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Сегодня день почитания образа Богоматери Смоленской-ШуйскойSmolenskaya-Shuya Theotokos icon is especially revered by the Orthodox three days in a year - on 15 November (new style), 10 August and Tuesday of the Bright week. This list of Smolensk image of the virgin written by a monk by the lacrimal the request of parishioners of the resurrection Church of the village of Shuya, whose residents died from the deadly pestilence. And most pure heard their prayer.

"As a precious treasure made grad Shuya wonderfully written icon of Thee, o most Holy lady virgin Theotokos, in the healing of severe ulcers and in the comfort of the Orthodox, given Thee, from Neaga sources of grace and it is now abundantly poured out. Probabi, most pure, and, for the future of Thy mercy lead Thee to keep hail Thy and all the Russian land and save people, to Thee with faith and love flowing", - is sung in the 4th tone in the troparion of the feast.

Line prayers clearly suggests that God's Help is supplied through Shuya-Smolensk Holy image of the virgin, is not limited by space, time.

The miracle, in commemoration of the day of glorification amazing image, occurred in 1654. The written memory of it has survived thanks to the efforts Shuisky priest evlampiya Pravdina that issued translated them with ancient local manuscripts "the Tale of miracles of the former from Shuisko-Smolensk icon of the Mother of God". From this source is known and profane the name of the painter who created the icon Gerasim Tikhonovich Ikonnikov. Because he was a man of deep and childlike faith, God blessed his work, and the image of the Mother of God was completed fairly quickly and well. For it went the whole week. During this time, the clergy and laity Shui prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed virgin Mary hard penitential prayer, asking forgiveness for all slaves and unknown sins that caused punishment disease.

The first miracle was while working on an icon. The next day after the wizard has inflicted on an icon Board dig, he noticed that the position of the Shape of the infant at the hands of the virgin Mary has changed compared to the original Smolensk. Amazed iconographer hastened to correct the dig, but, to an even greater his surprise, the next day, the figure was located exactly the same as the day before. Then the novice realized that this was no ordinary coincidence and not his error, and the Will of God, for some reason, it pleased God to change the Faces in a new way. Therefore, the master left the last word of his creation, for his own Creator....

Immediately whether fulfilled the request of those who were crying and begging before only that consecrated life and their loved ones? No. Originally mortality only increased. But the priests and their offspring did not give up. Although the natural fear of death still confused nature, inside glubokoneuprugie Christians understood: everything that God gives, for the better. May have died in the first place those whom He wanted to take in His heavenly Kingdom, atoning for their sins temporary earthly suffering. Last, no matter how terrible it may seem to the unbeliever, it is still nothing compared to the eternal joy. And residents of long Shui knew it - preserved records of the chronicler indicate that they regularly resorted to the Communion of the Holy mysteries of Christ, repentance in confession and prayer in anticipation of meeting Christ.

When the save icon was finished, there came a Church procession from the Church clergy, dressed in festive garments, and many of the people. The image of the mother of God was brought into the Church of the resurrection and when the priest with thanksgiving hoisted into place, the temple was suddenly filled with an unearthly light. The people fell on their knees, struck by the miracle, and the souls of all Christians suddenly filled with the long-forgotten joy. In "the Legend" is written that on the same day for the decoration of the image were collected rich donations, because people realized that there is hope. Neither God nor His most pure Mother never leave the help of someone who keeps a bit of a heart hope at Their Mercy.

When whole families knelt before God the Liturgy - the most sacred and secret Christian worship is death at the behest of the virgin retreated from this place. Before that, the Lord took to his Gerasim Ikonnikova together with his family - but all five members of his family before his death was tonsured to the great monastic schema and slept in reverence and truth.

Only Christians in the doctrine which there is a notion not only of death, but the assumption is its antipode, blessed repose in God as a new life, you realize how great honor has the Lord in this end of the earth way. Many said that the adoption higher for mortals of the angelic host - award Gerasim upon Security, which he served and their penance, and talent, granted by God.

Another miracle revealed by our Lord through Shuisko-Smolensk icon, was the expulsion of demons from the possessed them boy named Jacob. Thanks anonymous ascetics, recording for posterity history of healing from this wonderworking image, it is known that from 16 April to October 7 1667 invisible assistance from Shuisko-Smolensk Face of the mistress of Heaven received 85 people, and by 1800-mu - 109. Total blindness and severe eye disease, deafness, mental illness and loss of mind, full and partial paralysis, chronic diseases of internal organs, head, back, toothache, the influence of dark forces is far not the full list of evils, driven by the Grace of God and the prayers of the Theotokos, through her Shuisky icon.

And so enthusiastically greeted the residents Shui and surrounding places the letter, published in 1667 by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Joasaph. She called on the Archbishop of Tarusa and Suzdal Stephen to go to the Shuya to witness miracles occurring there. The Lord fulfilled the assignment, and subsequently it was established the feastday Shuisko-Smolensk icon of the most Holy Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary in Russia.

The feast in honor of The one Who with the Blessing of His Son, the God-man Jesus Christ can save a person in any weakness...
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