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Подсознание и его роль в жизни и развитии человекаIt is known that Consciousness is the field in which there is the understanding of what is happening. "What is the Subconscious?" - This question I asked the Teacher and received knowledge, in my opinion, very important for all people living on Earth right now.

When speaking about the expansion of human Consciousness, changing its views on the world, under the influence of specific knowledge (in this case spiritual knowledge), talks about the increased interaction between God and man. This action contributes three energy center (5,6,7).They are the gates to the Holy of holies of each person is Unconscious, his relationship with God within the physical body.

As a result of work of a man with his energy centers (chakras), more and more open third eye (6 center), through which the Subconscious mind receives the divine energy directly. For a Subconscious need a lot of energy. The more energy in man, adopted its sacred centers, the tighter the connection with the Divine world, while still living on Earth, the more he will be able to come close to the True Man, the perfect Person, created by God. By the Lord, People living in a material body on Earth, should have the Divine potentialities.

He must be a Person that performs a specific task: to grow as a powerful energy of love - Soul, which will belong only to her and, however, will be part of a powerful multi-faceted Divine Constellations such as shower - Personalities.

The person who fulfilled their task in the corporeal world, will continue to live in the world Immortal, or again, as you desire, will come down in the school of Earth, but to help other people to take the path of Immortality of the Individual.

Immortality , as you know, is determined by the quality of human Consciousness is Divinely pure Consciousness remains with him, and does not disappear, as happens during a normal death. Care of the person of the material world in his Mind and is the Immortality of the Individual. The immortality of the Person - a Diploma that a person receives after graduating from the school of life on Earth, after an endless circle of deaths and births in the material world.

The subconscious helps people to change their Minds and become Immortal. This is the main role of the Subconscious in the earthly life of man.

The very Subconscious always Immortal, so howit does not belong to man, and is a "fiefdom" of God.

The subconscious mind is a field that is given by God to man (unlike Consciousness) immediately at birth. It is located in the center of the head, around the area of the brain stem (center for sleep and wakefulness) and unites man with God. The subconscious mind is not fixed by any device, but plays a very important role in the lives of people living in the material world, as it determines the body, the entire physical system - human. (But the possibilities are not exhausted.)

The subconscious mind wakes up gradually , as all being a child caught in a new world from the comfort of your mother's womb. And with It, according to the Individual Program of a Healthy Body, gradually turns on the power of work of all systems and organs of the body of the newborn. This "slowness" gives the child the opportunity to quietly, without stress or strain, which would explode baby from the inside, to adapt to new conditions of life in the earthly space.

The subconscious mind directs unconscious person processes . They happen on their own and are planned outside of the human person, God. Although the centres themselves, are experiencing the leadership role of the brain, perfectly visible to people of different religions and even atheists. They are responsible for the systems that occur inside the body, without its participation: reception and digestion, respiration, blood supply of the body, the rhythmic heartbeat and so on.

Field Subconscious surrounded by a space filled with energies of different vibrations that he gets along with the growth of your Consciousness. The closer they were to the Divine, the better is the work of the centers of the brain that regulate the functions of each system, each body; supervising their proper communication with each other, in accordance with the Individual Program of a Healthy Body.

In adulthood Individual Program of a Healthy Body are included at 100%. But, unfortunately, almost all of it is blocked by the karma of Past incarnations and cannot regulate the work of all systems of the body. In addition, together with the growth of human Consciousness, space near the field Subconscious gets a distinctive environment energies that person in your Mind approved. They can be both positive and negative. Both vibration, being about the Subconscient, not come in contact with it, do not affect him. But not Divine vibrations are problems that do not give Him the opportunity to include with the help of the Lord, to direct the Minds of people and to keep always in working condition divine Program Healthy Body. As a result, is certain deviation of the physical state of the body from the norm, there is a disease.

This again shows the importance of the pure field of Consciousness of the person providing the field purity of Soul and purity of space around the Subconscious.

Energy contamination can be removed and through the Subconscious. The thing is that in addition to guide the work of the brain on the subconscious level, known to all literate people, the Subconscious bears a great responsibility for spiritual growth and energy purity of man. It takes in this process is most directly involved, acting as a liaison officer between the material and not material. But all this happens on an unconscious level, at the level of intuition. Man cannot and has no right to command your Subconscious until then, until a person acquires an ability to enter your Consciousness into a contact with the Subconscious, at his own request.

