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7 продуктов, которые вызывают депрессиюIn General, all food stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness. However, not all food is really uplifting. Some are for a person neutral, while others can uplift only for a short period of time, after which the person is risking to immerse themselves in an even worse state than he had before. American scientists have compiled a list of seven products, capable to spoil the mood of the person.

1. Chips

They contain a number of extremely harmful acids and carcinogen acrylamide. These substances have on the human body is extremely negative impact - they block endorphins. The human brain requires their constant flow, and once it is broken, for whatever reasons, the downturn in mood is guaranteed, writes luboznatel.com.

In addition, chips, like French fries in the poppies are prepared in the same oil. But oil has such a property, it later starts harmful substances to allocate these harmful substances remain on the chips and enter the body. The chips have a lot of salt. The chips is not that other, as a mixture of carbohydrates and fat, the shell of dyes and substitutes taste.

2. Ham

Manufactured ham contains large amounts of sugar, salt, fillers, preservatives and nitrates, which in themselves can cause a bad mood, affecting the digestive system of humans.

In addition, some unscrupulous manufacturers instead of meat in Calabash use the stuffing made from ground bones with some meat. Sometimes boiled sausage use tainted meat, which is subject to disinfection, and the taste is hammered additives. Also as part of boiled sausage often include soy protein - he often genetically modified.

3. Sweet soft drinks

A surge in blood sugar after consumption of such products subsequently ends his sharp fall, which leads to the fall of mood. Sweet soft drinks traditionally considered one of the potentially possible factors of the development of depression.

In addition, the researchers argue that in just one month daily consumption of this drink are broken metabolism. Joint research specialists Bangor and Utah show that the constant use of soda leads to disturbance of metabolism in muscles. Also the system of consumption radically rebuilt and is trying to adapt to new conditions.

4. Margarine

Surprisingly, it actually contains industrial fatty acids omega-6 and although scientists for a long time arguing about this product and why it is more beneficial or detrimental, several tests have confirmed that he actually can affect mood.

Margarine contains TRANS fats, which have an adverse impact on heart health. In addition, the remains of chemicals that are added during the production of a substitute oil, can substantially undermine the health of the entire body. The main product for the production of margarine are vegetable fats, which are produced in our time, mainly from soybeans. Genetically modified soybean ingestion may cause severe allergies, up to a lethal outcome.

5. Processed pumpkin seeds

Contain potassium bromate, which blocks the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. Also regarded by the doctors as one of the most powerful products with the potential to ruin a person's mood. However, pumpkin seeds usually worsen mood only in the short term.

6. Bagels

With the caveat - if you start with them. Generally consumed at Breakfast lion dose of carbohydrates is not recommended because the body is fully waking up much later than the brain, and digestive system will need more time to digest all this abundance of carbohydrates. As a result, development of hormones mood also be broken.

7. Peanuts

Salted peanuts on the shelves contain MSG, and a huge number of food additives obscure origin who have got into it during processing. Surprisingly, this product also negative influence mood.

Crime Harm peanut is to allergic reactions. Some of the proteins contained in the peanuts can cause allergies, and this is very dangerous. As a consequence, itching and swelling of the larynx. Peanut Allergy is one of the strongest.

In General, the use of peanuts must be strictly dosed. As the high fat content of the product can imperceptibly to gain excess weight, and then reset it will be very difficult. People fat and full of peanuts in food use is not recommended, as the calories in this case will only bring harm.
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