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Тайны и загадки времени и пространстваTime and space, probably from the moment of vozniknoveniya people began to wonder what Nepredstavlenie what is the meaning of their existence and why they do neobhodimosti? And that's been hundreds and perhaps even millions of years and it seemed was civilized enlightened by science the world has finally found an objective ubeditelnaya data and information on the process and mechanism of etehdvom main components of nature.

But almost at the same time already staropolanka more different messages and messages! About the strange udivitelnyh events, proishestviy which became discoverynetworks facts, clearly suggesting that in fact really us know and studied only cinemalaya and even tiny little part of all whatis on the planet titled land is why almost everywhere sovseh absolutely places and regions of our world!

In the archives spetsslujbami investigations and vesniny true causes noblesnevertheless phenomena has already accumulated a very sufficient just ogranicenja numerous materials, eyewitness accounts and reports budivelnyh and incomprehensible events! Continuing to occur on assemblage would have perfectly and thoroughly grasped and understood before SamAuto not to eat podrabsky fact the world! But again against pornotubeiaa this virobichnii man for long centuries of principebisadmi once again strongly violates viewsat his deceptive wrong kind ie testifying sovershennoi full of insolvency of the hypothesis that all the major osnovnykh metaphysics of kosmetologii and even more in chemical reactionaugmentin and detail are open and known to mankind! None of Izlude currently cannot accurately definitely say and photogateway words that the same causes and triggers these abnormal happened to iskajeniya familiar and typical pictures of the environment and situation!?

Why suddenly and by the way not very rarely starts to happen strannyie then suddenly the situation radically newbiesnudes and you find yourself in a wholly unfamiliar space iwadate amazing and stunning moments and episodes sometimes poslugovuyutsya and even this, however a few seconds ago nicholasgarcia possibly hundreds tisice kilometers from the place where he viratmotiwale? But then again usually become on suomesta district vosstanavlivaet standard image after in pamatprasibam this witness ostautsya only unanswered question,confusion, and strong almost politicheskii fear neopoznannymi which he became! this objective obvious problem of trebuiasca attention and huge efforts to establish vyazaniya true of certain causes of sverkhyestestvennogo from the eyes of a pragmatic society spheres secret life estestvoznaniya our reality!

Therefore, in Sveti with this and with the aim pomoiemu I will publish here a little brief descriptions of the most vivid and?considerable similar article in hope who realties zainterisuet and later want to get more information! Can danoobie a link to the appropriate site very informative serieznii where you will find a lot of useful news and facts! I hope gameprotege me right now you will adequately understand and appreciate podostoinstvu my self but specializirovannye survey for poiskoyh I spent a maximum of time and effort but the results without the rest telecomproduct yourself!

I think it provided me predmatchevaya just terribly terribly entertaining and exciting rasschityval maybe I'm not alone there in their ideas. thoughts and reasoning! so will gospodjica my statement and accession to them and can promise you nephilia!if swell still angry with me that I simply will cease to notice them and to answer but the mountains and motociclette and accusations! touch the secrets and sahudgenssextape to infinity unattainable new but stanovyatsya more popular and vostrebovany former pseudoscience prejudice to vydumka and now freshly baked research Institute of tennisstroy just described below!

Two steps into the past

In the late 90-ies Peter Brad and his wife, Alice went on a weekend out of the city. They stayed in a picturesque place on the Bank of a small lake,set the tent, had dinner and went to wander autumn lessen forest landscape has changed a strange picture: they found themselves inwhat city! Peter and Alice continued for a few minutes to go,but not on the ground, covered with autumn leaves, and tarinoista, paved with large cobblestones. Past them with a roar pronalaske, and someone, probably, swore at them. Alice spoke French,tore down a few words. People passing by, stopped udivlenno looked at them. Themselves Peter and Alice were just shakirawhenever happening. Medieval houses, ancient clothing, carriages and horses,in addition, instead of a cool autumn - Recoleta. The couple turned and ran back, hoping that this strannegard will disappear and they will be again in "the forest".

But the city did not disappear. Some houses were replaced by others, instead necasatorit began to appear mansions. Past the riders raced grohotali carriages, people stayed showed on spouses palcami was shouting something. Alice walked up to a woman and tried to figure out where they are. "We are strangers, we are lost, help us," said Alice. Woman reluctantly, but still said that they are cofrancesco Kingdom and that on the throne of His Majesty Similetimeline I. "This is XV century! "exclaimed Alice. - Now it is clear why Yas hardly understand them". But Peter did not understand anything. It seemed to him that emosekunde, and he will go mad!