This requires Subconscious - enable. The media Subconscious, you cannot enable It by yourself, can't go to It from the body bottom. The inclusion of human mind can produce only the Lord and only at the request of the person himself. This person must possess the body of Fire who already have constant contact with the world of Fire! You must turn to God, "up", being in a meditative state and ask: "Lord, turn on, please, my Subconscious", - inhale and exhale this request. Resolution of the Lord, in the Divine stream, this thought-form will be back in the sixth center (the third eye) in the Subconscious mind and will enable It to work with the Consciousness of the individual. There will be an opportunity to lead the Subconscious mind with Consciousness, will open new possibilities for working on the Subconscious level.

Turning to God with this request of the person, thus, gives permission to the Lord to bring the Subconscious mind to a new, higher level of interaction with him.

First, the action that must be repeated constantly, once a day or before you start some work using the Subconscious. Until the moment (which people learn with your specific fellowship with God), when the Subconscious is already always stably included. This usually happens after a month.

The thought of a man, at this level of spiritual development, you can log into the field of his Subconscious, but selectively, because It takes, absorbs only divinely pure vibration approved, permitted by the Lord.

On the thoughts of other people Subconscious doesn't react.

Sometimes representatives of Black magic pollute the man with the help of different methods, but also for them the area of the Subconscious will never be achieved.

Hypnosis also will not affect the Subconscious.

The man with the power of your thoughts can affect another person, if he does not have a protective ability to leave, unconsciously or consciously, from such exposure. You can hypnotize a man at a distance, if he knows about it and is ready for it. (In principle, the distance does not matter for the hypnotist because it works through its unlimited free thought.) But hypnosis affects the cerebral cortex and never approaches the Subconscious. Any influence of the thoughts of one person to another occurs only at the level of the cerebral cortex. If the hypnotist works without permission, he is still necessary, though briefly but live contact. In this case, the hypnotist will have the opportunity to influence a person in any place, as it "put" your "key" and while that would work - the impact will occur. Usually it lasts from a few minutes up to two days without updating the contact. On TV hypnotic affect the person is impossible.

Telepathically impossible to influence the Subconscious mind.

Telepathy is based on the ability to read thoughts images out of Consciousness and Subconsciousness of the person. Of course, the very ability to telepathy is closely connected with the development of human Consciousness and Subconsciousness. When telepathy no implementation in the human Personality without her permission - there is no violation of the Cosmic law of non-Violence over the Person.

The subconscious mind does not grow all my life, unlike Consciousness. It is, as the Emotional and Mental body may increase, but not in size, but full of energy, then again to get the original shape or even become smaller in volume because the lost energy. If the accumulated Subconscious mind at the time of death of the person has not lost strength, and at birth in a new body, it retains its energy intensity.

The subconscious mind is not a single field, and castradina - the Soul, the body of Fire, the Subconscious mind. Each part of this Trinity performs at the same time his personal function.

Soul - wise, it distinguishes good from evil. Its main task is to podvizhnosti human development, spiritual, and energetic. In addition, It carries an Individual Program of a Healthy Body, which the Lord, when you open the Subconscious mind can harmonize, turning in the True divine Program Healthy Body. The will of man, the Program can move into his Consciousness to lead on the realized and not realized level processes occurring in the human body, together with the Subconscious.

The body of Fire - is fraught with talents groundwork for all of the incarnation - the Programs that were once mastered by the Person with the certain work. They revealed gradually and is closely linked with the divine Transfiguration of man. It also nourishes the Soul and the Subconscious mind of the person with his energy.

The subconscious mind holds the key to the Individual Program of a Healthy body. It recorded a lot of other Programs. All Programs contained in It, in contrast to the body of Fire, do not introduced by man in His field in the Past incarnations, as given by God from the beginning and is connected with the divine activities of individuals on Earth. Every person they are in Individual DNA, but not all in the same quantity and composition. In Individual DNA Subconscious present only those Programs that people have not mastered and not transferred into the body of Fire. In principle, all is one common field of the Soul is the body of Fire, the Subconscious - Mind. The subconscious and Consciousness is the same capocci, as the Soul and body of Fire. All of differentiation, which is now in question is relative and is only given in order to better understand the processes that occur in a person at this level.

