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Проснись сам и разбуди другихProbably not left on the Earth the man who would not know about the fateful date of December 21, 2012. Think of all we have heard about it! The end of the world, the third world, the attack of the alien, the world's energy crisis. We are frightened by TV, Newspapers and magazines, Internet articles on the websites of all directions. Modern humans probably been looking for the answer to this question: what will it be, really??? We will try to answer it.

2012 is not just a change eons. This is an epochal event, and you can proceed to mankind on qualitatively new stage of development. Not man-made, but, first of all, the spiritual. No end of the world, contrary to the opinion of some scientists and false prophets, will not. But what is happening at this moment on Earth can cause a shock in the minds of the unprepared person. Currently gaining momentum, the process of transition of our planet to the next level of the evolutionary spiral, into a New Era, in New conditions of Existence.
December 21, 2012 will be the first Peak of the Quantum transition, after which the world will never be the same. But before I explain the essence of the Transition process, will make a small digression and consider some things that are necessary for a better understanding of this phenomenon.


Man was created by the Creator of everything, as His own likeness to get invaluable experience of development. Incarnating and living on the Earth, the soul through endless lives had collected the Wisdom, which in future will allow them to rise and to stand on equal footing with their Founding Father. Self-improvement is the goal of everyone living on the Earth. According to the plans of the Creator, man was to live in harmony with the planet, to take care of nature, animals, to honour and love their loved ones. His life should be full of good energies of Love, the most powerful of all energies in the Universe.


The soul is the "core"basis, which carries information about all lived by people lives, includes all the accumulated experience and knowledge. The soul cannot be seen, because it belongs to the so-called Thin world. Souls incarnate (birth) and Rosvodresursy (death) on the Earth continually. But dies only a biological membrane, which "was released shelf life", because the Soul is immortal. After some time the Soul incarnates again. So all we have lived for hundreds of lives on the planet. Why do we not remember anything about past lives? This memory is blocked at birth. This is done so that the Soul could live a new life from scratch. Whatever your past life experience - good or bad - old memories and habits will hinder the development of a new identity. And the purpose of any Soul - continuous training, development, self-improvement. Mature Souls have in their baggage" huge experience of past lives as successful, and not so.


Contrary to the image that for many centuries imposed on us all religions, the Creator is not any single person sitting on the "Sky" and punish misconduct. No! The Creator is great, the absolute, the Essence of all existence, which is also Creation. Take a look around! Air, water, trees, animals, people - everything is him. We all Its particles. Particles of one Whole. How can the Creator to punish us? No. We punish ourselves.
The thirst for money, fraud for profit, lies, corruption, aggression, selfishness - and this is not a complete list of our vices. Releasing negative energy in space, people are attracted to itself so called negative karma. Karma is the immutable law of the Universe. Its essence is simple: every one who did the wrong, gets evil ago. Most often in much larger sizes. Not the Creator punishes us! We ourselves create our own bad karma.
Nobody there, "sitting "on the top", not decide whom to punish and whom not. The law of Karma is the same for all. So instead of cry, "Lord, what for?", it is better to think. What is happening to you, is mostly a matter of your own hands.


