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Могут ли люди мысленно общаться с другими существами?The weak light of a single candle lights up the room. Around seasoned table - ten people. Among them, obmaknuv all over, sits a man of thirty. He seems to be sleeping. Suddenly, shaking his head and peretasoval whole body, the man straightened and low senile voice says: "Hello from Sirius". His face changed - aging to match the voice. Eyes still closed. He just made contact with Sirius...

Can people mentally communicate with other beings?

"The inhabitant of London Peter Scott - so this person's name is asserts that five years is a living receiver of the information, Candelero - current terminology) contact with Sirius. But neither he nor his counterpart from another world, whose name is Tarek not aim to attract public attention. Tarnak claims that his messages are personal. This is why, explains Scott, in the group of ten students. In his words, the beings from Sirius much better earthlings know the art of mental communication and can overcome the abyss of space and time, to get in contact with the medium-people who are channeling.

This means that you should not bother problems with the spacecraft and the speed of light, " says Scott. Personally he is in touch with Carnicom, but to ensure that the contact has begun, the conductor must enter into an altered state of consciousness or to immerse yourself in a dream."

Why has a highly developed being of the star system of Sirius came into contact with Scott, 27-year-old Bank clerk? It turns out that Tameka interested in ordinary people, because he wants to help them in their development. His world were slightly ahead of Earth in technical terms, but his people had attained to high spiritual and personal development. Tarnak claims that his people knew about the humanity of Earth for several centuries, and during this time repeatedly come into contact with people, to stimulate their spiritual development. Most people, according to Tarnaka not suspect about existence of civilization on Sirius. Nevertheless, the key personalities in the history of mankind heard the voice out and acted on the instructions which they were sent, and did not know the source of his inspiration. In particular, we are talking about Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Alexander the Great...

* * *
"In the time when Peter Scott takes possession of his spiritual mentor from Sirius, on the other side of the world Blair Stara of Wellington, capital of New Zealand, speaking at the theatre before an audience of 200 people, performs the role of channeler for 3000-year-old Sumerian priest by the name of Tabas. Usually silent Stara under the influence of the possessed in his body, Tabasa completely transformed. It is worn on stage and says in broken English with a strong Eastern European accent, turning occasionally in German. Tabas acts with great inspiration, arranging for his disciples seminars, bringing them the doctrine of the New Century. He says about race owners belongs and which directs its energy on Earth to help her."

* * *
"Other modern actors channeling (in Russia they simply call contactees) associated with different beings: animals, American Indian, ancient Egyptian gods. British writer Tony Bat explains that in the normal state of man there is no effect of conductivity. To get in touch, you must be a change of consciousness. During the millennia of its history, people have developed many different techniques, how to do it. No matter what you choose, if only there was a result. And the result is huge and unknown world, which gradually will open before you. Whom you are there, pick up, it is unknown in contact with you can join the most diverse creatures. There are many different strata of life, possessing a spiritual principle, and with their representatives the people who are channeling can contact you with the information, giving a very different perception of things. Bat says that it is technically possible to become a conductor, even to the character of the book or historical legends. In our world they are only words in books, in other dimensions - real beings and events."

People like Nita and his students a lot in Russia. In General, they are no different from their counterparts in other countries. Also come in contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, the souls of the dead, all kinds of spirits, with higher intelligence Space, receive messages from Jesus Christ and his mother of the virgin Mary.

Some of these men give the impression of the mentally ill, others are just weird personalities, and still others so convincing in his stories, that it is difficult not to believe. Should do that or not? If today to contactees are often treated with a deliberate bias, it was far otherwise in the past.

Well forgotten old

"Think about it: who are the prophets, spiritual teachers, saints? The same contactees, but only recognised. So, maybe, and today we are dealing with people like that? See the opinion of a specialist academician Y.A Fomin, who for decades has devoted to the study of anomalous phenomena of various kinds. He wrote that for understanding the nature of the phenomena type of spiritualism, mediumship, kontakterstva was conducted numerous experiments. The first test was carried out on the reliability of the obtained information. For this purpose it was divided into four groups:"

1. Reliable information that was known to any of the participants of the session at the time of its holding.
2. Unknown to the participants of the session is the information that under no condition tested cannot be.
3. Unknown to the participants of the session information that checking is not confirmed (misinformation).
4. Unknown to the participants of the session information that checking session confirmed.

Naturally, only the fourth group messages may indirectly confirm the existence of a real company (the souls of the deceased, the impure force, aliens)... Conducted audit found that such information is sometimes really did. For example, one woman before his death he received a large sum of money and hid them in her only known place. After the death of the woman search of money were unsuccessful. However, at spiritualistic session such information was obtained, and the money was found. There were other similar cases.

