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Русский ученый Владимир Леонов опровергает Хиггса According to physics, the search for the Higgs boson is wasted time and money

Peter Higgs

- Vladimir Semenovich, 4 July 2012 CERN announced the discovery of the Higgs boson as exceptional scientific achievement. You are one of the few scientists who acted with a refutation of this discovery. Even renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who set on stake 100$that the Higgs boson is not found, acknowledged that has lost a bet. Do you really think that the search for the Higgs boson at the Large hadron Collider (Tank) - is the greatest fraud in the history of science?

- Judge for yourself, to declare something is announced, but how. It seems, found a new particle on properties close to the Higgs boson, but ask money for another two years of research to prove that it really was the Higgs. So global open not declared, and all this PR Higgs smacks explicit adventure with one purpose - to drive additional Finance for another two years. I wrote yesterday that the Higgs they will not find, but will come up with a move that allegedly found it and want to continue financing the project and spent idle already $10 billion and it was So. Big money revolve around this project, and fed an army of scientists. But the thing is that the program financing Tank ended and must be closed. And they want to preserve the status quo, even if it doesn't work. Corporate interests managers Tank and its employees above the interests of science, especially as the problem of gravitation solved in theory Superbadiste.

"But you put the question more sharply. According to your theory of Superbadiste, already published in two editions in England and India, the Higgs boson exists and so it is impossible to find. Explain this in more detail.

- Paradoxically, on my revelations in the world of Internet media to publish "the Higgs boson does not exist in nature" (Higgs boson does not exist in nature) is not followed objections. And I figured that going to fall on me the tsunami, but this has not happened. This suggests that with my arguments according to many scientists, but for some reasons they are silent, do not want to go against the flow, as can be dismissed, and this happened more than once.

All the matter in the theory of gravitation of Einstein, which determines the gravity as a curvature of space-time. It is generally recognized fact. In physics adopted the Standard model, which doesn't fit the theory of gravitation of Einstein. To merge his theory with quantum theory, the required particle-vector gravity. And the Higgs boson was not the only proposal on the way of creation of the quantum theory of gravitation. Many remember such terms as the graviton and gravitino. Experimental attempts to detect them, as well as the Higgs boson, have not crowned success. In parallel with the Higgs develop string theory, M-theory and others who also are not amenable to experimental verification.

The reason is that the theory of boson string theory, M-theory and other contradict the theory of gravitation is a curved space-time. The Higgs boson has no spatial-temporal properties and therefore represents only a hypothetical particle that does not exist in reality, and will never be found. There is a field Einstein warping of which determines the nature of gravity. I do not understand why it was necessary to introduce a new Higgs field of bosons, in contrast spatial and temporal field of Einstein. And with all due respect to Professor Higgs he failed to bypass Einstein.

"And you think that you in the theory of Superbadiste managed to bypass the Einstein?

"An interesting point, but are incorrect. Initially, creating the theory of Superbadiste, I relied on Einstein's concept of curved space-time as the basis of gravitation. There is a field of Einstein, he called his unified field, and that field had to fill physical content, it was necessary to introduce a new particle, which is a carrier of weightless a single field. This particle was to have the space-time properties, that is, it must simultaneously be a carrier of space and time, and she must not have mass. The Higgs boson, as I said, does not possess such properties. And the presence of mass of the Higgs boson discards physics at the position of mechanistic ether, which was not confirmed in the experiments of Michelson and Morley more than a century ago. But this is somehow everyone is silent.

In January 1996 I was first introduced in theoretical physics quantum space-time (Canton) in the form of electromagnetic quadrupole with real space-time properties of a single particle in space and time, which is the carrier of super-high electromagnetic interference (CMEA) - fifth fundamental force, but rather Superpowers. CMEA is the unified field, which is responsible for gravitation and electromagnetism.

Before there were four known fundamental forces: electromagnetism, gravity, nuclear (strong and electroweak interaction, the Union of which became possible only through the Superpower. This is the Golden rule of physics - only Superpower can conquer a weaker force. The nature of gravitation and the mechanism of formation of mass in the result of a curvature (spherical deformation of space-time have been fully disclosed in the theory of Superbadiste, and the unified field is called now as quantized space-time, keeping Einstein terminology. This field form of original weightless matter, which is the carrier of all the fundamental forces. This field creates the vacuum of space, thanks to which exist and we are with you, and this field, we now know how to count, and with this field are able to interact, creating artificially gravity.

- Vladimir Semenovich, you created the theory of Superbadiste with excellent mathematical apparatus, logically combining the known fundamental interactions. But this is just theory, but how do you prove that it is better theory Professor Higgs?

- The evaluation criteria theory is an experiment. Now to test the theory of Professor Higgs it took 40 years old and construction of Tank in the tens of billions of dollars. We kind of money no one gave out. They didn't need, when you understand the nature of gravity. The theory of Superbadiste gives new knowledge to create artificial gravity. And such devices were created us, confirming the validity of the theory of Superbadiste. The test results 2009 quantum engine to create gravity without the release of reactive masses found in my monographs and became the property of the global scientific community. Even after four years of quantum engine works fine, providing pulse cravings 50-60 kg force.

Today we are working bodies of the quantum engine that develop forces that are several times the weight of the working bodies. Gravity conquered. Now let Professor Higgs, using bosons, will create on the Collider artificial gravity moves steadily at least 1 gram of force. They won't be able to do ever. The TANK was not designed to study gravity. All this is a lie, that they examine gravity as the missing link of the Standard model.

- So what particle opened on the Tank?

- They do not know that opened. It is a fact. The collision of protons with colliding beams is born a swarm of short-lived particles of mass in a very wide range. Detectors Tank can register only the energy of these particles as equivalent mass, but, I repeat, to gravity it has no relation. Professor Higgs has calculated that his boson must have a mass of approximately 125 GeV. Very short-lived particles with such energies finally found. But this does not bring us closer to understanding the nature of gravity, which is not short by category. In General accelerator technique is a very specific area of research, unfortunately, not allowed to reveal the structure of any of the elementary particles, including the main, not to mention short-lived particles, as the Higgs boson. The main structure of particles: electrons, positrons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos, photons was first disclosed in the theory of Superbadiste, and it shows the mechanism of formation of the mass of the particles.

Here they announced that they had discovered a particle with the mass of 125 GeV, what's next? And the next step should be the creation of the theory of Superbadiste. As it has already been created and confirmed experimentally. So all this idea with the search for the Higgs boson is wasted time and money.

Alexander Petrov
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