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Кейси о смещении полюсов и не толькоAfter Edgar Cayce left more than 14,000 entries his stories (readings) during sleep or trance. Some of them are predictions about changes on our planet.

Among these predictions Edgar Casey:

* Temperature changes in the deep waters of our planet, which is now called El Nino, and they have already caused serious weather changes.
* Earthquake in the Indian ocean, which took many lives in coastal areas from Indonesia to Africa.

Edgar Cayce was also asked about the dawn of a New Era on Earth after 2012, when according to the Mayan predictions will launch a series "Sixth Sun" and our civilization will perish - the Mayan calendar is accurate and unambiguous.

But Edgar Cayce gives hope. Here is the answer Edgar Cayce on the significance of this event, the coming of a New era literally in English and my arbitrary translation into Russian:

"by the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs. This awareness during the era or age in the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu brought what? Destruction to man, and his beginning of the needs of the journey up through that of selfishness.” (1602-3)

"the full realization of the ability to communicate with Constructive Forces, and to be informed about the relations with these Creative Higher Forces and to use some of them in the material purposes. This comprehension (understanding, knowledge) era of Atlantis and Lemuria or we have brought it? The destruction of humanity, and the beginning of the need for travel through egoism. ” (1602-3)

Edgar Cayce said that in previous times (cycle), humanity has had the experience and knowledge that allowed him to communicate with Creative (Higher) Forces, which allowed to live on higher material, mental and spiritual level on Earth and beyond. Unfortunately, the previous civilization misused this knowledge and power, is due to close relations with these Forces.

This is incorrect usage caused the destruction of great cultures and long, karmic journey of souls through the pain and confusion that followed from selfishness and focus on their own desires, not taking into account the desire of the Creator and others. Now, cycles return, we are getting closer to the time when the level of consciousness and relations with the Creative Forces will allow us more time to restore these features. The main question is how we use them in this time?

The North star in the past, present and future

The North star in the past, present and future

There is a version that December 21, 2012, according to the predictions Edgar Casey, will result in the change of the provisions of the poles of the Earth, which was to begin (and started according to NASA) in 2000-2001.

Astronomers believe that fluctuations changes the axis of the Earth has happened before, but how often unknown. Different sources give different dates 24-26 thousand years, a few million or billion.
Casey claimed that the ancient Egyptians knew about it, and the Great pyramid of Giza was built to specify the Axis of the Earth or the North star.

Figure Edgar Cayce has represented the position of the poles of the Earth during the construction of the great pyramid in Giza, a real pole, and future with indication of the Polar star.

VEGA - our future the polar star, the predicted Casey, is in the constellation Lyra, it is a beautiful bright blue and white star. It is interesting that now VEGA indicates the direction to which our solar system is moving.

The last change of poles of the Earth was associated with a shift of the axis on 26?. Predicted Casey change will be accompanied by the shift of the axis on 51? is quite a lot. But if the change will be gradual - it should not be as catastrophic and humankind will be a chance to survive.
Our planet is actively changing and we must not forget that we are all part of it.

During one of the readings, as Edgar Cayce called their stories, answers questions during sleep-trance, Cayce stated that none of the prophecies about the physical devastation of the planet must not happen. The stability of the planet is in the hands of all mankind. Casey confirmed that the biblical axiom that 10 good people can save the city, worked and work.

Our thoughts, requests form a powerful Collective Consciousness, which affects the behavior of the planet.
Edgar Cayce said, "why are You worried even when you pray? God is whole, You are part of. Coordinate their ability with the whole" (Read 2528-2)

Source: Edgar Cayce''s A.R.E.

According to the version Casey destructive changes should be expected not on some random events, such as the collision of the Earth with a comet, activity of solar radiation, supernova explosion or atomic explosion, caused in the earthly activity. The most destructive changes are the consequences of changes the angle of the axis of rotation of the Earth, i.e. the change of the poles.

Casey was not a scientist, but brought to the mass consciousness the concept of displacement of poles. Scientists say that this event probably happened in the past of the Earth. Edgar Cayce was the first, who said that this will happen again in our near future.

