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В этом году к Земле приблизится суперкометаAccording to the statement Daily Mail, earthlings will be able to observe in the sky, the brightest comet of the first half of the XXI century already this year. Rare supercomet rushing to the Sun from the outer part of the Solar system. Astronomers promise that at its peak of supercomet can outshine the moon even during the day and surpass the brightness of the famous comet Hale-BOPP, which was flying over in 1997.

Until a new comet has no own and registered as C/2012 S1 (ISON). After its opening and description belongs to Belarusian and Russian astronomers-fans - Vitaly Nevsky and Artem Novichenko.

In August 2013, the comet will be visible in a telescope. And since October - in binoculars. Naked-eye comet will be visible in November, and are rather close to the Ground she will fly up on 26-29 November. Moreover, during the minimum distance from the Sun, it can have a luminosity that is comparable to the luminosity of the full moon, and according to some information - even surpassing the moon. This means that the comet will be visible even during the day.

However, scientists do not exclude that, having acquainted with the Sun, the comet could simply evaporate. In their opinion, the comet will likely contain volatile gases from the outer part of the Solar system.
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