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Число могущества - тринадцатьStudy: what is the fear of the number 13 ? A lot of secrets hidden from mankind. One of them has the value of numbers. It's time to learn now the true value of such numbers as "thirteen". Moreover, soon many will begin to wonder: "that came to 2013, " what means this date, how to perceive it?" All depends on the person, in this and many other questions that arise in our lives. The answers will be able to find themselves, after reading this information.

Since ancient times it was known that the number 13 is a special success, a positive effect on human life. Knew about this a few. Therefore, so as not all "enjoyed" this wonderful and come up with is that this number like "bad". Actually this number is divine. But like a lot of the divine elements and symbols, used for their own purposes representatives of the dark forces, the so-called. "the Illuminati", the dark of the bed, those that had covered from the people of knowledge.

At the same time distorting it (an example of which is now ongoing, and until now, the discrediting of the Divine character: the Pyramids, the divine Pentagram, "the star of David", all-seeing Eyes of Christ, Kolovrat (Fache - Swasti), cross, and others). But now we will focus only on the number "thirteen", as unjustly named even such debogimi names like ' " a dozen or similar. That is, everything was distorted "reverse".

But, in fact they say "God the Trinity", the Triune God, that is: a Single - there are Three. The same numbers 1 and 3. How, then think seriously to take suggestions dark to count the number thirteen "bad"? Obviously, because of the ignorance. Didn't know how to really, and therefore believe the lie of the forces of Darkness. Just discouraged, intimidated. And fear, as you know, the biggest "hub attention" on the object of that fear.

By the way, this is based and action superstition (vain allegedly "faith"). Man does not know, but he is afraid "as if something happens..." - and because "just in case" decides, for example: do not go the road, crossed the black cat; or afraid to work in a holiday; etc. But this is a poor solution - as it plunges a man in an increasing number neponimaniya, accumulated by him "framework" and fear. As hostile invisible creatures that are just waiting to strengthen his fears. To organize a seemingly evidence, "trouble" for those who have such influence exists. To the true faith in man would be replaced by superstition.

So, in the end, instead of the Godhead superstitious person ...only imagined something as like "God" (for example, Patriarchal allegedly "old God-the-Father"; a kind of "generally accepted", but is not appropriate divine reality "faith", and so on). So, as it turns out, "superstition" - those such a harmless thing considered. Can cost of death, without this faith, which is spiritual knowledge.

However, there is something that absolutely nothing is some prejudice. The same, for example, the seat opposite corner of the table. Because the angle is the hub of energy, which is not always beneficial to the aura, and even "marry in fact will not work"... And like real idea common to the nation.

Thus, it is better really KNOW what to believe only out of fear, selfishness, only speculate.

Here is what is said in a doctrine, and in particular about the calculus 13, discussed in the article.

"...Every letter has its numeric name, vibration, bearing specific information at all levels of its manifestation. The Russian alphabet is the magnetic scattering of the Divine ordinances and values. For example, the name Kiev sovokuplenie the following numbers, respectively: 31 63=13=4. Endlessly much information is embodied in it. "Key" - astral spirit, prana, energy; exactly three and one. Three men in Uniform " is the symbol of Eternal Life, Immortality, God, expressed " the Four". The quarter is the sign of an equilateral cross a Single Mother of Light, the four elements: fire, water, air, earth; the perfect number; perfect balance that contained four sides of the world; the number of form and procedure, etc. Unit - Existent, the principle of Life, the Beginning; the Trinity - the Balance of movement; the Measure of all things. 13 - there are a number of immortality, inscribed in the four"

(Maria DH "Kabbalistic aspect of the Program ' USMALOS ' (Theosophy. Kabbalah)", 9.10.95).

"Each of the Three Persons (Father, Son, Mother,) filled with the Holy Spirit. Three in One - is the Holy Ghost. One in Three is the Holy Spirit that Fills everything.

And also significant that two of the most important Divine Holidays are also consistent with such dates.

Day of Universal Freedom and the Day of Universal LOVE.

Having made some overview information on the Internet, you can discover the following (in this case, is not particularly paying attention to misleading, constantly reprint the same texts based on hearsay and imposed dark "horror stories"). Because, the truth still remains know it.

"In ancient times the number was considered the number of the Holy spirit is the Mother, and moreover, unfolded Trihypostatic (1 to 3 and 3-in-1 - is the absolute Consciousness), 3+1=4 (Harmony of the Spheres, the Unity of all parts of the world).

