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Researcher of anomalous phenomena Vadim Chernobrov. The actions of the planet Earth, 2012, a huge animal is walking across the river, on the frame is visible long coat and a trunk. Now this video has broken all records of popularity, with millions of views and millions of views. For a long time, scientists are trying to find evidence that in Siberia or in the Far North are still living mammoths.

Local residents say that they supposedly live under the ground, where moving along the narrow corridors, and from the Yakuts and Koryaks, you can hear a legend about a giant rat whose name is Mammoth. In 1920 the hunters came across two mammoths on the Bank of the Yenisei river. In 1944, during the flight from Siberia to Alaska pilots noticed with air herd huge humpback animals with curved tusks, and in the middle of the last century there were registered several cases when the inhabitants of Chukotka faced mammoths. Can you believe these facts are irrefutable proof of the existence of mammoths in the 21st century.

Not for the first year from different parts of the globe news that people meet Bigfoot. There are even those who say they came with an unknown substance into contact. So is there a snow man really is. If Yes then why is he so carefully hidden?
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