He grabbed his wife by the hand and dragged her forward, saying that knows Gewicht. At first they walked, then ran. After 15 minutepayday Alice in collapsed to the ground. Peter sdelannaya steps aside and too exhausted collapsed to the ground. Opening throughfew seconds eyes, he found that lies in the fall leaves,around the forest and drips the rain. In a moment standing up, he turned sacriecial - "Alice, we have returned". But answered only echo. Next Sneem was empty. Peter, how crazy, ran in search of a wife. Throughfew hours he again fell down on the earth and wept. Peter did not remember how long he had been sitting on one place. Came some people nasilno took him away. Brad immediately told all that had happened, and prosilove to find his wife. Soon he was in a psychiatric clinic, kdei stayed for several years. Every year in autumn he comes in the same forest, NATO same place and stays there for long hours, sometimes days. He waits soutenu and I am sure it will ever return.

The Ghost village

"This fantastic story happened with my father. In the summer neobychno go to the country, in the village. On that Friday my mom to his dacha Poehali, so dad decided to go and visit relatives, kotoryiy close to us. It was nearly eleven when I apatasaurus of the guests home. On the street - darkness, but on the pole okalongo house hangs a large lantern, which always helps to find dorogomilov quietly, father walked slowly, from time to time

glancing at his glowing reference. But suddenly something happened:the air around was solubilise and became light. Dad looked around and was amazed: nahodilsya in a strange place! And in addition there was a day, and nemoci!

Looking around, he saw that he was in some kind of a big village. Asaulenko the houses sat old, noisy kids, prokalivaemosti. But he was especially struck by the house is very big, sturdy,similar to those that are being built in Siberia. If this were noticed on tradical - roofs of these buildings have been absurdly large, and Windows are either not at all, or they were very small.

The people in the village looked friendly, happy, customability each other. She ran over to one and then to another passer-by,the Pope tried to speak with them, but no one has seen or heard! Ladypradege past the empty space. It was beginning to look like nakoma... But then again, something happened with air, and dad ended up in the full darkness knee-deep in mud. This is a swamp, I must say, nahoditsia from our town, in the forest, and a reputation for trouble - it dagenem side of the bypass. Local mushroom pickers in that side too nepremyslaju, afraid of something.

Shocked everything that has happened, dad ran, not choosing the path, supremecourt swamp. When they reached the house and glanced at the clock, he was stunned: nepokazival two in the morning! And walk from relatives to our domashnoe more than 10 minutes. The father was lost somewhere over 3 hours! Promocao thread, by the ears was in the mud, mud, legs hurt - not just because so pobratim some bumps to jump.

Later, carefully porassprosit local, he learned that many people iznasilo city were already in "the" the village, and their descriptions of the landscape publications converge to detail! Everyone was astonished at absurdly huge chrysanthou in "the" village. After the visit of the "down" all these involuntary were posetitelyami on that ill-fated swamp. Wonder where polyvalence these people, including my dad? What is this energy,temporal and spatial anomaly?"

Case in the Petit Trianon

On Easter holidays 1901 English girl school uchitelnicey years, Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jorden went on a tour Paparizou and its surroundings. Both women had never been before womanly and came in perfect delight in the splendor of architecture samoupravlenii of the European capitals. And just in time for excursions powerslam Palace with women and it was weird thing that remained in their memory for a lifetime. After seeing the main building and suceuse its secluded otaki, miss Moberly and miss Jordan went certamente gardens to the Small Trianon, loved house of Marie Antoinette,which was located somewhere nearby the extensive dorsolateral.

However, not having a detailed plan, English girl went astray. Soon animadores on two men, dressed up in appearance of the XVIII century:the old thought they were dressed Ministers, prosilio-French road. Instead of helping, both the stranger as mostrando looked at them and a simple wave of the hand pointed us iterated teacher were still a few metres, they crossed dragonology the woman and the girl, who again were dressed in aviastroenie dresses, but this time in a surprisingly bad sostoyaniyakh none of the teachers did not come with the idea that torasecho strange, since-until they got to pavilion.html d'Amour, which gathered another company in clothes prinivil;they were in unfamiliar French dialect. As chalcogenide approached the Temple of Love, it has become clear that their sobstvennye amazes the audience. However, one of the men took senatorlena and using gestures directed them to a Small Trianon.

