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Инопланетяне прилетали к нашим предкамFor several decades it says the Swiss Erich von d?niken. His first book on the subject, "memories of the future. Unsolved mysteries of the past", was released in 1968 She immediately glorified the author. In it he wrote: "a Lot of things that seems archaeologists mysterious, explained very simply. Our ancestors tried to tell about the events, the meaning of which they could not comprehend, and because of the stories they are so vague."

The d?niken not the first to put forward such a hypothesis. Many of the arguments he borrowed from other writers. But it was his book sparked tremendous interest of the readers. Probably, for this idea is the right time. The book was published at a time when the Americans were preparing to fly to the moon. Humanity seemed to have opened the gate to the Universe.

If you believe Denikina, aliens are not only often visited the Earth, but also intervened in human Affairs. "The gods descended from heaven", by means of genetic engineering has changed the DNA of a person, to make its more powerful intellect. They helped people to build pyramids, taught them astronomy, medicine and construction. Sometimes their elected representatives, they took into space. Some of the events mentioned in the Bible, d?niken also explains the participation of aliens. They were punished by the flood wallowed in sins of the people. They warned Noah of the coming disaster. This is their ship flew to the biblical prophet Ezekiel, who described them:

"...The heavens were opened... Stormy wind came out of the North, a great cloud and the fire spray, and a glow around him... and from the middle of it was visible likeness of four living creatures and such was the view them: their appearance was like a man; and every one had four faces, and every one had four wings... and their feet they sparkled like burnished brass, And the appearance of these animals was as a kind of burning coal -- the fire went between animals... And the animals were moving quickly... the lightning... And here on earth beside these animals one wheel with his four faces. The appearance of the wheels and the dispensation of them is as the appearance of Topaz... and their appearance, and to arrange them it seemed as if a wheel have been within a wheel... And when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, then rose and wheels... For the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels... Over the heads creature there was the likeness of a firmament, like the kind... crystal... And above the firmament... there was the likeness of a throne, in appearance like a stone sapphire, and upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness of a man... And I saw like glowing metal, as the appearance of fire within it..."

This Priseltsi 40 years were fed with manna from heaven Israelis who were led through the wilderness Moses. They destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, blowing up something like a nuclear bomb.

At first glance, the arguments made by Denikina, bribe. Indeed in many parts of the world there are rock paintings of human-like creatures in headscarves, reminding helmets astronauts with antennas. Than not portraits of aliens who the suits defended himself from germs or air environment of the Earth?

From ancient times have survived giant buildings. And raised them in those days, when construction cranes was not in sight. With 3-2 millennia BC on the territory of Western Europe, North Africa, the Caucasus and elsewhere are megaliths, religious buildings of stone blocks (from the Greek words Megas - large and lit - stone). The most simple megalithic structure were menhirs - vertical pillars-blocks (from Breton man of stone and hir - long). Menhir, located in Brittany (Western France), reaches a height of 20 meters and weigh 380 tons of About 3200 years ago in Thebes (Egypt) was erected a giant statue of Pharaoh Ramses weighing about 1,000 tons of Stone blocks of the pyramid of Cheops (27 BC), one of the largest structures ever created by mankind, weigh "only" 2T, but its construction has left 2 million 300 thousand of such blocks (the height of the pyramid reached 146 metres, and was built a hundred-thousandth army of slaves for 20 years). Finally, remember about Easter island, lost in the South Pacific ocean, near the coast of South America. Its residents have established dozens of stone figures. Each weighs several tons.

Peruvian desert Nazca "painted" lines, spirals, shapes and images of animals. Stretching for kilometers lines reminiscent of the remains of ancient runways. In Palenque, Mexico, political and cultural centre of Indian Maya 8-3 centuries BC, was discovered stone stove. The ancient artist engraved on it Mayan priest, sitting as it seems at first glance, in the rocket.

The d?niken sure: only in our days it is possible to interpret the real meaning of ancient legends.

Is deeper insight into evidence of Denikina, and they are untenable from a scientific point of view. Many of his "riddles" explained quite simply. For example, "helmets astronauts" - often masks depicting animals and decorated... no, no antennas, and horns. In those days people, going hunting, have conjured spirits of ancestors about luck. They wore animal masks. Giant stone buildings were constructed using simple tools - this was proved by experiments. On the walls of Egyptian temples survived even the drawings that show the progress of the construction works is to help the aliens here there is no hint. Let us add that most gigantic structures of those that lists the d?niken, and erected, according to him, in the distant past, much younger. Their cities Aztecs was founded in the 14th century, that is then, when the construction of Cologne Cathedral.

Stone statues of Easter island appeared much later, around 1600, that is a hundred years after the discovery of America by Columbus (1492).

Hardly older and mysterious figures in the Nazca desert. The story of their origin is. The Indians have removed the top, stony soil, and then lying naked under it, lighter, the layer of sand. By the way, the sandy soil is not suitable for the runway. As to the ancient legends, then bring them in as arguments risky. Imagine that someone, having read Russian folk tales, will claim that the image of Baba-Yaga our ancestors captured alien kosmonautu. Generally speaking, books written thousands of years ago, full of figurative expression, over decoding which researchers are fighting for years. And finally, stove from Palenque was the grave of the priest. If you look closer you see that the priest Maya sits not in a space ship, and on a stalk of corn.
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