Casey never mentioned change of the poles of the Earth directly. His statements on the subject were always the answers to questions about some other topics, sometimes even personal life problems.

So, excerpts from the "readings":

(C) Any big changes, or the start of any change has to happen on earth in 2 000 - 2 001 years BC?
(O) there will be a shift of the poles of the Earth. Or will begin a new cycle.

Again relative to the physical changes: the land will be divided in the Western part of America. A large part of Japan should plunge into the sea. The upper part of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. The earth appears at the Eastern coast of America. There will be changes in the Arctic and in the Antarctic, which will lead to the eruption of volcanoes in hot areas, and a shift of the poles - so cold or subtropical climate will become more tropical, and moss and fern will be there to grow. These changes will start in the period from ‘58 to ‘98.

They had to be stored as data priests in Atlantis or Poseidia. These records peoples, development, laws were placed in their cells and will be open, when will they return to materiality, when the changes on the earth will be inevitable; which, as we see, begin at 58 and end with the changes due to the shift of the poles, who begin their influence in 98.

(C) What will be the type and extent of changes in the 36 year?
(A) War, changes in the Earth, changes in the axis relative to the position of the North star.

It will not come before the disaster 36 years, which will arise from the equilibrium displacement of earth in space.

About the prehistoric events:

... what is known today as the West part of upper Egypt. With the changes that caused the destruction of Atlantis, and the offset of the tilt of the earth, white, and yellow races arrived in this part of Egypt, India, Persia and Arabia.

... the essence, then, was among the group that tried to save the earth from flooded her huge animals, but the ice, nature, God, changed the poles, and the animals were destroyed ...

In General it is all "read"that I found.

As we see, Casey says the shift of the poles of the Earth and at the start of this event indicates the second half of the 20th century. Thus observed that in the past, such events have led to catastrophic events.

In the known history of the change of the poles did not occur. However, the Greek historian Herodotus in his "History" writes that the Egyptian priests, over 11 thousand years the known history of Egypt watched "the sun four times ascended not in his usual place: that is, twice ascended where now comes, and came in twice where now is rising. And this did not happen in Egypt no change in terms of soil fertility and plant, regime river, disease or human mortality". Perhaps the priests described the shift of the poles of the Earth.

There are two poles: geographical and magnetic. Geographical poles are located at the intersection of earth axis of its rotation. Currently, the axis of rotation of the Earth in the Northern part of almost exactly oriented to the North star.

Due to the centrifugal force of rotation of the Earth is slightly flattened at the poles and is thicker at the equator. Obviously, the change in the tilt of the axis of rotation, change the "equilibrium", should lead to the redistribution of the earth's mass, offset Equatorial bulge. Perhaps when Casey talked about disasters due to the change of the poles, we mean it is changing the geographic poles, that is, the rotation axis of the Earth.

However, when you hear about what scientists have found changing the position of the poles, most likely I will be talking about the shift of the magnetic poles. Electromagnetic pole of the Earth is the place where the compass needle will seek to adopt a vertical position.

The unanimous opinion of the reasons for the existence of magnetic poles of the earth are not. It is believed that most of his strength electromagnetic pOLE receives through the movement of matter, earth's core with electric conductivity. At that, apparently, on the field affects the earth's rotation. This is indicated by the fact that the magnetic axis of the earth parallel to the axis of its rotation. These axes are close, but not identical.

Electromagnetic poles of the earth are in constant motion. However, according to different research results, the results of which you can in large numbers to find in the Internet in recent years the rate of change of position of the poles accelerated and you cannot just talk about fluctuations, and about the change of their position. It is believed that in recent years the poles shift to tens and even hundreds of kilometers per year.

The magnetic North pole, the last few hundred years was in Canada, has left it and moving towards Russia.

Can lead to serious consequences of a change of magnetic poles of the Earth? Probably not, but you can find a lot of speculation about the values of the electromagnetic field in order to protect life from solar radiation and on the possible harmful effects of its changes.

Andrey Loznikov
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