power lifted him into the air and brought in some foreign lands, so he does not mog to understand where he was. He suffered pain and burning in the face and all over his head; also he completely lost his hair and beard. Finally, after 14 days from the time of his disappearance, he found himself in the city of Milan, where some German-the trooper immediately recognized him as his countryman.

In some cases, the aliens return of the kidnapped people back to Earth, but after the "excursions" to another planet was waiting for them suffered. One such event happened in 840. Les trench in the book "History of flying saucers" quotes an excerpt from the original ancient manuscripts "Le Granden e Tonitrua":

One day, among other things, happened in Lyon that these air ships went three men and one woman. The whole town gathered around, shouting that it sorcerers, and they sent Grimalda, Duke Belevitskiy, the enemy of Charlemagne, to destroy the crops in France. In vain four accidents tried to justify himself, saying they here that were recently abducted wonderful people who showed them many wonderful, and that they want to talk about what they have seen.

"Sorcerers" already wanted to burn at the stake, but he defended the Archbishop of Lyon Agobard, who listened to the charges against abducted and decided that they are not demons, and did not fall from the sky. They were released.

Curious pictures of UFOs in the form of a "flying saucer" or cone-shaped device available on the coins, some paintings, icons, engravings and medieval tapestry artists. Interestingly, the authors unusual drawings depict unidentified objects is almost the same. There are sketches and with scenes heavenly battles between a strange object in the form of tubes, red and black balls.

On fragmented information that is left to us by chroniclers in the middle Ages aliens repeatedly staged a "dispute" in the sky. In the summer 1355 years many people have observed over the territory of England accumulation of celestial objects, surrounded by red and blue glow. UFO moved on very intricate paths, as if he were fighting with each other. Then the army "red" began to win over "blue", which quickly fell to the ground.

In April 1561 over the Nuremberg appeared several flying "boards" and "crosses", and also two huge cylinder, of which flew groups of balls and disks painted in blue, red and black colors. Arranged in the sky the air battle was terrified all the city's population. The battle lasted for one hour, during her some objects have fallen, or fall to the ground.

In August 1566 residents of the city of Basel have seen major "flume pipes", of which there were red balls. At the same time were seen black spherical body, flying in the direction of the Sun. After a while they made a turn and came together with red objects - a classic air combat, when the Sun's rays prevent to observe the attacking enemy. Some of these balls was fiery red, and they would "eat each other".

Unusual phenomenon in the cloudless sky was observed by the citizens of St. Petersburg on April 2 1716 at 9 PM. In the State archive of the Navy still have copies of the reports addressed to your government by Baron de Bi, Ambassador of the Netherlands at the court of Peter I. it says about the strange battles in the sky:

April 2, 1716 on the second day of the feast of the Passover, at about 9pm appeared in the clear cloudless sky very brilliant meteor, the gradual development of which the description is attached.

1. On the northeastern side of the sky appeared first horizon very thick cloud, pointed to the top and wide at the base. Lifting it happened so fast that it reached half the height from the Zenith of not more than three minutes.

2. At the time of the appearance of dark clouds in the North-Western side there was a huge brilliant comet, rising up to 12 degrees above the horizon, and after that from the North there cometh up a new cloud from the West side, quickly rising to the cloud, which was close to him a little slower. Between these two clouds formed a bright trace in the form of columns, which in several minutes had not changed its position, while the cloud, appeared from the West side, with an incredible speed went against him and with such tremendous force collided with another cloud that vast flames appeared in the sky from their clash and was accompanied by smoke, while the glare reached from the North-East to the West. The real smoke rose by 20 degrees from the horizon, and the rays of a flame was cut him continuously in all directions, just as the fight took place many fleets and armies. This phenomenon lasted a quarter of an hour in a row in the most brilliant form, and then began slowly fade and ended with the emergence of many bright arrows below them to a height of 80 degrees from the horizon. The cloud that appeared in the East, vanished behind it disappeared completely, and more, so that by 10 o'clock in the evening the sky became again a clear and burned brilliant stars. You cannot imagine to what extent this phenomenon was terrible at the moment of collision of two clouds, when they both would have fallen by a violent shock, and when they, too, with an incredible speed was accompanied by many small clouds towards the West. Flying from them the flame was like thunder shock, unusually bright and very dazzling.

Description of the phenomenon, compiled by Baron de Bi, resembles a "showdown" between the newcomers, which was used unusual for high-tech civilizations reception of conducting air combat - Taran.