The subconscious mind has the right to use for their actions the energy of body and Soul Fire, respectively, and those achievements, which is, in the body of Fire.

It consists of vibrations of the world of Love and Devotion, or the world of Fire.

Filling Subconscious energy can lead , if to concentrate because of their own thoughts and with the help of Consciousness (especially) to request the body of Fire to direct the energy of the world of Fire in the Subconscious. The concert will take place through the Third eye area. Trace (feel) this process at the level of intuition or with the help of clairvoyance, clairaudience.

Appeal to the body of Fire: "the Body of Fire, treat me, please invaluable service, direct offshoot from its energy channel that connects you with the world of Fire, in my Subconscious mind and fill it with this energy at 100 percent."

We must bear in mind that the replenishment of the Subconscious mind is slow to About 7-10 percent day, so you need to work about ten days to fully restore the energy field of your Subconscious. In future it is necessary to take into account the fact that after the powerful release of His energy for a certain work, It can again be abastecerse". The person will feel discomfort, weakness.

In order field of Subconscious recovered yourself - you need a day (or more) with Its help not work. Otherwise, you may lose superpowers, and sometimes their own health.

Those who are given in the help of the Holy Spirit, can restore box Subconscious much faster (within several seconds), addressed Him with the request: "the Holy Spirit, help me, please recover my Subconscious", - inhale and exhale with this request. The Holy Spirit brings It to the level of the world of Love and self-sacrifice - and the filling occurs instantly.

Incorporated, a wholly filled Subconscious gives the opportunity to use their energy for a variety of unusual cases in the physical world. But you need to learn how to control the concentration of the strength of our own thoughts on the specific tasks set before him. And run with the support of the Higher forces. After one has learned to focus on small, the experience will help him to develop themselves further without the help of the Lord, but always under His protection if he wants.

When a person enters the conscious working with the Subconscious mind, it is very simplifies and accelerates the time of its work on the restoration of his health, physical and energetic. Cleared from many kinds of pollution information: Present, Past and Intrauterine information pollution.

Using the power of your Subconscious he can clean my, child or adult is information about Prenatal curse or, simply, the Curse of the present day. It is necessary to note that this uses a lot of energy from the field of the Subconscious, do not forget to restore it! Without the help of the Subconscious these kinds of curses can remove only the media. (Child's Intrauterine curse can clean the mother). In this case, any family member can release their relatives from this energy pollution, asking: "Lord help me. I, with the help of his Subconscious, remove Intrauterine a curse (curse) with his grandson (can be any member of the family)", and read the prayer "our father". During the reading of the prayers are cleaning.

The subconscious mind plays the role of Consciousness in the life of man in Parallel worlds after death. Together with the Soul, It helps to preserve the individuality of man, since it has a Program that includes all good ideas legalized human Consciousness during life on Earth. For example, the ability to logically to think and recall events; knowledge that a person gets from life experience, but only the knowledge that help the intellectual and spiritual development of the Individual, including those derived from artistic works, if they allow a person, through the accommodation of the fate of the characters to understand an important truth earthly life that make life meaningful. The concept about love, friendship, self-sacrifice, the distinction between good and evil remain forever in the Unconscious man with him, go, and come again to this material world. This person is not aware of, where did he get this knowledge, they just always got. A person is feeling them, although they are in the Program of the Subconscious, which itself is not able to perceive and analyze. In this case, it is not at the level of thought and understanding, but at the level of intuition, on the level of the Soul, which is part of the above areas. Man, through his Soul feels, what he does is right and wrong. However, only the person who wants to hear Her voice.

In Other worlds the Unconscious man may be during life on earth. This phenomenon is called meditation. Meditation is a border state between sleep and reality. Sleeping it combines the care of the physical world of Earth. The reality is that the Subconscious mind of the person really is a Different world and events in this case is understood as the Subconscious, as the connective opens and lets in the Mind of man the flow of energy-information Itself or outside the body, without interrupting him. In this case, It acts as a Consciousness - a field in which there is a metaphysical reflection of events, expressed through images that people in this case (unlike most of the dreams) remembers. Sleep prediction is the meditation in the dream and then sleep. The dream people usually remember because it was attended by the Subconscious.