...In European civilization, and in North America it is considered as if unhappy. However, there is a different attitude among the ". Many consider him to be a symbol of power, strength.

Therefore, the attitude was always special, it was considered to be either unhappy or, on the contrary, bringing luck. In the divine Pantheon of ancient Greece to the main God Zeus obeyed 12 other gods, just turned thirteen.

Christ and all His 12 apostles, was a manifestation of divine power in the world.

Sophia Cathedral was built as with 13 domes. For Christians, the number of "13" is also associated with the Virgin Mary, one of the missions of which is to bruise the head of Satan (Genesis 3:15"and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and between her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel").

The number thirteen, going after 12 (after completion of the previous dozen, as completeness, fullness certain level), represents the transition to the highest level. The revival, while transforming into a higher order of fields (in terms of time, and in the development of walking the path of Evolution).

No wonder, Tarot Cards, a map meant the end of the old life, that is the beginning, the continuation of already on a higher level. It is dedicated. And only later, with the loss of knowledge, ignorant people began to fear the unknown. In fact, denying the necessary spiritual transition from still imperfect life to the Light.

So, actually, who avoids the number 13, he deprives himself of the higher decelerated in evolution. And naturally, because of this sometimes gets and "a cap", for violation of the true knowledge, the evolutionary laws (being, in this case, provoked dark on the work of harm to yourself). It is therefore important to be free from worldly things, not to assume, but to know.

Thirteenth hour simultaneously is the first that symbolizes the end of one day and the beginning of a new and is a symbol of cyclic process - "death-rebirth". The number 13 is not afraid in China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea and Saudi Arabia. In three of these countries confirmed the presence of other related numbers superstitions. And in two - Italy and China traditional love for the number 13. In Chinese, 13 indicated by the phrase that sounds like "must succeed". In Hong Kong the subscribers of mobile networks often asked to give them the room number 13. Because it brings good luck.

The list can be long: in China it is the sacred number. And was worshipped in ancient Aztec and Mayan. They believed that the figure "13" somehow connected with heaven. In the Indian Pantheon is 13 Buddhas. The same mystical disks on Chinese and Indian pagodas. Kabbalah considers the number 13 is particularly favorable. And according to the modern method of divination by Chinese "Book of changes", the hexagram, the components of the number 13, indicate that all is well and things are going smoothly. This is great number of favorable and divine. And on the contrary, it had become known, even preferred, before others.

WHY such a discrepancy with practice? Who came up with superstitions about the number 13? As already mentioned, those who knew the power, the power of this number, and don't want others possessed such knowledge, concealed. Prudent misinformed. We know who these "secret villains" is no secret that this is a "secret government", a bunch of controlled dark beings representatives of financial and oligarchic "elite". They are interested, to shut the value of the number 13, to use force only in their own interests, at the same time trying in every way to discredit...

And because people basically always ignorant, because of their influence, it was easy to do.

The same, for example, the terrible defeat of the knights Templar, was appointed on 13 number 1307, on Friday. And this was done in full view of the whole of Europe. The date is remembered and became somewhat daunting (it's like that now Microsoft with all affiliates in the world to destroy). About that historians described like this: "...Another sad event occurred in France 13th of October 1307 yearand when the French king Philip IV decided to deal with the knights Templar, which in those days received tremendous power and creates potential danger to the power of the king. Alive at the stake was burned, the leader of the knights Templar. Since then, the date 13 Friday, and the number 13 lead to people horror".

And skillfully, and many other rumors to dissolve, the Illuminati in such cases the specialists. Moreover, now in their hands the means of cinema, media, the vast financial power, and everything is done according to plan.

Scottish historian Handerson spent a lot of works on the search for the origins of horror stories. And she managed to find out that for the first time "doom Friday, the 13th" is mentioned on the pages of the magazine Notes and Queries, in 1913. Well, finally, this character is supposedly all misfortunes came in modern pop culture with the release of the famous horror film "Friday, the 13th" in 1980-ies. Etc., such "remakes" of the story was from that time many. A list of films, printed novels.

Misinformation was made according to all laws of military strategy. In the dark has ensured that we now have. Only some people know and believe that this is a lucky number. Other dark kept in ignorance. And, as a consequence, the fears. In the "civilized" countries comes to the obvious absurdity: none 13th non houses, apartments, ranks in the passenger aircraft, the floors in buildings, number plates of vehicles, etc. to list all would take up much space, but this is related, so to say ...to the category tragic humor imposed dark life in the lameness of consciousness; it is triskaidekaphobia - phobia, the fear of that number that has already towards earthly medicine madness, but also to the economy: because annually lose billions of dollars because of downtime and other problems imposed).