Since the middle of XX century, the number of reports of UFO increases significantly. Swedish ufologists have estimated that currently there are about 800 thousand cases of abnormal phenomena and evidence of unidentified flying objects. After careful selection and analysis of information they have selected information, which can be explained by normal environmental effects or other earthly reasons (polar lights, the launch of the satellites, fireballs, St. Elmo's fire, the glow of Venus, false Moon and the Sun, reflected light of headlights at low clouds, the balloons, hallucinations, an optical illusion, drawing etc). However, in this list there are about 20 thousand reliable message is not understandable from the standpoint of modern science.

In the Internet you can find hundreds of pictures of unidentified flying objects with a high degree of probability can be recognized as authentic. While "world wide web" is located only a small part of the images. If at least one of the many photos or one of the messages about seeing UFOs, available in archives ufologists, not falsified, it is safe to say that an alien civilization indeed present on our planet.

Evidence of the observations of the unidentified objects and descriptions of encounters with aliens huge amount. The following is only one of them, it was observed about 30 thousand people. In our time, it could be called a contact with aliens.

Three teenagers from the small Portuguese village of Fatima - Lucia of abortion practices, Fransisco of March and Jacinto of March - repeatedly for almost two years was "angels" and "glow girl"who warned them of the coming revolution in Russia, the Second world war and spoke about the future of the Earth [the first Two predictions of the fathers of the Church announced only in 1942. The third prophecy remained a mystery, but according to some data (leaked from behind the walls of the Vatican city), in the first quarter of the XXI century humanity will have to survive the devastating cataclysm caused by the displacement of the inner core of our plan you, and then a Third world war and the appearance of dark stars in the region of the Earth's orbit]. At the first contact glowing woman in a cloud of light (probably hologram) telepathically told the children:

Don't be afraid, I will not do you any harm... I ask you to come here for six months every thirteenth number. In his hour, I'll tell you who I am and what I want.

September 13, 1917 in the vicinity of Fatima gathered more than 30 thousand people. Among them were priests, journalists, farmers, crippled and sick, hungry for healing. At this time over the crowd appeared unusual object silver. The priest Joe Quaresma describes this phenomenon:

I saw the luminous ball, slowly and majestically through the space... From the sky when it fell luminous petals, which were near the earth melted.

The Newspapers of that time wrote:

Spectacle unique and incredible for those who himself was not his witness... a Huge daily star was brought to mind a silver wall plate, it was possible to look without unpleasant sensations. It does not fire, not blind. You can compare this with a solar Eclipse. But escaped a tremendous cry, and we heard coming to us observers cried: "a Miracle, a Miracle!"

According to witnesses, around the disk appeared luminous halo, he began to spin rapidly, stopped, and again put in motion. Drive in the direction of the earth stretches rays of light: red, orange, blue, green and purple; they reflected on the trees, people, and cast them color shade. Object thrice changed the color of their radiation. Then luminous body shuddered and zigzags flew down, right on the crowd. People are terrified tried to flee or prostrate themselves. The object is decreased so that all felt the intolerable heat. Then drive on the same zigzag trajectory rapidly returned to its former place in the sky, and then disappeared. Unusual sparkling object seen for 40 or even 100 kilometres from Fatima. This is a unique phenomenon simultaneously watched a lot of people, and it is unlikely that all of them suffered from hallucinations.

Currently in the archives of ufologists contains hundreds of photos and dozens of videos. The most reliable pictures of aircraft can be considered shots taken to the public boom around UFO caused by message Kenneth Arnold, who observed in June 1947 from the Board of his light plane nine objects moving with great speed over the Cascade mountains in Washington state. Among the photographs of that time most trustworthy pictures 1926-1932 years, made in the USA and France. Edward Plane, the author of the picture 1929, recalled:

...terrible rumbling howl when the big round thing the size of a huge boulder flew through the air above us. No one else from the workers did not see her, but all heard the roar and felt the earth shake beneath their feet.

The remains of unknown creatures occasionally find in a particular region of the globe. These findings may likely be considered an extraterrestrial.

on may 21, 2001 Novel by Ganch living in the town of Plovdiv (the Eastern Rhodopes), was discovered the skull of a small size (no more than the head of a newborn), there were 800-gram piece of metal, which has the shape of the ellipsoid. The bones of the skull are very light, its weight does not exceed 250 grams. But the main feature unusual findings is its shape: on top of the skull as if covered bone cover, which consists of two lobes and is connected to the top using the main Central ridge and complex system of bone growths.