The subconscious can (together with the Soul or without it) completely out of the body and to travel around the Earth and the Universe. To transfer all that he sees in the human Mind, which always remains in the physical body. We can say that people in this case has two Consciousnesses - one directly above his head and another (say) on the other end of the Galaxy.

When people say that travel in their Consciousness - they are right, But you now more thoroughly understand the process that occurs during meditation.

The subconscious mind plays a big role in breaklines death. About this phenomenon, there are many talks on earth. People remember the events that happened to them. I remember my feelings. There is something in common (flight, the tunnel, the light and regret that we have to return to its heavy sick body), there are fundamental differences. And yet, the memory of otherworldly experience is more the exception than the rule for those who survived clinical death. Most people didn't remember, or only remembers the events on earth (flying under the ceiling, his body down, people). Some people remember some horrors - in this case plays the role of karmic pollution, due to which the soul sees Lower world. There are other reasons this type of travel to the other side of life.

The phenomenon of memory about the metaphysical events depends on the degree of filling of Subconscious energy of the world of Fire (40-100 percent)purchased or obtained from birth. This status gives the people the opportunity to "sleep" during clinical death, and others to get information from your Subconscious, which is digested by the human Consciousness and remembered, is laid down in the brain, then to play as a memorial.

If the Subconscious mind has low energy, the human Soul together with Him, remains in the human body. And the event occurred not give him any food for thought, after he turns back on in life. Later he lives as he had lived before.

Those people who have a Subconscious was normal, according to the degree of charge, nothing POMNhat. But those who has brought in the world of material information about the world remember not all, because their memory is selective and the vision That life too selective. Much depends on the quality of human Consciousness, that is, from installations through which he sees everything.

The fact that the Subtle world is to transmit information through the Subconscious only those images that are easily digested by the individual human Mind. By the way, and the atheist can be born with a fairly well filled Subconscious and will receive otherworldly experience. But thanks to the facilities available in the Consciousness, atheists and believers see different ways. In principle, they see one, but different angles of view, because what he saw perceives data decryption their Minds, ready for a certain perception of the information received. Consciousness and in this case is the window through which one estimates the world, in this case Another world.

People who have realized their journey to The Light, comes back in our dimension is not the state in which went into clinical death. He starts another life already enabled, a wholly filled with the Subconscious and new opportunities.

Through the Subconscious , the minimum spending His energy, you can draw different energy flows coming to the Earth.

The healing stream gives the opportunity to help myself and others to clean up, to heal and to charge the system of the physical body by the power of divine and Earthly divine energy. In our work, this thread is guided by the information obtained from Individual human DNA of what should be his health. He gradually removes all impurities, reminds each cell and a group of cells on how to work and fills it with energy for the work. Using the Healing stream, you can completely restore the body to a level that is recorded in its Individual DNA, to enable the Individual Program of a Healthy Body. But the Program itself Healing stream is not harmonized. This can be done only with the help of the Lord.

The flow of energy, managing gravitationally, helps man to lift heavy objects, beyond the comprehension of man, move them in Space and even Time. The energy will go not on the physical rise of gravity, and on the regulation of force of Earth's gravity.

If the Person has no skills in this action, it is possible in the coming incarnation to learn how to do it. When the Subconscious mind will have an indisputable way to take energy from the world of Fire and always be full filled, classes, you can start with a small exercises, the raising of certain things very easy. After one has learned to manage lightweight objects, easy to learn how to manage the weight of own body and even give it a movement, how much it weighed; to feel a flight on the physical plane. It is the Subconscious mind, initially aware of the force of gravity and danger of its loss, for all that dwell on the earth, does not give a person the opportunity to fly until then, until a person does not learn to control gravity of the Earth in relation to his body.

You can share personal experiences and to help each other to buy new.

But of course much depends on the resolution of the Lord, because of this, the act dangerous to human life.

There are streams, allowing them to travel in Time and Space, energy flows used for teleportation, threads opening channels travel to other Galaxies for a short time and others.