"Sometimes at spiritualistic seances were received information prokopenkove data, i.e. data was informed about upcoming events. For example, so information was received about the impending eruption of a volcano on an island in the Aleutian ridge, and reported the name of the island, is not known to anyone in the audience. Indeed, such an event took place three weeks after receipt of information. The list of such facts could continue."

Thus confirmed the existence of some real spiritual source of information. However, its accuracy is very small and does not exceed 5-10 percent of the total. Everything else is either General arguments, or the known truth, either Express misinformation.

A significant part of the message is information that cannot be verified. This primarily refers to the description of life in the Universe, the structure of planetary systems, the device of space vehicles, etc. On the basis of this information are often built various speculative hypotheses, sensational predictions, etc.

Checking this information was carried out by comparing the inputs received from different groups or individual contactors, working independently from each other. After exclusion from the information received, the well-known truths and facts, as well as the General question it was time for the analysis of the fundamental concepts of the ideological character. The analysis showed that these concepts in different groups does not match, often contradict each other, and sometimes lack basic logical connection.

"All the same, if there is at least one per cent of truth in the possibility of communicating with unknown to us, contactors, this connection it would be unreasonable to deny. For she promises mankind innumerable win in its development, in knowledge still unknown and unexplored. Those who were attracted by the idea of channeling can read an entire series of books, published by Sofia. But honestly, the word channeling did not introduce anything new in the problem kontakterstva, and not only with brothers in mind, and as a global phenomenon. Special mental condition of the person and related various visions, hallucinations, images, dreams, etc. always attracted us. People have long known that these mental States is a great variety: sleep, clinical death, various somnambulistic state, stress, alcohol and drug intoxication, prophetic dreams, trance and other border state between life and death."

"The passion channeling should be treated not as something new, but as a long-forgotten old. Almost the first contactees-parapsychologists, - says Evgeny Sidorov, President of the Latvian centre for the study of anomalous phenomena (UFOlats), - can be called shamans, sorcerers, wizards, etc. Later than mediums and psychics. They, through the cult, magical and sacrificial rites, falling into religious trance for the first time deliberately caused to a Frank invisible spirits. The equipment of such mental pinthe regulations were based on the state of narcotic intoxication. The leaves of Coca, opium, and other intoxicating herbs and potions together with psychological mood quickly introduced devoted to the trance state. In this state the person is in contact with another reality, conducting a dialogue with the unknown out-of-body entity. Received various information about past, present and future of his family, the tribe and the world..."

"Later, with the development of civilization, the phenomena research in parapsychology, one of which is in contact with another reality, become endemic nature. Occult science, spiritualism, theosophy, esotericism, yoga, transcendental meditation, different teachings enlightened, managed dreams, mass sects and communities practicing contemplation, divided people by religion, but were United in one. In the desire by all means began to understand and comprehend the invisible alternative reality, to become its full member. What laws govern it? How and on what technology to communicate with unknown spirits and entities, and so on?"

"According to Elizarova, channeling or contactarte activate the special abilities of our subconscious. It is the instrument through which occur contact with another reality. The access of individuals to various techniques of contact is not in vain was a long time is limited. Well-known of many cases when the entity from another world very deeply penetrated into the human subconscious and even took control over it. This phenomenon was well known and was called obsession."

Treacherous myths

"Mythology of our time is based on the idea which is deeply believed by many: a space populated by other intelligent beings. And if they have mastered the technique of interstellar flights, then, are a race of more developed in comparison with us. Trying to find brothers on reason in the depths of the Universe spent huge amounts of money. And if physically scientists failed to produce evidence that would have recognized all mankind, then the psychic contact with aliens is in full swing. But actually nobody knows with whom to communicate contactees. Listen again to the opinion Elizarova: In my opinion, a different mind, a different form of life exists everywhere in the form of invisible (visually) energomoschnostej and takes its place among the hierarchy of living beings in the Universe. So long expected the contact has been people, i.e. individually, based on the readiness of each individual. Moreover, these invisible reasonable essence is not always reveal to man what we called humanism... In nature there are no concepts of good and evil. Humanism, good and evil, a concept introduced by man! So the essence of another reality, which is so famously interact with us through our subconscious, and sometimes capturing and parasitizing in our subconscious can be very far from our humanistic ideas and carry with them a serious danger. This is a great danger of communication with invisible entities indicate almost all psi-contactees and religion."

* * *
"We are not going to convince the reader that all contacts with the other world, with non-physical entities is contacts with representatives of the insidious power of the tribes, the objectives of which man is unknown. But while we have no way to separate the truth from the lies..."
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