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Оставит всех без света крылатая ракетаIn mid-October on the ground in the desert of Utah has passed the test of unusual cruise missiles company "Boeing". It can destroy electronic devices at a distance without any kind of explosive effect on the target objects and people. And here rocket successfully defused by microwaves in all electronic devices inside the two-storey building.

The main goal of any war is the application of the maximum losses of the armed forces of the enemy. Over time, however, this view has been interpreted so extended that to the camp of the enemy came and almost the entire population of the warring States. Take for example the famous bombing by the British Hamburg, where he died workers, not soldiers, but we will call a spade a spade because many of these workers were producing weapons.

Yes, the allies bombed not only left Bank of the Elbe, but pravyh, where industrial objects was not. (For reference: total 955 044 tons of bombs dropped by the British in Germany, only 143 585 tons were dropped on industrial objects and cities - a record figure - 747 430 tons). Yes, were killed hundreds of thousands of its residents, the town turned into ashes, as once the Roman Pompeii. However - and so think very many - will be consistent: civilians Hamburg worked at the shipyards producing submarines.

And why soldiers serving field gun, can be considered in the war target, but the work, service shipyard, which collect the boat that will be released into the sea and will become a weapon, is not considered to be such? And if the wife of this work provides husband's soup and burgers, but is it not giving up in the fighting army, whose weapon produces work?

Why can't blame the pilots, dropping bombs, but with the workers who produce the same bombs, a charge priori removed? And if the pilots are to blame, then blame and workers, and the bombing of Hamburg - justified and normal decision of the military question. Remember Soviet film-parable "Cain VIII": what it says Minister of war? "A nursing mother is not a woman but a military object, as it feeds future soldier".

Reasoning thus, we necessarily go very, very far away. Indeed, as you can remove the guilt of the women of the potential enemy that can potentially produce men who will become enemies your homeland? How can you forgive babies, which will eventually have a chance to grow and to become a soldier? And old people can remember things that will become the basis for the formation of an opposition consciousness.

That is why the ideal weapon for the war should be considered as one that destroys the techniques of the enemy or makes it unfit for combat, but it does not kill the person. Before such weapons will be equal to the soldiers, Housewives, because neither one nor the other in case of its application will be unable to fight and involuntarily surrendered before technically superior to their opponent!

For a long time to create such weapons did not succeed, although work in this area was conducted very intensive. For example, was created bomb, stuffed with superfine threads of graphite. Undermining such "graphite" ammunition near power lines and transformer stations has led to massive closures and, consequently, deprived of electricity and the city, and factories, and military facilities.

However, the latter often have their own sources of power, but for the cities and villages of the failure of the power plants could have fatal consequences, especially in terms of long and cold winter. It also turned out that a powerful electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion could for a few hours damage the entire radio and electronics of the enemy.

However, in this case it turned out that the bomb still had to blow up, well, the consequences of this explosion is well known. This would be similar to a situation when people burn the house to warm fire, that is, based on the criterion "cost-effectiveness", it can not be called rational.

However, perhaps very soon similar apocalyptic scenario incapacitate electronics potential enemy no longer needed. The thing is that in the middle of October on the ground in the desert of Utah has passed the test of cruise missiles company "Boeing"that can destroy electronic devices at a distance without any explosive impact on affected objects and people.

Although the creation of such weapons can be considered a revolution in military Affairs, the test was extremely Maleficarum. Just on the ground in lonely alone building itself, full of various electronics, all she suddenly seemed species, and there was no explosion, no flash - just all of a sudden stopped working. And only in the sky flashed and was gone quick point: electromagnetic cruise missile was successfully tested!

It is believed that the project, called CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project - "Promising high-power microwave rocket for electronic warfare") should be crowned with the establishment of such cruise missiles that could effectively destroy computers and the electronic circuits of the enemy, paralyzing its communication facilities and all modern equipment. Unlike well-known projects "electromagnetic bombs" uses no radio waves, and a powerful stream of microwaves little over a short range.

In addition, if in the electromagnetic bomb was planned to use the energy of the explosion (up to and including nuclear), to create the microwave radiation of high intensity nothing similar is required, therefore, in the rocket explosions and not happening. And if they did take place, then the power they have is the most minimal.

This radiation is directed by a narrow stream that can at least flight to amaze one by one many purposes. "In the near future, - said the head of the project Kate Coleman, - this technology will make all electronic systems and communications of the enemy useless before him go the first soldiers and aircraft".

Well, and while on the tests carried out on October 22, on the basis of the U.S. air force hills, everything has happened as planned. The rocket in flight successfully defused by microwaves in all electronic devices installed inside the two-storey building. Within seconds there all stopped working all - and even cameras installed by the engineers to record the process.

On the other hand, still remains an open question, do we SNAMR opportunities to neutralize military electronics, which from this microwave radiation especially protected carefully - well-fighting systems managing start-strategic nuclear missiles. After all, ever since, as was recorded hazardous effect of nuclear explosions on electronics, military men of all countries, having them adopted, did not cease to improve them, so here, too, there is a struggle between the sword and the shield.

However, some details of this test still remained unclear. In particular, previously developers CHAMP stated that the efficiency of the missile does not exceed 4 percent. So microwave radiation at the peak of the impact able to reach 200 MW, would be accompanied by explosion capacity of about 5 GW, so that if he's near, had to suffer and the building itself. But no traces of explosion rocket video is not there.

Representatives of the developer said that "collateral damage" attacked the building is not caused, that is undermining special charges-initiators radiation occurred at a considerable distance from it. Only during time trials was struck seven goals. And they were suppressed one cruise missile with charges, "which permitted the generation of microwave radiation desired intensity".

After the task rocket team were eliminated over the desert. So it is obvious that what is happening with it explosions on the flight opportunities missiles absolutely no effect and had, so to say, "purely internal nature"! It is noted that the first missile was commuting 2011, but without the warhead, which at that time was still being improved.
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