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of Programs and Energy for their execution. When the Lord will hand over the keys from the Subconscious to the person, the person is already at its discretion, can dispose of all this wealth, respected and the Law of non-Violence over the Person. But be aware that in this case the error personalities can be bigger and responsibility for them too. To avoid misunderstanding, it is better to ask the Lord, kept his charge, especially at first, until one will learn to control the treasure - open the Subconscious and to dispose of their wealth correctly until you learn to hear your intuition, your Soul.

The subconscious is completed, the various Programs.

It is a divine Program which is the essence of such a Space of few - People. This is one divine Human DNA, including all recognized and not recognized in the running time, the ability of the Program Personality. This is the divine Matrix, which contains all the ideal properties inherent to the Person on the planet Earth. She nicodemites!

In addition to True (the divine) Human DNA, in the Subconscient there is a single Individual Anglicist, including many Programs.

The program of a Healthy Human Body (Single DNA Physical Teleologica). The program of a Healthy Human Body carries the changes that the child inherited from parents, including hereditary diseases. She is constantly changing depending on the conditions of life, which creates for himself; by his actions and his work. For example, if people changed their karma, having worked with Repentance and Forgiveness, his single Individual DNA (PST) has also changed for the better. Because as a result of decrease of information - energetic contamination, changed information in the DNA of the body, improved interactions between the DNA of cells and DNA cellular systems. All body was moved to a new level.

Includes Program Healthy Body (PST) man runs continuously, quietly. Daily restores all functions and interaction in the physical body of man. Her work can be seen by analyzing the stages of human well-being.

The first stage does not occur deterioration compared with what it always was.

The second stage is perceived improvement.

The third stage is the highest possible stabilization of the functions of organs and their interaction with each other. That is, the person becomes healthy. And this state more and more improved, at any age.

Of course, you must consider certain errors in food, sleep and work, accustomed to people and does not want to part with them. They can create a situation in which he could again feel of a temporary deterioration in health.

The program of self-regulation, which is constantly maintains the purity of communication of various systems of the body and energy of the divine Program Healthy Body, providing stabilization and improvement of human health. This Program is very important, as the Program of a Healthy Body, included Subconscious, works independently, constantly until then, until the "tamponada" again Subtle body, and then the physical system of the body. It is very similar to slowly "fading" pendulum, as a result of various resistance contaminated body.

After a True Program of a Healthy body will enter the Mind of man, it is very important that with the help of the Lord, to include the program of self-regulation.

And yet, the more people will listen to your body and not to overload it without having, the better he will feel.

True, the Program of a Healthy Body may be involved not only through the Subconscious. If the field Soul and all of the Subtle body of a man are clean, then, turning to God, we can include the Real Program of a Healthy Body with the help of our Souls (see Practice). In principle, as you know: the Subconscious mind, Soul and Fire the body is the links of one chain - the relation of man with the Divine Beginning of All Things with God.

A single Individual DNA includes 5 Divine DNA (Programs) of a person that help with the healing, and not only.

Working with a Single Individual DNA of the human Body (Health Programme) with the help of Consciousness and Subconsciousness is the future method of restoring the health of the Individual, does not require any additional impacts.

The program of Healing is in Single Individual DNA. Included with the Subconscious, it independently, without a Healing stream, that will help a person to remove any information impurities from your body or from the patient; the challenges to well-coordinated work of the authorities, and to include the Program of a Healthy Body. But if you put in this Program a Healing stream, that its power will increase in millions of times. The program of Healing, you can work when the Individual Healing stream has not given. There are people for whom It is given from birth.

The healing of his Subconscious is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Read more about all the "pitfalls" of this type of activity can be learned from the special section of the article about the Subconscient, dedicated to Healing.

In the Subconscient there is a Program that contains in itself the best energy - traits of people - appreciation, care, diligence, ability to love, etc.

There is a Program containing talents, which are perceived as supernatural. Thanks to the Subconscious mind, you can have clairaudience, clairvoyance, yasnopolyana, not knowing how it happens. Through the Subconscious can to fly, to teleport to read the thoughts at a distance, to see the Past and the Future. Spend many inconceivable at Present the works on Earth. The quality of these cases will depend on the fullness of the Subconscious energy, and from the moment when the Mind of man, got some experience, which will legitimize their existence.

The program of interaction of the conscious and Subconscious - is the most relevant. It gives man the ability to work with all kinds of Programs embedded in the field of the Subconscious, in His Individual Single DNA. Creates special conditions conscious working with the Subconscious mind.

