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Страх и ужас технологийIt should appear on the market next new product technology, as there are some rumors about her health. TVs, computers, microwave ovens, masts for cellular communication - which just terrible stories about them not to tell. Recently appeared new horror story - about wind turbines. It turns out that they threaten cancer and psychosis!

First started talking about this for about a decade ago, when two of a rural doctor, one of the UK, the other from Australia, panic in the media. They argued that being with the turbines leads to such serious diseases as diabetes, cancer of the lungs and skin, multiple sclerosis and stroke. In addition, the impact of these units allegedly can cause birth defects, mental illness and chronic fatigue, loss of concentration, insomnia, obesity, and finally, premature aging...

According to "experts", in areas where there are turbines, stop laying hens, disappear earthworms, dying cattle. Australian researcher Sarah Laurie says that it is enough to stand near the windmill 20 minutes to come to irreversible consequences.

However, most physicians doubt in danger of windmills. Since they appeared about 20 years ago, today worldwide there are about 200 thousand turbines. And the mass of complaints from the local population until it arrives. Panic only those who have read about "threat" in the press. By the way, the complaints originate mainly from farmers who are not yet succeeded to sell or rent their land by mining and energy companies.

There are also myths that many unfortunate owners of plots located near the turbines were forced to leave their homes because of impossibility to live in such conditions. However, nobody knows the names or addresses of these people, so there is reason to suspect that they simply do not exist. Perhaps someone really throws your property - but only because it cannot sell: agriculture in Britain and Australia now is in decline.

However, all studies show that all the device parameters meet the project documentation and risk Veropharm for the health of the minor.

By the way, such hysteria broke out in the 90-ies of the last century, when everywhere began to put cell towers. We constantly hear that microwave radiation from cell phones is dangerous to health. Separate groups of researchers have come to the conclusion that the use of mobile phones leads to changes in the brain, DNA mutations and may contribute to premature aging. However, other studies it was denied.

Scientists from the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion), headed by Professor Levi Schachter experimentally managed to establish that cell phone radiation can cause irreversible changes in the eyes. As experimental animals made the calf, which were irradiated for 12 days, alternating 50-minute sessions effects at 10-minute intervals. As a result, in the eye lenses damaged, involving the optical quality of the eye.

But the main "Scarecrow" for users of mobile phones is brain cancer. Supposedly, the radiation causes tumor of the nerve connecting the ear and the brain. Meanwhile, Professor Anthony Swerdlow and his colleagues from the British Institute of cancer research found that more than 10 years of mobile communications the number of people who become ill with a brain tumour, not increased.

"The results of our study show that there is no significant risk in the first decade of use, but are there any long-term risks is not yet known as cellular communication appeared relatively recently" - said the scientist.

The results of radiation exposure can occur only in case if it will be long-term, according to experts. Indeed, almost all the series of experiments confirming harm, objects received huge doses of microwave radiation. But most of us are not talking on cell for hours!

Not proven to harm computers. When they first came into use, it was rumored that computer radiation can negatively influence, say, pregnant women, and so they do not sit at the monitors. However, already born and grew the first computer" generation, and no specific pathologies he is not revealed.

Also, do not forget that man-made device, over time, become more advanced and therefore more safe for health.

Irina Shlionskaya
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