Already for anybody not news that there is a so-called "shadow government of the Earth." It is called differently, but the essence remains the same. It's a bunch of people who think they can dispose of the fate of billions of souls at their discretion. Thanks to them were provoked all military conflicts, crises, thanks to them we have a constant growth of prices, deteriorating living conditions, abundant corruption, the abundance of all kinds of sects and religions, the cultivation of money, filth and depravity. Their plan is simple - to destabilize the situation in the world so that eventually create a New World Order in which they will be able to flatter their Pride unlimited power over their own kind, making some of these people almost his servants, and the majority of the population of the planet to eliminate useless ("the concept of the Golden billion").
All conflicts are developed and implemented them. After all disjointed and fragmented by the people it is much easier to manipulate. As people kill each other for the false slogans, "elite" imperceptibly in the execution of his criminal plan.
Did you know that even in the nineteenth century was opened Free Energy, the resource of which the inexhaustible? We already 100 years could go by cars, not consume gasoline, could not save electricity in fear to get then a huge expense, not to use batteries and accumulators. All of this is kept secret, concealed and suppressed "elite". Is unprofitable to introduce new technologies into life, because then people will cease to be dependent on power resources and by them will become impossible to manage.
Many talented inventors were hidden, and their inventors eliminated or mocked the "official science".
And now let's think this. The sins of the "shadow elite" humanity, of course, great. But should we blame all their troubles, misfortunes and vices only on their actions? The answer is NO! Each of us also has a great responsibility for all your actions. Can a handful of people to make billions of others to do something by force? People of Earth voluntarily gave in to sweet talk about wealth and power, abandoning the path of Spiritual Perfection for the sake of his arrogance and pride.
Every day we think about how to get more money, more expensive car, a bigger apartment, more fame. In pursuit of carnal pleasures we totally forgot about spirituality and about my mission to be in Harmony with the Creator.
Cultivating rudeness, violence, aggression, we make only one disharmony in space, thus creating a lot of bad karma, which is then poured on us diseases, failures, disasters. Thus we ourselves, not wanting to implement the plan "elite". And this no one can blame but ourselves.


However, did you know that one and only flares of class X can bring all appliances on Earth in an instant? That will begin in a world where there will be communications, lighting, transport? Correct: there will come a complete collapse and chaos. Just a few weeks humanity will return to a state close to the stone age.
People will start to kill each other for food, to establish their rule, to make war with the neighbors of the territory. Shaky comfort system will collapse like a house of cards. We went false by technocracy, sacrificing our spirituality. We forgot that Spirituality is distinguished person-reasonable from an animal.
All "fantastic" human capacity - telepathy, telekinesis, and many others - in fact quite real. In man, as a miniature copy of the Creator, huge potential. We can create by thought the whole worlds, to travel in the blink of an eye on other planets! But while that person uses only 5% of his brain. Why is it so?
Imagine the situation of 10 random people in the world suddenly got superpowers. In your opinion, how many of them are using their gift to good purpose and how much - for personal gain? You probably already have the answer to this question.
Our spirituality is far too low to take responsibility for such opportunities.
Because we focus on technical progress, forgetting that the person himself has an unlimited number of times greater potential than the most advanced technique that exists on Earth.


According to the plan of the Creator, in 2012, our planet, and with it, all of us, will begin the ascent to a higher stage of evolution of the three-dimensional measurement in four-dimensional. This Transition is necessary that we continued developing at a qualitatively new level. To make the Transition to our planet now sent Ray Photon Energy, invisible yet for our eyes, but very powerful. It will reach its peak on December 21, 2012. This Ray of Light carries a positive charge. This beam, it is often called in esoterics, Spatial Fire should clean out all the negative accumulated over millennia incarnations of souls on the planet. That is all that will not resonate with the Beam will be destroyed. And now food for thought.
We "vyvalivaet" in space every day a fantastic amount of negative energy coming from our impure thoughts and negative emotions. All this gagosti accumulates around the planet in a huge informational layer, which is becoming more every day. Of course, this does not resonate with the Fire of space. Because of this, our planet is already shaking almost every day, Wake volcanoes, there are tornadoes and hurricanes. If you look at the statistics of earthquakes, we can see a clear tendency to increase both the quantity and force of tremors. This is because the effect of the Spatial Fire increases from year to year. And at the moment he had almost reached a first peak, and earthquakes occur every (!) day, in dozens of locations around the globe.
Of course, the us is also holding back. "Elite" still entertains the illusion that could redraw the map of the world in its sole discretion. But their plans were not fated to come true.


