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В декабре - 5 понедельников, 5 воскресений и 5 суббот. Чего ждать?Social network flunked "chain letters that promise quick riches

Social network flunked "chain letters that promise quick riches, if they forward it to friends. The reason for the excitement that this December is unusual. This month we are waiting for the happy coincidence of dates 5 - Monday, 5 Sundays and 5 Saturdays.

The coincidence of these sacred figures happens once in 824 year, says the astrologer Vitaly Osipov. Because five itself is one of the most revered numbers in China, because that brought happiness. According to Chinese numerology, she leads the world to movement, development and change. In a guessing it refers to the figure of the Emperor, the authority, which promises maximum prosperity and career take off.

And according to Feng Shui, three of the five symbolize "money bag". Therefore, it is believed that this month could bring a good profit. It only needs to sew a small pouch of linen cloth and put it in several major bills - thousandth, and better pyatitysyachnyj. The bag you want to carry. And from time to time to submit (preferably during meditation), as the bag is filled with other bills, becoming thicker and thicker.

A good sign, if to consider, that in the end of the year many of us on new year corporate parties expect to receive gifts, premiums and thirteenth salary.
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