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ГМО помидоры защитят от атеросклерозаCalifornia state University: genetically modified foods is much more effective to cope with illnesses than drugs. They talked about it during the meeting of the American heart Association 2012. So, head of research, Alan Fogelman, shared the results of the work.

According to the researcher, his team managed to get GMO-tomatoes. The singularity of these vegetables is that they are able to provide protection against atherosclerosis. It is known that it is a chronic disease of the blood vessels, which causes the metabolism of cholesterol and lipids.

The secret of this effect is that the data tomatoes in its composition different from the usual. Thanks modification vegetables can produce peptide 6F, having the properties of ApoA-1, which is part of the "good" cholesterol and cleanses the body from plaque on arterial walls.

Tomatoes were investigated in mice that ate fatty foods. However, after the consumption of tomatoes level of "good" cholesterol, and other useful substances is considerably increased, and the level of " bad" on the contrary decreased.
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