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В теле австронавтов будут "жить" нанороботы-медикиScientists believe that in 5 to 10 years each astronaut will be implanted with special nanorobots doctors who will protect him from possible harmful effects of a long stay in space. First, in terms of cosmic radiation, which is the cause of the abnormal growth of the spine and accelerate the development of Alzheimer's disease.

A couple of years science-fiction writers could only imagine such technology, but at the moment, NASA scientists are already thinking seriously about the possibility of using technologies such as ultra-slim nonoccupant, space nanolight etc. are Also quite a lot of attention paid to developments tiny nanorobots Rovers that could easily navigate the landscape of the planet in search of minerals.

One of the major limiting factors in the work of astronauts is cosmic radiation. Especially dangerous is the radiation caused HZE-particles that can penetrate any surface and hit astronauts. Quite a lot of research and technology was designed to develop the effective mechanism of protection from radiation, but scientists have focused on nanotechnology. This choice is motivated by the prospects of these technologies and high level of technological development.
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