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Захоронения неизвестного народаChinese and American archaeologists have studied disposal, which counts more than 4 thousand years. Buried in them, people do not have virtually nothing in common with either Chinese or modern Tibetans.

"The beauty of Signage". Her over 3,800 years old, so for such a venerable age preservation should recognize perfect.

Ancient burial, even if such a venerable age, in and of themselves are not so rare. The pyramids of Egypt over multisatellite, the first burial of man are also on the Neanderthals, who generally belong to other biological branches of Homo sapiens, extinct before the last ice age. Now it is no problem to book a trip to Egypt.

Sticking out of the ground pillars replace the gravestones, and according to the shape of the peaks can determine the sex of the deceased.

Interest to scientists was not the time of burial, and some strange features, and to explain which is still not fully succeed.

This is someone else's

The landfill is on the territory of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. It is the Northern part of Tibet, the least populated and most severe natural conditions, the region of China.

Despite the presence of rivers, much of the land here is a desert with a few oases, newly discovered oil fields and graves, which were opened in the beginning of the last century.
From a distance it may seem that the picture is wrapped in any tissue of the old woman. But in fact this woman by the time the snapshot in 1910 been dead for over thirty five centuries and has been preserved only because of the dry and cold climate of the highlands.

Disposal, recent research which is devoted to the material of the New York Times, contain mummies people does not Mongoloid appearance. Their bodies lie in the upside-down boat, and over the graves - pointed phallic symbols. Whence came blond, tall, not Asiatic features people and where did they go?

Now in the Xinjiang Uighur district live Uighurs, Chinese, Kazakhs, Tatars and several dozen nationalities, among which there is little Europeans, except for a small Russian community. As Chinese-Uighur clashes take place here regularly, about the origin of mummies talk not only scientists. Local nationalists of various ethnic communities were not averse to declare mummy "Aryan" appearance of their ancestors.

As it often happens, genetics ideologists upset. Genetic analysis (from Mumiy managed to get a well-preserved DNA molecules) showed that ancient inhabitants of Northern Tibet carried signs as Europeans, and residents of Siberia. However, all the mysteries recently published in the journal BMC Biology research was not allowed.

From Tibet to Norway? Or Vice versa?

In an interview with the New York Times Victor Meyer, specialist on the history of the Tarim basin of the Northern Tibet, from the University of Pennsylvania, said several interesting features excavated in the period from 2003 to 2005 graves.
The plate with the text on the Tocharian language. Dates back to the V-VIII centuries, which is already very far from being studied by archaeologists graves. But, apparently it is the Tocharians were descendants of people buried under the upturned boats in the Tarim basin.

Some items from among the scientists found resemble the findings made before, but not in Tibet, and in Europe. Meyer does not exclude connection with the burial customs of the Vikings, and this assumption is not as groundless as it may seem when looking at the map. The Tocharians - people who lived in the Northern part of Tibet much later date of disposal, - spoke Indo-European language, and, according to one of hypotheses, came from Eastern Europe.

And in the beginning of a new era some people, such as the Huns came from the territory of modern Mongolia and China to Europe, therefore the possibilities of cultural contact Viking ancestors to descendants of the mysterious inhabitants of Northern Tibet there is nothing supernatural.

Until death do us part

Installed over the graves of the pillars, the height of about 3.5 m are, according to the archeologists, phallic symbols. For the tribe that lived in isolation in the region with severe climate, sexuality was closely connected with the survival and long phallus could be a symbol of fertility.

It is noteworthy that the tops of the pillars were ground to make them phallic shape only over the graves of women. Over the places where they were buried men were standing pillars, the upper part of which was treated like paddles that can also be interpreted in a sexual way. From the point of view of Myers and his colleagues, this vaginal symbol, one more sign of fertility and renewal of life. And the fact that some female burial marked with additional gifts could be due to the fact that the dead woman gave birth to and raised more children. Where people are constantly threatened by the population decline, such courtesies are well understood, scientists believe.
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