The man asked the Lord fulfilled his request - opened the way to his Subconscious mind to get in contact with his Consciousness. During the month, this relationship of Consciousness and Subconsciousness strengthened with the help of the Lord, every day and stabilized. After that, he had the opportunity to reach a new level of relations of his Consciousness and Subconscious - on self level of communication. It happens that when a person lives according to the Cosmic laws.

Man cannot redo your Subconscious mind to change its structure. The subconscious never "enter" into it the thoughts and ideas of a person, does not give power over the other directly. But at the same time, public Consciousness, the Subconscious mind allows to draw from it that that he wants to build his life, without restrictions. He has the right to take from it all, at its discretion and to use as you see fit any treasure (the Program). In the Unconscious man (as you know) there are many Programs. People with powerful Subconscious can work with the individual Programs that are in it, with the help of his Consciousness. They are for there to people in a certain period of life could make use of them, to implement, with powerful forces of thought, which owns, through full charged Subconscious.

Absolutely loaded Subconscious may be your own, for the conscious man to enter into the Program of the Future and to change its contents.

In the Program of the Future, which is sent to a person from the Spirits of the Ancestors, according to the developments of its Past incarnations and Running, not all the fabric of Time has been filled with events. But man through his thought in to farm and to fill the space with new desires, since the vibration of his thought will never be able to reach the vibrations of the world of Fire, by which a recording of desires (situations). Consistent with the person's karma, they are entered into the fabric of Time the Future, using the creative energies of the World of Fire, Spirits of Ancestors or other Higher powers. Remember that everything on Earth was once programmed in the world Fire: and forests, and rivers and the sea, and mountains, and the desert - all that is on Earth. Building-related human life, especially, have been programmed into the world of Fire, then taken talented people and materialized on the Ground etc.

People with enhanced energy in the Subconscious, with the Program of interaction of the conscious and Subconscious, can ensure that its positive thought - the desire to be included in the Subconscious. It will record it in a Program, say the Program on realization conceived. Then the Subconscious mind will put this Program in the near Future, there will generate a situation where desirable, in the framework of this Program, will quickly put into practice.

This will happen in case, if the person is clearly and specifically, with the smallest details have determined their Future event, constantly thinking about implementing it.

For example, the writer wants to see the realization of his new book in many countries, but even has no idea whom to address this problem, as prospective publishers and sellers live far away and output, real, they are not. Through the Subconscious can work with the Program for implementation of planned (there is a separate Program) and to clearly describe their desire (it can be any). Say: "My Subconscious, I turn to you with love and I ask you to make the Program of my nearest Future - a Program for the implementation Zadumannogo want my book appeared in print and was spread in all countries where there are people who know the Russian language". While you can not even imagine how and when it will happen, but clearly see the desired book quickly takes the reader from store shelves all over the world. And "see" that you need each day to the realization of their dreams. To fall asleep and Wake up with this thought. The result was not slow to affect.

In the Program of his Nearest Future, if you are using your Subconscious, you can only attach their Future. Family members can work with the Spirits of Ancestors. They will make a desired situation in the Near Future that will allow his karma.

People who do not have energy intensive Subconscious, the Record of events that are not included in the near Future, also can occur but are much slower (times 100), as it will be recorded on the canvas of the Past, not the Future. And for this It must be cleansed from the information that it has, through suffering or through conscious cleansing Previous incarnation with the help of the Lord.

Through the Subconscious is the desired situation fits right into the Program of the near Future, in 21 days, which is constantly being introduced into the fabric of running Time. This is a modern karmic pollution. (If karma previous incarnations are not removed, the Fiery body is not connected with the world of Fire, the Lord will not open the Subconscious, to contact the Consciousness of the person).

Open the Subconscious is very much the responsibility of the ordeal. Before to ask about enabling and complete filling of the Subconscious, you need to think very carefully forces, to honestly examine their views on life, my emotional perception of the world.

The subconscious mind is the land of the God, but not God. It does not help a person make the right decision, not leading him through life, even if people ask Him about it. Opening the possibility of conscious interaction with the Subconscious, the Lord shows that expands its trust in a person, is capable of many things and hopes that he will justify him, that is, will not cause harm to himself and others.

