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Подарок от «Хаббла»: рыхлая спиральная галактикаSpace telescope "Hubble" depicted here scattered spiral galaxy ESO 499-G37.

The object is located at an angle to our line of observation, that allows to consider weak, loose spiral orbiting bright nucleus. Bluish tint attached hot young stars, located in the sleeves. It was there that concentrated a large amount of gas and dust that provokes active star formation.

The most characteristic feature of the galaxy can be called the jumper through the center. Typically, the engine has the highest density of stars in the galaxy: this compact spheroidal region (bulge) Packed a large group of relatively cold of old stars. Jumper has many spiral galaxies. It is believed that it plays the role of a mechanism that holds the gas from the spiral arms in the center, facilitating creation of new bodies.

Recent studies suggest that the core of ESO 499-G37 is inside a small jumper lengths up to several hundred light years (that is, it is about ten times less typical). Astronomers believe that such a small jumper can play an important role in the formation of the galactic Balga, because thanks to them the material of the outer regions is pumped into the internal. However, the relationship between the jumpers and ballgame still unclear, because the jumpers are found not in every spiral galaxy.

ESO 499-G37 lies on the southern edge of the constellation Hydra, that is, at the same time is in the constellation of the Pump. The galaxy was discovered in the late seventies in the course of the joint project of the European southern Observatory and Uppsalla Observatory (Sweden), using the meter Schmidt telescope at the La Silla Observatory (Chile).

The picture obtained in visible and infrared light with a wide-angle channel of the Advanced camera for observations". Image width is approximately 3.4 angular minutes.

Prepared according to NASA.
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