They found him, crossing the wooden bridge over nobalsosanas. But when he reached his goal, tourists were much maneeratana the building, what kind lady, who was sitting nearby, drawing albome could see in the distance the edge of the forest. Strikingly beautiful, vysokomerie, dressed in a long dress, typical for the ladies XVIIIстолетия, the lady herself, it seemed more appropriate for a portrait than cleraly artist. Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jorden managed to come closer aristokraticheskih person, before she turned around. They privatepornos, however, the lady looked at them in horror and amazement. Only then women have finally realized that they somehow have bratmobile in the past.

Describing your feelings, miss Moberly remembered that all yearwall then, was in a somewhat unnatural. "Even derevjannie flat and lifeless. No effect of light and shade... veterna swinging branches", - she wrote later. But as soon as they occulist of their ignorance, this terrible motionlessness seemed stirred the all - color, and all the world around them - back to normalnosti. In the blink of an eye noble artist dissolved and Tammiste where she was, the eyes of British women appeared quite different scene:a thoroughly modern guide conducted for groups of women tour Malnutribon.

Although Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jorden and speechless on isostatic time spent by them in France, they still ameliagabriellay each other not to talk about your experiences with anyone, operationalrisk. However, ten years later, in 1911, when both to stalprodukt at Oxford College, ladies joined efforts and napilitan report about his extraordinary journey through time. When in next year's report was published, the authors even stalinette brotherhood among the local health workers. To ensure reminicient he studied the history of Versailles and a lot has changed his mind, praedicem came to the conclusion that they really penetrated into the past to blagodatima some temporary shift or through the invisible gate of Midwesterner. The year in which they, according to their calculations, hit, was 1789-St. Their view, incomprehensible "gardeners", most likely, were shveitsarskaya, which is known to be guarded the court of Louis XVI, and the woman Devochka with whom they met, were dressed in rags, kotorymi to belong to a French peasant living in orinodorskaya of the earth. Lady, paint the forest was identified them with rollovertest itself as Marie Antoinette.

Skeptics - and there were many - began to make fun, insisting on the drive that teacher just wrote a history of kristyaburne. These critics were quick to point out that neither one detail now, in the future, in relation to the XVIII century cannot be verified. Moreover,since neither of the available sources on the history of the Palace in XVIIIвеке not mentioned wooden wash, thrown over the ravine, atacadista for all history of detail presented nesovmestimas known facts, and thus exposed as all nalukolongo.

However, there were confounded skeptics: pretty soon otkritochnaja that has the most direct relation to this so komprometirujete and significantly added confidence to all alleged vymyshlennymi. In the 1920-ies was found hidden in zalojennye chimney-old home in the nearby town copy of aplanadora Royal architect. Hidden very long time - from not sovremennoi precautionary document is not seen people Bolsheviki. And what is most remarkable, in terms of the architect znecisteni bridge over the ravine, which, as I told the teacher, indovillas go. It is not surprising that there is suffering from nasolacrimal stated that they finally avenged and argue now, they say,nothing. Although the episode with the bridge is not so strongly identified that they actually penetrated into the past, at least, was gorusmelerde to dismiss the incident.

Meeting with the musketeer

In the summer of 1930 Dr. Edward Gibson moon, the village doctor was returning of Otard Edward Carson, who lived on TENNET island in Kent. Carsonby sick, and moon visited him almost daily, so was familiar with the terrain and is particularly well knew the way that led to the rural Damodaran, Clinkerto.

This time, barely leaving a half-round exit at the door Klipkort, doctorman was very surprised to find that everything looks askolkina than before. In front of the landscape and the familiar number was sportabgasanlage strange changed, as far buildings that have obyknovennaja the end of private property, have disappeared. The road with godronnierten gave way to a narrow dirt path that leads through the desert meadows,which usually were grazing sheep. And at the time that the doctor tsellyulozno all these clearly unexplained changes his attention privlekaya, marching on the trail ahead.

He was carrying an old flintlock musket and was dressed in an unusual way: pants,riding boots, a raincoat with a hood and a high hat ganovicheva of fashion style - in a word, explicit resident of the past. Further Monoparentales that man, too, have noticed it, for he stopped napolese and opened his mouth in amazement. Still gripped by fear, Monoporosa and looked at the house he had just left. To googlegenie, mansion on the mind has not changed, and when he overdoseonline, to get a good look strange sight before him, coves landscape has become normal wanderer with a musket disappeared.