"...In a modern society with a developed economy, the problem of Friday the 13th of mystical can turn into quite tangible economic problem. People, in one way or another subject "paraskevidekatriaphobia", trying in such days as to decrease their activity that, according to some estimates, only in the US economy leads to loss of 800-900 million dollars in each of these days".

Before we go on about the virtues of a number. Because, it is useful for all now know.

Wise people Maya used "tzolk'in" or "tonalitati" - system of the account, based on the numbers 20 and 13. In the Mayan calendar, they believed the time cycles of the 13 baklunov (13*144 000 days). The number 13 was considered sacred and very favorable. In the Mayan calendar is 13 months. Also, Maya was the thirteenth sign of the zodiac - sleneset.

Kabbalah says thirteen heavenly fountains, thirteen gate of mercy, and thirteen rivers balm that the godly will find in Paradise.

In America it is believed that 13 means the number of original United States. The number 13 presents the elements of the coat of arms of the United States: over the head of an eagle there is a star, composed of thirteen stars. In addition, in his left leg eagle holds thirteen arrows on the right - the olive branch with thirteen leaves and thirteen berries. Even the motto "E pluribus unum" ("out Of many - one") contains 13 characters. Red and white stripes on the US flag in the sum of thirteen.

The symbolism of the " is present in many of the drawings of one-dollar bills. The founders of the American Union knew a lot about the science of numerology. And their success is evident, USA today "superpower" (created country masons who need it as an opportunity to have a full impact on the others). They obviously used the stolen once knowledge.

Obviously, since the substitution of the true Priests of the sacred Egyptian civilization - servants "evil God Seth", "Amon" (this reptiloids clan, controlled by Satan mutants). Since the knowledge was in the hand of the dark. As to the truth-seeking people were deprived of these, all the necessary knowledge. But this position is not eternal. Truth will prevail. And people in the new Sixth Race consciousness that will populate Transformed the planet after the Quantum Leap, will be truly wise men.

In numerology, the number 13 symbolizes not only the beginning of a new cycle and a break with the past, but the destruction of illusions, look the truth in the eyes.

XIII the Arcana of the Tarot - card represents a complete break with the past; the end of your life, what she is. The map can be interpreted as a rejection of old ideals, from the previous action, the transition from one mode of existence to another. This is the harvest: you sowed his seed, it come up and it was time to reap the fruits. You get what you have learned, and continue to the next higher (if studied properly) level of existence. Now you will begin a completely different, new life, which could not imagine before.

Great Clovis (king of the Franks, 466-511 A.D. the) gave marry Her thirteen denier (ancient coin) "fortunately". On the Miraculous Medal (the medal presented to all visitors a place of pilgrimage to the Holy Catholic Church, connected with the name of the virgin Mary), the letter M, indicating Mary is of the Holy cross of Jesus Christ, which is associated with the number 13. Note that the letter M is the thirteenth in the Latin alphabet. The Aztecs number 13 was associated with the concept of time, namely, heralded the end of time cycle.

As once said by the great Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev: "Be careful with the number thirteen. She carries a lot of surprises!". In the context of modern dark distorted mentality "expectations" is what counts as a "bad". The unexpected is that it really well.

In some ancient records of the famous adherents says, "He who penetrated into the meaning of the number 13 has the keys might and dominion".

Jesus was the thirteenth of participants of the last supper together with the 12 apostles. The very name of Jesus in Greek is written 13 letters.

In the Christian tradition the number thirteen is the number of the Universe, which is symbolized by ten and Trinity

The Japanese, Koreans and Chinese, they generally revered 13 for a lucky number, often arranging a wedding that day.

In the North, in a harsh world Norse gods, incredibly popular goddess of the kind of vans - Freya. She was able to penetrate into other worlds and runes owned long before they got One. Now, about this sorceress all knew: thirteen - her number, and Friday is her day.

According to other data, faith in "Friday, 13" owes its origin to the exchange player Thomas Lawson, who wrote in 1907, your sole and now deservedly forgotten novel under the title "Friday the thirteenth". The work now is not mentioned, but at that time it was very popular, and the title picked up by the media (by the way, since that time, as you know, we buy the Rothschild banking clan reptilian of the Illuminati, i.e. those who hate mankind Satanists, they are the basis of the "world government").