All people are now exposed to space Fire. If a man carries a positive charge, i.e. does not generate negative emotions, for example, does not think about how someone to cheat or hurt, does good deeds, able to forgive such a person resonates with the divine power and feels well.
Worse for those who carries a negative charge, causing pain and suffering to others, deceiving, willfully depriving life by violence and aggression. Energy of such people is absolutely not resonate with Fire, and as a result these people are starting to feel more different kinds of ailments. Not helping any pills or surgery.
Very negative people upon occurrence of the Peak Quantum transition December 21, 2012 may simply flare up and burn the face of the inconsistency of its internal energy Energy space Fire. From it will not save any underground base or high-tech bunkers. Because the Spatial Fire penetrates the earth plane through. In a sense, the action of the Fire can be called so, as it is called in the Bible is the last Judgment.
But people light and good nothing to fear. High probability that some of them are already on December 21, 2012 the time comes, which is called the Rapture. However, this Ascension is not through death, as was before, but with the preservation of his physical body and memory of all the incarnations and lived lives. Such people go into the 4th dimension, and they will be available to unprecedented opportunities. These people will be the first who will be part of the new, 6-th race. In harmony with the Creator, they will start on the Earth in a New Era - the Era of the divine Love and the higher Spiritual Development.
All the rest will be given a little time (about six years) in order to decide whether they want to continue their education in higher dimensions or not. People choose the Light, will be all the greater in a new dimension when you are ready. They will also form the basis of a newborn 6th race. The bodies of those who are taken externally will remain the same, but will change completely atomic structure. Actually it will be sealed astral body.
Perhaps you have noticed recently that not enough sleep, even if you sleep more than 8 hours?
Perhaps appeared symptoms such as chronic fatigue. Here and there you experience sudden pain, aggravated different diseases and medications do not help, and the doctors shrug their shoulders in bewilderment. Do not be afraid. Just the atomic structure of your body has already started restructuring under the influence of Spatial Fire. All the energy and karmic "clamps" your body "bust", and you repeatedly cleared.
Those people who will not be able to make a choice between light and darkness, die physically, and will be implemented on a different planet to re-pass multi-millennial cycle of evolution. In fact, the souls of such people will be "LEFT IN the SECOND YEAR FOR academic FAILURE," they will have to go through the entire school from the very beginning.
No need to blame those people for their choice, for the person had the right of Free Will. If they choose not to, then his Soul is not yet ripe for study in higher dimensions.
You must remember that sooner or later all the Souls ascend to the Light. In any case, what is happening on the planet after December 21, can cause panic and shock for the unprepared mind. People can start to see different inexplicable, in their opinion, things, because mass disclosure of the "third eye" will inevitably lead to vision and feeling unusual for us the Subtle world. It would be better if more people will be prepared to this phenomenon in advance.
While it is beyond our comprehension to understand how the world would look in the 4th dimension. But one thing is certain for those who will move together with the Earth in the 4th dimension, it will be the Paradise on Earth. All negative energy is forever gone. Will disappear diseases, parasites, pollution, war, money. People will start to live in harmony with Nature, animals and each other. Love is everywhere, and it will fill all around. Everyone will be able to Express themselves in what he wants. The new Earth will be infinite ground for Creativity.
Do you want to be among these people? If Yes, then start working on them right now! Because time is almost gone. Learn to love others. Love is the greatest of energy on which our universe works. Where there is Love - there is a Light. Forgive others their mistakes and shortcomings. They are people, too, just like you. To live without errors, it is impossible, it is part of our experience. You will be much easier to live without insults and evil in the heart. Do not generate negative energy. Remember, our planet is very hard from this, especially now, on the eve of the Transition. Control your anger, irritation, dirty and filthy thoughts. I caught myself on something, mentally ask for forgiveness. Send Earth impulse of Love. Remember, images are implemented. Your smile and good mood can stop a hurricane somewhere on the other side of the planet. Refrain from pride. This is the greatest of sins. Subject pride people are unable to perceive adequately surrounding validity. No need to think themselves better than others, it is a sure path to self-destruction of the personality.
Remember, we all came from the same source. We all have the same capacity, limited only within the dense plane, in which dwell. Avoid drinking alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. You will not be able to exist in the flow of positive energy, "underestimating" themselves by drinking and Smoking.
The effects of alcohol, tobacco and drug use in the New world will become tantamount poison. Therefore, start to grow out now. 't get attached to money. Remember, they are only created with the purpose to control you. Of course, now they are necessary for survival, but still try not to think about them all the time. In the New World you will not take material wealth, it will be unnecessary. Much more important will be your spiritual experience.
Refuse meat of large animals. The whole being of the animal, which lead to the slaughter, imbued with the energy of fear and despair. These negative energies remain in meat and after the death of the animal. Eating it, man carries the negative throughout the body. The result is illness, depression, aggressiveness. Ideally, it is better to switch to vegetarian food.
Do not blame anyone for their problems. Anyway, remember that random events in life do not happen. We attracted the fact that we have worked out your karma. Therefore, the root cause any trouble or illness seek, first of all, yourself. The best way not to attract unwanted - work on them. Do good deeds and help people that do not generate negative emotions, don't Harbor evil, know how to recognize their error. The result will not keep you waiting!
Before December 21, 2012 is only a few days! Wake up themselves and help to awaken from the sleep of illusion to his family, friends, colleagues, and just people.

