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Вселенная - это компьютерная игра сверхцивилизацииPhysics doubted whether our real world? And if it's a matrix, as in the same movie?

How did the universe? Who created it: nature, or still in a powerful being who was called by God? Endlessly whether the universe or he has the edge? And in General - that the universe is: ball, plane or some other geometric shapes?

In search of answers to these absolutely unsolvable until the questions scientists are building hypotheses, one other fantastic. The latest is that we live in a virtual world - has become especially popular.


The reality of our world in doubt not only science fiction. Serious philosopher, recipient of many prestigious awards, Oxford University Professor Nick Bostrom admitted in one of his interviews that "the Matrix" movie made such an impression on him that he is for the month wrote a book titled "We live in a computer simulation?"

The scientist argued that with a probability of 25 percent of our world now is a matrix - a computer simulation of reality. The philosopher was referring to a program that simulates the consciousness of one, a few people, or even all mankind.

Created a simulation of the so-called Posthuman civilization, which consists of descendants of the present people, but internally and externally changed so that they and the people-it is difficult to call, " explained Bostrom.

These versushost scientist believed representatives "true humanity." And endowed with extraordinary features - such as computing, acquired as a result of fusion of the brain with supercomputers.

- Such cyborgs nothing worthwhile to create a virtual world, " said the philosopher. He even suggested, why they did so. To study his own past.

- Our descendants are faced with spaces in its history and decided to fill the emptiness running the game many individuals simulated - us, is enthusiastically building its extraordinary theory Bostrom.

After the publication of the book Bostrom almost a decade. It would seem that crazy fantasies philosopher should be forgotten. So no. On the contrary, physics undertook to prove that the computer svirskoye possible. And our world is just a matrix.


Experts in quantum physics and high energy physics of the Silas Beane, zohre Davoudi and Martin savage from the University of Bonn (Germany) seriously - using physical methods, decided to find confirmation of the fact that we ourselves and visible us a universe is a kind of a virtual model. Because artificial world must somehow be different from this!

- To evaluate the possibility of simulations, we used the laws of quantum chromodynamics and accepted in her calculations, " he explained Silas Bin. - It turned out that the rapid growth of capacity and performance computers will really offer great prospects. After 140 years it will be possible to simulate one cubic meter of any matter, any changes in it. And after 410 years the model can become already the whole universe.

Therefore, according to physics, descendants living in 2422 year, could the virtual to create our present world and specifically 2012 from its beautiful far.

Its crazy the conclusion they even found only one, but very convincing - from their point of view - proof. In the virtual Universe in the spectrum of cosmic rays at certain energies should be observed breakage. And it exists - including mie that people still thought was real.

About the strange cliff tells known in physics theory Grayzena - Zatsepin - Kuzmin. Clear she only to specialists. But for gifted explain that we are talking about high-energy particles, which interact with photons microwave background radiation, at a certain stage somehow lose energy. As if the end. And as if torn...

- Strange coincidence alarming, " said another author's work zohre Davoudi. - It turns out that our universe has an edge. As if we are surrounded by the scenery. What followed is unclear.

By the way, if to recognize that we are indeed living in the matrix and it is not fiction bored scientists, it is easy to explain all of anomalous phenomena that seem strange from the UFO, poltergeists, ghosts and travel to the other world to the quirks of yadernogo decay. All hands is the glitches simulation.

So scientists understand , philosopher Bostrom gives useful advice, not to Svanetia: go on living just the same as before. If our world is real.


Specialist in quantum physics, doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences, Professor Vladimir state University Alexander Alodjants:

"New theory is like another version of modern smartphones"

- Alexander Pavlovich, what do you think about the conclusions of their colleagues?

- Quantum chromodynamics is quite narrow, very mathematical direction of modern physics. Recently, with the advent of powerful computers, in this area of physics, as well as in the related modern cosmology and astrophysics, were really having a lot of computer models. In this respect, a hypothesis of my colleagues is only part of the total number. Such models, of course, provide food for philosophers, theologians, ordinary people. Remember, as with the launch of the Large hadron Collider we were threatened with a takeover of the Earth "black hole". Turned out - it's not all bad. And in this case, the hypothesis of the existence of the matrix I would not count for much.

- What other model invented by scientists?

- Models of the emergence and development of the Universe and education elementary particles are the same as the universe itself. The existence of God, every matrix is nothing more than the same models, but contains an element of faith. Faith in the computing resources of the computer is also faith. The scientific models it is absent, and, as a rule, is replaced by a strict mathematical proof, logic, supported by empirical data consistency.

One of the first scientific models of the 1920-ies - model Friedman, according to which the universe can be collapsibility inside, and the model of Baron Lemaitre (which, incidentally, was a priest), proving that the universe starts with a Big Bang and ends infinite expansion. The modern model is "boring", they have a lot of mathematics, and some "common" sense. And, probably, very soon will come the next model that will take into account in the equation corrections of higher order. This is how the next version of modern smartphones.

- Why physics spend time on this "nonsense"?

- There are scientists who are interested. They are few, and so a company can afford to small handful of researchers satisfy their curiosity at the expense of the state. Moreover, in Europe. And, suddenly, something!

- Do you believe that the Universe who created?

- Actually, the scientists in the world are trying to model or if you want to create astrophysical phenomena and processes in an ordinary laboratory. And I'm no exception.

Svetlana Kuzina
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