Oh, and around the world omen smashed famous mentioned already, the film Sean Cunningham "Friday the 13th". The Director admitted that the name, which replaced the old, working, already at the end of filming, was one of the decisive success factors. Clearly not done all of this without the evil one. So black Friday stepped into the 20th century. Soon the idea "popularization of black Friday" said the creators of computer viruses. The first was "Jerusalem" (Time"), attacked on Friday 13.05.1988, millions of computers worldwide. It was followed by hundreds of other viruses. Quite in the style of the figures "world government"eating and encourage what is profitable for them.

Thus, researchers believe omen "13" and Friday the 13th relatively recent phenomenon created somewhere on the boundary of XIX-XX centuries from different superstitions, and not random inspiration when creating the famous heroes "conspiracy theory" best mass public". A lot of things in this world is done purposefully against the people, some hostile forces.

We can even observe the dynamics of how superstitions eyes occurred in the society. A well-known fact that English is the so-called. "The dictionary expression and winged words" Brever, published in 1889, did not have any specific article on Friday, 13th.

Paradoxically, while everywhere people born 13th numbers are considered lucky. They always achieve their goals and rarely exposed to the blows of fate. It is obvious that they take the number 13 as good.

It was thirteen directed to the cleansing fire of internal space and the acquisition of greater stability in a world of chaos. Only when a person ignores the value of the number 13 and strives to live still, it increases the chaos and this affects its future relations between people. Often these people 13 the number of breakdowns and accidents and accidents that warn about the accumulation of destructive energy. If you are 13 the number is relatively quiet and you did not cause concern, can be calm. This means that you live right.

The rest of the people have awarded the 13th number of ill fame and live under the slogan: "invented, are afraid".

But not all countries are afraid of 13-th. As they say, "everyone has his own horror story". The Chinese "silent horror" causes the number 4 because one of the most common dialect of the Chinese language figure our" consonant with the word "death". Even a phone number, containing the figure 4, in China sell with a big discount. House numbers with this figure - it is a problem for realtors to sell this house is incredibly difficult. Scares the Chinese and the number is 14 . And, as already mentioned, the number 13 in China, by contrast happy. IN ANDwaist unlucky day is Friday 17-E.

In Japan, Korea, China even the disease spread tetraphobia - fear of fours. Its reason is in Chinese letters. The fact that the characters denoting figure "4" and the word "death"in the Chinese language surprisingly coincide. That's why you rarely will meet on 4-th floor in a hospital or hotel.

The Japanese and Koreans borrowed from the Chinese written language, and with it the fear of four. But is it the destiny of Asian subordinate to other laws than the fate of the Europeans? Certainly Indian, Chinese or Japanese will be able to remember how the number 13 is a positive impact on his fate, and 4 brought trouble or at least trouble. Logically, this proves that the perception of these fears is entirely subjective.

In Indian legends among the 13 have magic is, for the ancient Egyptians and Mayan the number 13 was carrying the favor of the gods.

In Russia the number 13 meant a new, a new life.

In the XIX century, the world was called the number 13 "Baker's dozen" (and not "devil"). It turns out that there used to add free 13th bun, if someone ordered a dozen (because of the severity of the then laws penalizing kit buyers, so selling tried to ensure that there are no errors from the possible shrinkage of bakery products during their manufacture).

It is interesting that neither Pythagoras, nor its predecessors, if "devil" dozens feared not, on the contrary, considered the number 13 has creative power. Modern numerology believe that hostility among 13 - foolish superstition.

The Rosicrucian path from man to God also went through thirteen of bestowal.

Recently in Russia, many people believe 13, on the contrary, your lucky number, and by popularity it competes with the numbers 7 and 5. As they say, "the brave deserve the fair"perceiving positive peace to the people all good, especially the really strong and healthy. That is the given number.

13 is numerologically the number of manifestations of a Single (point appears in the Trinity, forming together the Tetragrammaton). Is not that unhappy and completely back, favorable number whose value is difficult enough and large. The main thing - conscious attitude deprived ignorant of fears and prejudices, i.e. all that the majority are trying to impose dark.

So you can know another meaning it was said long ago, in the sense of freedom from the evil of restrictions blocking the way for man to salvation and Enlightenment, Transformation, - "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free".

Knowledge is given to the people, and the choice for them.
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