Message Lifted Up Lords

07.10.12 message from the Lord Maitreya
I AM the Lord Maitreya. Today I am with you, my beloved people! Today, we give you an explanation and configuration to future events.
You all expect a New entry in the world, but instantly him not to go. Required to pass the barrier of the transition period, transition event of a change of worlds. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly through the radical transformation of his physical body, like this transformation, and you have to go through the transition from one world to another.
Events will affect everything and everyone. Without this it is impossible to come to the New world. And once you make this transition in a unique way - in full consciousness and monitoring its changes and changes visible to you the world, the state of mind plays an important role. It determines the depth and rapidity of change. You can smooth, delay or Vice versa to speed up and to tighten....
Take, first of all, yourself under control, my emotions and behavior. Show awareness occurring in any situations. There are no coincidences. Everything is connected in a chain of Karmic Law. And if you already understand, and act not in the abstract, if the Law somewhere in itself, and your life is in itself. This Law and manifests the events in your life - you are an element in its manifestation.
Understanding and accepting this, you will easily transfer any tests, and whatever future events would be in its manifestation, all you have to pass them with flying colors.
I AM the Lord Maitreya. Ohm.

07.10.12 Message from the Lord, Surya
I AM the Lord Surya! Hello, earthlings!
...Ends the cycle of development of the Galaxy in this density, it should continue its evolution, its development already on the next level. The land is included in the Galaxy, also moving to a new level. The uniqueness of the transition of the Earth at this time is preservation of the living intelligences, moving them with a Space in its full consciousness, with all the feelings and observations.
Many interesting your experience such a transition. All pritalina watching you. Be worthy of trust and support that you are. All controlled by the Creator Himself. This is His experiment and nothing terrible can't happen.
Follow certain forces to pass the script to change your busy world - Quantum transition. Everything will happen in the best way, look and remember, get this priceless experience that will be useful later in similar situations. Stay calm and understanding.
I AM the Lord Surya. Ohm.

Dictation Creator transmitted through LI Maslova

18. Quantum transition is associated with the great Cycles of TRANSFORMATION of Space that is inherent in the EVOLUTION of outer Space and which reaches its peak (TRANSFIGURATION) every 26000 years!
(24.10.10. "The Co-Knowledge")
12. The essence of Quantum transition is not in the "end of the world" and not in the natural disasters that at transition from one to another Monad also inevitable, and in the scheduled stage of the Eternal EVOLUTION (IMPROVEMENT), and thus changing the RHYTHM, not only at the global level, but in all
The solar system.
(28.08.11. "The enlightenment comes not at once")
30. Remember that on the EVE of the people still have a chance to think a little about the meaning or purpose of life, but today is the last pause before the peak of the Quantum transition, changing Space beyond recognition and open the way to a New religion Uniform God for all Nations of the Planet Earth!
(22.05.12. "On the EVE")
9. Once again I have to repeat that in a PERFECT world cannot be even the slightest sign of imperfection. Therefore transformation of Space, or Quantum transition, is essentially a manifestation of the PROVIDENCE of the Creator, harmonizing multi-level Space and outputs
humanity is on another "orbit" of the relationship and Love not only between people but also between people (particles of Creator) and the Absolute!
(05.06.12. "Half way to the Light")
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