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Машина времени - тайна желанияIt is believed that the first to travel in time guessed writer-visionary H.G. wells. However, seven years before wells, in 1881, on the journey back in time to tell the world Edward P. Mitchell in the Novella "Clock that went back". However epochal phrase ime machine" invented yet wells. Since that time the idea to create the machine on which it would be possible to drive into the past and into the future, seized the masses of inventors, but to this day their attempts fail.

Still! After all, no one knows what it is? Those who was opened their secrets, was shocked, as if the saw God. But about them special.

And he is still ahead.

According to the testimony "mashinoved" Vadim Chernobrov assembling a collection of projects mechanisms for exploring uncharted realms Chronos, it has 42 version of the time machine and all the way 940 projects flying saucers! That is, if you think just a little more logical, it turns out that about UFOs we know much more than about time.

Legendary astrophysicist A. Kozyrev, who was one of the first to conduct successful experiments with time, came to the conclusion that the future influences the present. That is, while the future is not "want", this may not be moving to him. Why the future doesn't want visitors, I hope, understand?

What we need to learn about time to access the journey? If time is unknown, paradoxical something is given to everyone, you still try to understand the reason given? Not in order to live in it "from bell to bell". So let us try to understand this together. Because from our relationship with time depends on our future.

Gone with time

Without any machines for centuries people have traveled back in time. However, as a rule, against their will. According to the testimony of the Danish physics Poxa of Haglund, only from 1976 to 2001 is known about 274 cases of spontaneous movements. According to statistics, most often in emporary loops" hit the aircraft. One of the most amazing stories happened to the ship, which disappeared in 1939, making a flight from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in Havana. On the way he suddenly was gone... and in 55 years occurred at the airport in Bogota (Colombia). The specialists, who revealed the door, stood a monstrous picture: in the cabin sat 36 skeletons, before which stood a Cup with another steaming coffee and lay a lit cigarette.

Even more fantastic event occurred in 1994, in waters of the North Atlantic, where the Norwegian fishermen caught... 10-month-old girl with "Titanic". After 82 years after the sinking of the liner! The girl swam bound to lifeline "Titanic". In the archival documents preserved mention that my daughter was 10 months old when she and her mother got on Board the doomed ship.

In the late 80's - early 90-ies of the Hong Kong newspaper "veins are Veins On" told about the fate of the boy Yun Li Chen. It all started with the fact that in 1987 to local psychiatrists came for examination teenager who claimed that came from the past. He spoke good on ancient Chinese language, knew biography long dead celebrities, history of Ancient China, told about the events that were known only to a narrow circle of specialists-historians. Yes and he was dressed in an old fashion. At first, his appearance felt someone's well-trained "provocation" or hype. However historian John Shao decided to check the story of the strange boy. He began studying stored in temples of ancient books and one of them came across a story that exactly fits the story "alien", including date of birth Yun Lee Chen, place names and names of people about whom he spoke. Stunned by his discovery historian decided to get acquainted with the guest from the past. But it's gone. Then annoyed scientist again got down the book. And found a very interesting account of the ancient chronicler. It followed that Yoon Lee Jong gone on for ten years. Then reappeared, but is crazy: claimed to have been in 1987 by Christian chronology, saw great iron birds, cases that reach the clouds and serve people with housing... Recognized as insane and died three weeks after the appearance.

If to collect all known and proven incidents of travel in time, gain a thick book of stories is one dikovina another. Great temptation to tell ten more such episodes, but this does not give us knowledge about the nature of time.

Actually about a conceptual...

On the thorny path of cognizing the essence of time it appeared that there are several types. Real - physical time; perceptual - the way we feel it in everyday life; a conceptual and therefore it is seen as a scientist with their abstract mathematical structures and spatial-temporal relationships; with topological time familiar climbers, fishermen, speleologists. It turns out that some natural objects can make full misinformation in the sense of time. If you go with a fishing rod away from shore, you would think that an hour passed, and in fact Blowjob 3-4. Exploring the depths of the caves in General are losing count of time. May take a day, and speleologists seem - 2-3 hours.

Philosophers believe that the time integral of space and movement, as well as trying to understand the relationship of time and matter, that is, to understand how time really. Physics, thinking of the time, go into the depths of space dimensionality, unified field theory, entropy of the Universe.

A long time ago Augustine, answering the question about the nature of time, said, "I know that this time, not think about it. But it is worth considering - and here I do not know what the time!". Perhaps this is also one of the properties of time?

The gates of time

American and British scientists that conducted in 1995 research in Antarctica, seeing in the sky above the pole swirling gray fog decided that this tornado. But the fog was not moving. Then the researchers launched tied to the rope weather balloon, which was equipped with hardware, recording wind speed, temperature, humidity. When the probe returned to earth, the researchers were surprised to find that the device installed on it, shows on 27 January 1965 - the date the same day, but thirty years ago! This vortex vortex called the passage of time.