Included Subconscious can powerfully to help the individual, at the level of the power of God, the Holy spirit, the Mother of God. But the work of his own Subconscious without relying on the Divine conduct or the conduct of the Spirits of Ancestors, is fraught with serious consequences, up to death of the carrier energy increased Subconscious. Therefore before the beginning of the third Millennium was considered quite normal the fact that people were born and lived the rest of his life with the Subconscious, working on 20-40 percent and looked like a deflated balloon. It not only did not receive additional energy for a certain work, but did not even have its usual form, a certain God. We can say that in this case the Subconscious 80 percent safely asleep, was cut off from life. Many it sleeps now.

The subconscious mind has no ability analysis and does not separate good from evil, although has a great energy and a variety of opportunities. Therefore, for proper and safe operation through the Subconscious, you must have advanced, pure Consciousness, the ability to see the truth of life events, and to properly assess their desires, thoughts and actions.

At the time of the Transfiguration of the Subconscious with the help of the Lord, man, of course, is consistent with the ongoing action. But then he can change his views and traits, to lose control of his thoughts and actions, even if it is at a high enough level of his Spiritual development. In this case, he's not immune from mistakes, to answer for that would simply Cosmic laws.

People born with powerful, energy, the Subconscious mind has the power of authority over the people, with less energy, full of the Subconscious. The most common mistake that person is that she starts to use her strength not to the benefit for themselves and for other people, and only for themselves. If the Consciousness is not extended, and man does not see the true values of this world, it creates a primitive thoughts, which, although not able to log into the Subconscious, but, nevertheless, the power that gives a well thought charged Subconscious, assists in their implementation. In this case, losing control over his desires, intoxicated with the features of his personality, he can bring themselves to the state of absurdity, that is, building a great Future on the bones "of other people, he will create a situation, which its the same and destroy. Therefore, the recognition of the moral-ethical norms of human and Cosmic laws, in this case is vital. It will save a Person from many mistakes.

The very Unconscious man always Divinely pure. But its structure is such that, interacting with Consciousness, It can respond to any ideas and thoughts that one bears and seeks to implement, even murder, other people or yourself.

As mentioned above, the Subconscious can enter in the Near Future to include additional Program, which the media this Subconscious put his plan, independently.

Let's say, in the Subconscient is a programme for the preservation of life. The mind is screaming that he was at risk, and absolutely loaded Subconscious includes a Program to save life, or engages in running the program for the Future the plan which allows a person to survive, not realizing that the Consciousness has legitimized the decision of a person for the sake of his life to kill other people.

In the Subconscient there is a Program prosperous material level of life, which is most convenient to preserve the health of the physical body. It is included in the Subconscious Mind of man, when he is concerned with this issue. Is held in the Future Time, carrying on the tail of a plan devised by man. Without analysis - be it good or bad, good or evil, not realizing that this situation can bring economic harm to other people, and even death, or, conversely, will improve the welfare of not only the person, but also raise General welfare of the people connected with it.

Any The program contained in the Subconscious mind, always the Divine and as such is sent by the Subconscious mind in the Future. The fact that the funds for the materialization of this program chosen by the people, and they are not parsed by his Subconscious, which amends the Future of individuals on their own, creates a situation in which people with great Subconscious mind, and are more responsibility for their future and others. From their mistakes can save only the feeling of love, which, unfortunately, the Subconscious can not pass, though in itself consists of a fiery energies of love.

People with a powerful Subconscious mind, can be, and is not good .

People born with no divine character traits can have a Subconscious mind, filled with energy by 50 percent or more, because of Past incarnations. If they grow up in an environment which developed these traits, then society will have in your environment talented villains. People who filled their Subconscious to 100 percent in the coming incarnation, could fall and make a talented deliberate crimes for personal gain.

That is why people with powerful Subconscious mind can be geniuses of good and evil geniuses.

Now increasingly appear on Earth children, with increased power of the Subconscious. They called Indigo children. These are children whose aura - the rainbow predominant color Indigo.

They are born with a sense of love for people, but love surrounding this can increase or suppress. The result of education which will manifest itself, in this case, it will be more noticeable society than the one it got from people with normal energy levels of the Subconscious.
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