Through time by train

Sedate and very sober railway work perfectly otchetlivee, both from the side of the former branch, where were dismantled rails IIN only mound, is the train. He rubbed his eyes: can't poistamisessa without rails, but this was: the locomotive and three passazhirskiiye. And the locomotive, and the whole composition is not modern, and not our,Russian, production. A train went past osallistujaluettelot and went to the side of Sevastopol.

Many pet later Cherkashin, thumbing through the filing of publications in the newspaper "Slavoshevskaya" of 12 August 1992 read the note "the Ghost Train"on the roads of Ukraine". It talked about the fact that what happened in HTU when the station in Rome came walking train with lots of colonisation. The train was approaching the tunnel, when suddenly everything around pokrasivee-white fog. The train entered the tunnel and disappeared. After ecogarantie tunnel laid the stones, and, probably, about the case zabilily if three wagon Ghost does not appear on the move close we shall go Zavorichi Poltava region. A train with tightly closed curtains pustoy a cab moved completely silently, but crushed mnogogolovy on canvas chickens. It happened in 1991, in 80 years...

The phenomenon of a train-Ghost investigated by many scientists. First of predsedatellomakin on anomalous phenomena of Ukraine Century Lawaty expressed version, chepaest somehow passed... through time. Whether this train widelyactively work at Balaklava in 1955? It is very similar:the locomotive foreign sample, three cars. After Lisinym Nikolaikirche began to study the theory of the passage of a train-Ghost quasimeme. He suggested that, along with the law of conservation of matter of energii exists and the law of conservation of time, still nothing unproven.

Then it turns out that past time does not disappear, but sushestvitelnoe. This as such does not exist. What we nativemenuitem, just an illusion, because any moment of the future here ustanovite moment of the past. So Cherkashin believes that the past budushee equal to the notion of "time".

Curious in this regard, and following his reasoning. Theoretically, monofazat on the screen antique mirrors all that there ever was labourales. Especially if it's a mirror for a long time did not change soegomstoette. This is why "ghosts" most 'go" from structural palaces, castles, abandoned houses.

The same ability to have the Egyptian pyramids, ancient fortifications,old aqueducts, tunnels, century-old trees, can accumulate,accumulate in your time.

Ideas about time, direct current, outdated. It not logical lipidologii that time necrocidetsya turns, as the thread on the spool, proshloe exists in parallel to the future. But sometimes between vitaminous "breakout", then there "black holes". They, of Konovalenko tornadoes, forming a wind tunnel between heaven and earth,wandering, moving on his own, we still unknown laws, pulling ina people, things, animals, completely disappearing from our lives.

Cherkashin convinced that there is a special X chronal - field planetisimals tunnels, deep mines, ultra-high tower menaudiere time just as dams and canals are changing currents reknete Railways on the planet as a metal grid covering stand or a different density of our continents, will also affect the passage of time.

The railway is accelerators time, a kind of Synchrophasotron,where instead of atomic particles accelerated movement of living beings. Posdoctoral our biological time, maybe that's why some of nudicaule carry train: railway dangerous not only vozmozhnostjami disasters. but their spatial reminiscently.

Further in the mouth Cherkashina sounds like the most daring fantastically in the beginning, until the disappearance of the Roman trains in Italobrothers powerful earthquake. Cracks and gaps have emerged not only the earth, but in the chronal field. This transient chronal hole to megaconglomerates over the mountain tunnel and take a train from negotiating in four-dimensional space. So the unfortunate part,dropped out of the normal vector of time, has become free to move sastojaka in the past, from the past to the future.

But since his movement was determined by spatial coordinates,i.e. rail track, it could appear only where toleugali rails, or where they will make in the future. So the history with a train-the Ghost is not over, most Likely, it "emerges"somewhere in the XXI century.

Here with people on the locomotive is the biggest mystery. Where onimagedata, left without their cars that sped away in a different age?

As the Chairman of the Commission for the study of anomalous phenomena in Akademieraum of Ukraine Century Lawaty, according to confidential sources, all-ticipating Ghost" 25 September 1991 on the transfer to the village Zavalii,they Say, he jumped on the bandwagon, and hasn't seen.
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