Ganchev has transferred the scientist for research. Professor angel Volumes after x-ray analysis came to the conclusion that this construction of the skull has no analogues in vertebrates. Bulgarian anthropologist Professor Yordan Yordanov said that nothing like that modern science is not known. Specialist of evolution and comparative anatomy Dr. Daniela Peshev, having paleontological analysis of the findings, says that animals with similar arrangement of the skull or close to it on Earth never existed. According to Bulgarian ufologists, the skull could belong only to the alien.

Research was completed in July 2002, about which the Bulgarian television reported its viewers 20 October 2002. In an interview with journalist Roman Ganchev said:

I went with the find to our scientists, and not only our, I appealed to international bodies, and still no one can say what it is.

After media reports Ganchev started to receive numerous proposals (mainly from abroad) about the sale of its findings, the amount was called astronomical. The further fate of the skull is unknown, which is not surprising: when talking about the artifacts that would dramatically change our ideas about the history of mankind and the world around us, they mysteriously disappear.

The presence on the planet extraterrestrial beings say and numerous eyewitness accounts of the mysterious phenomena occurring in various regions of the Earth. Probably, the aliens have permanent bases in the remote mountainous regions of Tibet, Pamir, Cordillera, or at the bottom of the seas and oceans. Aliens leave on the ground kind of "beacons" or even a kind of "computers", for unknown purposes.

After the publication of one of my articles I received an unusual letter from the town of Zyryanovsk, Kazakhstan. It A. Y. Zakharov describes a strange incident that happened to him in may 1975:

...on the way to Ust-Kamenogorsk broke the bus and we waited a long time for replacement. Everyone passed the time as they could. I'm pretty far away in the mountains, me as if something was drawn there.

In the mountains the author of the letter he found the entrance to the cave:

In it I found an underground lake thick silvery-green liquid with a rotating stratified circles displaying unusual elektroaktivisten and entering the information dialogue.

Next Zakharov writes:

Circumstances connected with the deterioration of my health does not allow me to continue to maintain my discovery in deep secret, though I understand that each step in the discovery of the mysteries of Nature is not only great benefits but also may result in the suffering of many people. Omitting other interesting properties mentioned fluid, will focus only on the most clearly observable phenomena. Over the whole surface of the lake is constantly present General halo dome of the glow, with distinct spherical boundaries of increased brightness. The light beam from the normal lamp is visible only to this sphere and forth as if dropped. On outwardly calm surface without apparent periodicity appear more bright circle circles, nested into each other. Then they start to rotate. Moreover, each ring has its direction of rotation and individually changes its color. Rotation accelerates, and the whole range rises, forming on the surface of the lake hemisphere instead of a funnel. At this time shows the division of this hemisphere on platforms that seem separately hover over each other. Rotation, apparently, achieves high speed and then visually is not visible. Around each hemisphere is formed his own aura. The number of these formations varies from three to seven without any periodicity. There is their influence on each other. All this lasts no more than three or four minutes and always ends the same way - emission vertical translucent beam breast painting, which is well seen in the depth of the stone vault. Rays of precessional change its direction relative to the vertical. Then they are transformed into a kind of balls over the surface of the lake, and everything disappears. The " quiet " period lasts different, but, in any case, not less than 20-30 minutes. Observed influence of the lake on the radio, the absence in the vicinity of any insects, watch cease to function properly already at the approach to this area. The smell of the air in the cave is the same as during heavy storms. In narrow aisles felt the movement of the air inside the cave. And inside and outside are "zone dense air," about a meter thick. In the cave are weak longitudinal force: towards the lake is calm and in the opposite direction - in the period of the activity. In any case, the approach to "dense zone" cause feelings of anxiety and a desire not to move in this direction.

Now a few words about another, even more fantastic phenomenon. We are talking about graphics, so to speak.

In the period rotational activity in light dome area above the surface of the lake there is a complex structure darker strands of having zone thickening. These fibers serebryatsya and publish clicks like a weak electric discharges. When the "milk rays" these fibers considerably activated and how would scatter in all directions, crossing through any items. On the surface of clothes, hands, paper, stone they leave traces similar to structural graphics. Most of them are not like anything known, but generally viewed a systematic manner. But the interesting thing is that these graphics are moving on the surface of the body or subject, transform, change the brightness of color and disappear in the time of disappearance spins in the fluid itself. All this happens in 10-12 metres from the shore. At this point, there is a reduction of its weight, tension disappears and all this extravaganza is perceived as something familiar and normal. Some lines abruptly cut off or have an invisible parts. If they are mentally to finish, it turns out some similarity structures dominated spherical and toroidal builds.

