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«Хаббл» сфотографировал странную карликовую галактикуIrregular galaxy NGC 5253, taken space telescope "Hubble", is one of the closest to us famous blue compact dwarf (BCD) of galaxies. To it about 12 million light-years. It is located in the direction of the constellation of the southern hemisphere Centaurus.

This type of galaxies known extremely active star formation. And this despite the low dust content and a comparative lack of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, which usually become the basic ingredients for the formation of the heavenly bodies. In other words, these galaxies contain molecular clouds, very similar to those of which arose the first stars of the Universe " Yes, without dust and heavy elements. Thus, BCD galaxies are a perfect training ground for better understanding of the initial processes of star formation.

In NGC 5253, however, there is a bit of dust and heavy elements. In the galaxy dominates the area of intensive birth of stars: image it is inscribed in an ellipse and has a reddish hue. Central district (blue) rich hot young stars gathered in clusters. About active star formation indicates a weak and diffuse glow of ionized oxygen.

Nature BCD-galaxies remains a mystery. Numerical modeling based on how it describes the formation of galaxies leading cosmological model ?CDM, says that on the orbit of large galaxies (like the milky Way) should be greater dwarf satellites, than it really is.

NGC 5253 considered part of the group to which belong the famous radio galaxy Centaurus a and spiral galaxy M 83. Perhaps, the strangeness of NGC 5253 was the result of rapprochement with the latter.

The image obtained with the Advanced camera for observations in the optical and infrared parts of the spectrum. The image size is about 3.4 x 3,4 angular minutes.

Prepared according to NASA.
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