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Не одни во Вселенной. Вокруг каждой шестой звезды вращается планета, похожая на ЗемлюStatistical analysis of the telescope "Kepler" has shown that approximately every sixth star in surveyed the Universe has in his system Earth-like exoplanet. About it at conference of the American astronomical society said Francois Fresson of the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics and publication is accepted for publication in the journal the Astrophysical Journal.

The search for exoplanets using space Observatory "Kepler" has been held transit method. It implies the analysis of the luminosity of a star: if the brightness periodically falls, it can mean the overlap star light revolving around her planet. Detected "Kepler" candidates for exoplanets then tested using ground-based telescopes, "Lenta.ru".

Larger, rotating close to its star exoplanets "Kepler" easier to notice their transit leads to a more significant drop in brightness. This, however, does not mean that smaller, Earth-like planets is actually lower. In order to determine whether certain types of exoplanets actually common in the Universe, scientists had to perform complex statistical analysis "Kepler".

Extrapolating findings, the scientists say that about 17 percent of stars in the Universe have in your system exoplanets size of 0.8 - 1.25 times the size of Earth. They rotate, however, much closer to their stars. A year on them is 85 earth days or less.

About one-fifth of all stars contain supersell with weight up to two masses of the Earth, and only five percent of the stars are owners of the gas giants.

The scientists also found that the type of exoplanets practically does not depend on the type of the star around which they revolve. Planets like Earth could be found in the systems of different stars.

Telescope "Kepler" was launched into orbit in March 2009. For the first 16 months of work he found approximately 2,400 candidates in exoplanets, 105 of them were confirmed by independent groups of scientists.
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