Perhaps all of the above could be used to identify the fundamental, but suddenly noticed the new behavior of the living lakes, as well as his activity, depending on the approach it has convinced me of the reality of the existence of intelligent information reactions. Their understanding (or, if you like, deciphering) has led to interesting answers to many set me questions. From the side, of course, all this will seem outright absurd, but fortunately (as I want to believe in our intelligence), all of the above is the materialized view. Of course, it is stipulated that the decoded information subjective as quantitative description was performed by me on the basis of the quality of the views expressed by the lake with its "language". And I hardly see a few "syllables" from its rich palette. However, the lake repeats its effects and to this day.

In active dialogue 1981-1986 years managed to flesh out many of the structural building of molecular-atomic level, structure of elementary particles, some of the issues astrophysical level. Beauty comes here foundations amazing. Changed the understanding of the General principle and mutual influence of any material forms. We would like to thoroughly investigate and in the phenomenon of mind, and more so in the understanding that we are and what is our place in this world. The key to these questions, I think, we managed to find, but to use it, apparently, I didn't succeed...

The author of this letter is also sent some photos schematic structure of the Universe, planetary systems and elementary particles etc. Explanations for figures presented in terms that are not accepted in modern science, so to understand these builds quite difficult. That was the last letter Zakharova, and correspondence with him stopped.

Strange things are observed in Kalkulacka cave, located in the spurs of the Kuznetsky Alatau (Khakassia). In the Russian translation of its name means "black cave of the devil." In 1985 the expedition experienced speleologists during the research of underground labyrinths were faced with inexplicable mystery: in some moments they were seized with an unreasonable fear of causingvlaa to drop the gear and in all haste to rush to the exit from the cave. This condition is tested not only newcomers and students from cavers, but experienced speleologists.

Party of five subsequent expeditions in Kalkulacka cave senior researcher Alexander Trofimov told:

We come into the cave. Nothing special - a cave cave, cataloged, sketched, photographed. Suddenly I feel as uncomfortable, there is a vague sense of alarm. Further - more, excitement is growing. And here am I, who never was a coward, trembling like an aspen leaf. Panic! And what I'm afraid I don't know. Then the children were asked, they did the same thing.

During one of the visits to caves caver Konstantin Bakulin at a depth of about 100 meters faced... hologram of the shaman. To this conclusion came the members of the expedition much later. It was this:

After a few hours of research grottoes people started leaving. Bakulin was the last. Securing the rope at the special zone, clasping his chest, he prepared for a rise. And suddenly... felt someone's heavy stare. The scientist was filled with heat - because behind it shouldn't be! The first impulse is to run to! But his feet seemed petrified. To look back, see what's going on behind his back, it was scary. And yet, as if obeying someone else's will, Bakulin turned his head and saw standing just a few feet from him shaman! Inviting movements of the hands "boss cave was calling: "Come, follow me!" From under shaggy hat with horns sparkled burning eyes; fluttered fur skins, hung in clusters bells.

Bakulin involuntarily took a few steps towards the vision, but at the same time, as if escaping from under the witchcraft became desperately to pull the rope, the only thread linking him with being at the top of his comrades. In the language of speleologists this means the request for emergency assistance. Comrades immediately pulled Bakulina being in the state, almost ready to faint, and in the first minutes of not being able to speak a single word. More Bakulin in this "shamanistic cave" is not going down, but the shaman many years no-no, and appeared to him in a dream.

Previously Kalkulacka cave was a place of ritual ceremonies of ancient Khakases. According to legend, in this place were given gifts and sacrifices (including human) Black Idol. Shamans, no doubt, knew about the unusual phenomena occurring in the cave, and chose it to make their pagan rites is not accidental.

Numerous experiments in the area of the cave has recorded low-frequency oscillations of the electromagnetic field. Among a series of chaotic signals strictly in some momentum with constant amplitude. Sometimes electromagnetic radiation disappears completely, but after two or three days resumes. Scientists who have studied this phenomenon, came to the conclusion that the source of pulses is in the depth of the cave, and no relation to the fluctuations of the magnetic field of the Earth and the natural electromagnetic background is not. Such low-frequency pulses with such constant amplitude can generate only artificial emitter.