A unique testimony of the anomalies of time recorded a video made in 1995 at a chemical plant in Florida. Late at night guard watching on screens outside the plant, saw the work that went to one of the warehouses. Suddenly the whole yard was filled with shimmering white fog, concealing person. Simultaneously flashed monitors, the picture was gone. After a few seconds the image appeared, but no fog or working in the yard was gone. Half an hour later, the screen returns to winked. On them suddenly, a figure "lost" worker: he was standing on all fours. He was vomiting.

Most often, the anomalies of time appear in the form of luminous clouds. Those who gets in them, often receive light burns like the sun. One rainy night Englishman mark Heng-Shol, who was riding on a motorcycle, for half an hour was a temporary funnel. When he finally moved out of it, his leather jacket had warped, as if it had been in the oven microwave. And the Argentinian Seen the paint on the car after a stay in a temporary tornado covered with a network of cracks. Another victim of the vortex time melted and has had it nylon blouse. It is noted, that the person has managed to appear in the temporary funnel appear dizziness, vomiting, weakness, disturbed coordination, shake hands, loss of consciousness occurs.

As for the mechanisms, they go deaf motors, lights go out and watch stay the course.

At first glance it seems incredible that ephemeral, it seems to us that the time could move or rotate people and objects. But from the point of view of quantum physics there is nothing unusual. At the subatomic level, particles, and therefore the matter, which consists of man and all the items in the surrounding us world inherent in the wave properties. So they can participate in the energy processes. Moreover dimensions and weight do not matter. By themselves, these processes do not always occur so that we see them or can register with the help of instruments. These include, and the passage of time.

Modern science believes that everything in our world exists in space and in time. How to exist in space, we more or less imagine.

What does it mean to exist in time?

On this account written many science fiction novels set dozens of films, built on the breathtaking paradoxes of time travel. Annual volume "Oracle" is not enough to describe all the pitfalls and dangers of temporanea - traveler in time. Here and branching worlds, and the splitting of the Universe, and time loop, and an infinite variety of your own twins. "If there are infinitely many worlds, " wrote Frederick brown's novel "What a crazy world", then there should be all the possible combinations of events... Therefore, there's got to be a universe in which Huckleberry Finn is a real person making in exactly what was done in the novel by Mark TWAIN. Moreover, there are infinitely many worlds which Huckleberry Finn contElive all possible variations of that mark TWAIN could get him to do in his novel... and in infinitely many worlds existence conditions are such that we have no words to describe them or energy to mentally imagine them..."

But if we consider time as energy flow, it is quite possible that his smooth flow in some points can be broken. In other words, in the vast river of time here and there arise vortices and "time-winches". In these zones and the time course of changes. This zone anomalies. Them on our planet is abysmal. So in a sense, the earth itself, shared the time machine. Why not? In early 1856, when railroad construction in Nancy (France) workers blew up a huge boulder. From inside the cavity appeared monstrous animal that nemone fluttered his wings, uttered a terrible cry and breathed his last. Apparently, it was a fossil pterodactyl. Cases where boulders somehow turn into Chrono-capsules), there were many. As a rule, the time travellers in them are amphibians.

Time - destiny

... And time is the secret - the riddle of life equivalent

Well it's time to talk about those to whom time opened their secrets. All of them are our contemporaries. And every related an amazing story.

Time is the most important and the most mysterious property of Nature.... Time brings us to the deepest and completely unknown properties of the World, which can hardly foresee the most daring flight of human thought... These words belong to theoretician-cosmologist and astrophysics Nicholas Alexandrovich Kozyreva. A. Solzhenitsyn results of such a case from the life of the scientist: the design of the machine time he took up during his imprisonment in the Gulag. For when calculations he lacked knowledge of some astronomical figures, but where they could find out in prison? And then, for the first time Nikolai Aleksandrovich asked for help to God. After a few days of prayer at the feet Kozyrev fell... field guide! Perhaps it was kind of a joke of a guard, but, anyway, the book was selected too fast... Kozyrev considered time material substance, which actively participates in the events, is an additional source of energy of life, that is the density, and "our psychological feeling empty or substantial time is not only subjective, but also objective physical basis".

His experiments at Pulkovo Observatory confirmed most amazing theoretical research. Watching the stars in the sky, Kozyrev saw "is not a manifestation of destructive forces of Nature and the manifestation of creative power, coming into the World through time".

Woland our time

Roberto Oroscopi Bartini was a person how mysterious, and so universal. In the second volume "Encyclopedia unknown" it is said simply and clearly: aliens controlling the technical development of human civilization. "In combination" he was an Italian Baron, laureate of the Lenin prize, an engineer, a physicist, an aircraft designer. Under his leadership, worked Queens and Lavochkin. And still like it became the prototype of Bulgakov Woland. His apartment was alarmed and shook: one room was painted bright red color - here Bartini absorbed the energy of the cosmos. Another has a ceiling was all in the stars, and on the walls depict the sea with Islands - here Bartini worked. And always when tightly curtained Windows.

Bartini believed that the six-dimensional universe. Three dimensions of space. Three - time. In this situation, as the authors write books about Baron-the stranger, "each of the worlds obey his own laws and conditions, not having the direct relation to our environment. Their occupants can, so that we knew and felt, through us and around us..."
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