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Цивилизацию майя сгубила засухаThe Mayan civilization, which gave the world a lot of secrets and mysteries, it seems, has lost one of them: scientists have managed to find and to prove the causes of decline of this significant for its time culture. To the question why killed the Maya civilization, scientists now have a precise answer lies in fatal climate change.

"Unusually high rainfall contributed to the growth of food production and population explosion in the period from 450 to 660 years of our era. This led to the flourishing cities such as Tikal, Copan and Caracol, shares details of scientific research Professor of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania the DULAS Kennett. - New climate research showed that over the favorable period was followed by drought over the next four centuries, which decreased the crop. In addition, it could lead to social fragmentation and political crisis".

The peak of the drought was at 1020-1100 years, which at this time has seen a sharp decline in the birth rate, the fall of the influence of the Royal families and the General decline of the Mayan cities.
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