It turned out that the time of registration of electromagnetic pulses coincides with the time of occurrence of the people of depression, anxiety and nervous condition. Bats and doves, nesting at the entrance, at this time began to randomly rush about. Undoubtedly, they also felt the impact of the unknown electromagnetic radiation.

Speleologists scoured the most remote caves, but found nothing. Apparently, the source of radio signals is even deeper in inaccessible parts of the cave. A. Trofimov suggested:

The low-frequency pulses. And they, as is known, strong effect on all living things, including on the human psyche. That's where they go? However, some caves crammed with glaciers. Maybe the key to the puzzle of Kalkulacka stored there?

Researchers have put forward the version that the cave is artificial "beacon", periodically emits (a programme) in the space of a series of modulated signals an unknown destination.

Reportedly Fergana speleologists, on the territory of Uzbekistan there are caves, such Kalkulacka, showing a similar phenomenon. Such "beacons"may be installed once strangers and working up to the present time, on the surface of our planet very much.

The Yakuts, living in the vicinity of the river Vilyui, there are legends about the great copper boilers, located in the valley of ELOU Cherkekh (translated from Yakutsk "Valley of death"). These elevated dome cover the entrance to the bowels of the earth, and nobody knows where and when they came here. In the XIX century the famous researcher of R. Maak, exploring the river Vilyui, wrote:

On the banks of the river Algy timidity, which means "Large pot drowned", really is a giant pot of copper. Its value is unknown, because the ground is only visible to the edge, but it is growing more trees...

Ethnographer N. Arkhipov studying the distinctive culture of the Yakuts, has also mentioned about the mysterious structures:

Among the population of the basin of the river Vilyui immemorial there is a tradition in the upper reaches of the river enormous boilers-Kolguev. The tradition that deserves attention, as these prospective areas of location domed boilers dated several rivers with the Yakut names "Olguydah", which means "Boiler room"...

In archive research associations "Phenomenon" there is a letter of Mikhail Petrovich Koretsky from Vladivostok, which is several times visited death Valley. He writes:

I have been there three times. For the first time in 1933, when I was still 10 years - together with the father went to work. Then, in 1939, already without a father. And last time in 1949 - the group of young guys. Death valley stretches along the right tributary of the river Vilyui. In fact - is a chain of valleys along its floodplain. All three times I was there with guide-Yakut. We went there not from a good life, and because there, in the desert, it was possible to wash the gold, without waiting for the end of the season robbery and bullets in the head. As for the mysterious object, there's probably a lot, because for three seasons I saw the seven such "boilers". They all seem to me quite mysterious: first, the size from 6 to 9 meters in diameter. Secondly, made of a strange metal. The fact that "boilers" does not take even a sharp chisel (tried it several times). The metal is broken and not forged. Even on a steel hammer necessarily would have left a noticeable dents. And this metal is covered with another layer of unknown material, like sandpaper. But this is not the oxide film and not the scum is also no chopping, nor scratched.

Extending deep into the wells of facilities referred to in local legends, we are not met. But I noticed that the vegetation around "boilers" abnormal - not like that grows around. It is more lush: large idiots, very long vine, strange grass is taller than a man and a half to two times. In one of the "boilers" we slept the whole group (6 persons). Nothing bad, we did not feel, went quietly, without any unpleasant incidents. No one after seriously ill. Except that one of my acquaintances three months completely lose my hair. And I have on the left side of the head (I slept on it) appeared three small sores size of a match head each. I was treated them all my life, but they have to this day never passed.

All our attempts to break at least a piece from a strange "boilers" did not succeed. The only thing that I could carry, - stone. But not simple - half the perfect ball with a diameter of 6 cm. He was black, had no visible traces of processing, but was very smooth as polished. I lifted him from the ground inside of one of the boilers. This souvenir I brought to the village Samarka Chuguev district of the Primorsky region, where my parents lived in 1933. He lay idle until his grandmother decided to rebuild the house. Need to insert glass in the Windows, and stekloreza was not in the entire village. I tried to scratch the edge (edge) half of this stone balls - it turned out he cuts with amazing beauty and ease. After that my discovery, many times used as a diamond all our relatives and friends. In 1937 I handed the stone grandfather, and his fall was arrested and taken to Magadan, where he lived until 1968 and died. Now no one knows where that stone...

One can cite a lot of evidence about the UFO sightings in the sky of our planet, abnormal phenomena that are difficult to explain from the standpoint of modern science, on the findings of unusual artifacts, etc. a Huge number of such information is available in any UFO edition.

Author: Simonov Century A. "Extraterrestrial trace in the history of mankind"
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