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Про меридианы, ауру и эмоцииRecently I got the impression that all the necessary facts for revolutionary changes in the scientific picture of the world are already open. You only need to look at them as something else. Moreover, it will affect not only science, but also metaphysics, because modern physics by the degree of madness outdone even the most absurd of revelation mystics. And today, on the contrary, only metaphysics able to return to science a little common sense.

But for the last thousand years, in a fierce struggle with science for survival, mystery turned itself upside the head and declared void the meaning of the existence of nature - the world's growing mind. The most fashionable spiritual teachings remind talkative woman from a joke, you want to listen and to do the opposite. Until the mismatch of indigenous vectors of development not to be stamped out, the reunification of physics with metaphysics impossible. Only in the mind, the most remote from materiality arises the most complete image of the brand intangible Creator, that is, universal knowledge, enlightenment.

Trained the mind is like a first-class dog-Bloodhound, which tirelessly hunts prey and never distracted by extraneous smells, which for the mind I would compare with emotions. Perhaps this is why one of symbols of Hermes Trismegistus, the author of the Emerald Tablets, author of Hermetic Housings, which are in Egypt since the time of Ramses the Second was called the books of Thoth, the mediator between gods and men, is the dog. Sincerely sympathize with the people that it scares tireless, wise animal.

This article is a sign of gratitude to one of the inhabitants of the local site, from which I accidentally received information about the scientific proof of the existence of the so-called "the energy meridians", presentation of which is used in Chinese acupuncture. Lyrical introduction over. Go directly to the topic. In the article are used without quotation marks are some quotes from the Internet.

In 1960-ies in Korea, a group of scientists under the guidance of Professor Kim Bon Khan were carried out work to study the specifics of acupuncture meridians in rabbits and other animals. Kim was introduced in acupuncture point rabbit radioactive isotope of phosphorus R and studied its distribution in the surrounding tissues. He managed to find that the isotope was spread thin (diameter from 0.5 to 1.5 microns) channels tubular system, which runs just along the alleged direction Meridian. The concentration of the isotope in the tissues adjacent to the injection, or swing channel, were are infinitely small. When you enter the isotope in the nearby Vienna was not found its penetration into the surrounding canal system. Thus, the system of power meridians is not related to the circulatory system.

Recently, the French Explorer Pierre de Ferengul repeated these experiments on the human body. In acupuncture points were introduced radioactive technetium-99, and its further distribution were controlled by setting sensitive to gamma radiation. Experiments have shown that in just 4-6 minutes isotope spread at a distance of approximately 30 cm from the insertion point and the direction of its movement coincided with a hypothetical course of acupuncture channel. The introduction of radioactive substances in an arbitrary point, and the blood and lymphatic system has not yielded the same result. This allowed to conclude that the meridians are independent of the morphological system of the body. It is established, that in addition to the surface of the system of power meridians there are deep.

On the one hand, the obtained evidence that in addition to the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems of man has power system of meridians. On the other hand there is nothing supernatural. After all energy meridians similar lines conventional electromagnetic field. Metal shavings also form a clear picture in the area of the magnet. And the man, whose body produces electricity, naturally possess a certain electromagnetic field.

This is confirmed by the so-called "the aura photographs". Pictures aura began with the experiences of the Kirlian in the early twentieth century, which when photographing leaf used coronary (corona) discharge. Coronary discharge - electrostatic discharge, gives a flat surface electromagnetic field. It is used in copiers and laser printers to distribute the toner, creating graphics, and text.

Placing tree leaf in coronary discharge, spouses Kirlian managed to photograph the part of the sheet, which has already been cut off as a ghostly, but extremely detailed silhouette. A clear silhouette cut off part of the leaf in the form of electromagnetic fields, also suggests that in addition to the DNA in a living organism is still hidden, energy field for the formation and stabilization of the physical form.

I repeat that in these results, there is nothing new to science. More interesting is how we are able to feel their energy flows?

In the mystical traditions of different peoples have always been diverse energy practices. It turns out that they have a scientific basis. All of these practices are reduced to feelings and emotions. Some enhance properties of our perception, others are trained to control emotions, strengthening or weakening them. Besides harmful depression exists and useful enthusiasm that facilitate the overcoming of difficulties.

According to the ideas of the Tree Sefirot, all our emotions - the objects of a two-dimensional world of Beria (creation). These worlds, from one-dimensional to four-dimensional, nested within each other like a Russian doll, but financially for us manifested only the last of them, the rest we only feel. Beria is the world of energy. In addition to energy and its perception at this level yet, nothing exists. Different frequencies of energy within the consciousness (not outside) are felt by us as different emotions and retain the link to the external" the energies of the material level by the mechanism of similarity of frequencies. So ancient shamans tried to call brown, stirring anger. But the sounds of music, using similar our emotions sound waves, ideal for creating the right mood.

Energy theory fact emotions is the most close to the truth. That is, we really feel and create energy within yourself. Moreover, controlling emotions, our will manage energy, which origin is identical to that study physics. I hope everyone understands what prospects promises such a conclusion. Physiologically energy, feel "inside the consciousness", can be connected with the acupuncture meridians. Our thoughts influence the flows of real energy flowing in them. From the bad effects of these thoughts have to be saved acupuncture, returning the energy flows to the previous track. It is said that all diseases of the nerves.

In conclusion I would like to tell you about the most surprising result of "the aura photographs" on a method of Kirlian. In 1982, the study conducted by Dumitrescu, Romania, added new features to "the effect of phantom leaf". He took a photo of a sheet are cut in it round hole. On the shown image has captured the sheet with a small hole, which is located inside a tiny phantom of the same sheet. This strange phenomenon remains unexplained. But involuntarily, an analogy with the hologram. Because each of its sections can play the full picture, however, with some loss of quality. Information about the total energy structure body is hidden in each point of the body, which in principle is consistent with genetics, but in a very unexpected way.

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