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Луна — искусственный спутник Земли?The hypothesis of scientists that more than 4.5 billion years ago the Earth was supercivilization killed in the disaster, has the right to life and discussion. Confirmed that constantly receiving information, giving hope to find traces of that civilization (and maybe civilizations?).

According to scientists, it is possible to allocate the following types of civilizations.

First, let underground type. This type is unpretentious civilization and can exist in almost all planets. Their existence does not require the development of high technologies and the availability of moral norms. In some myths of the peoples of the Earth there is information about the existence of the underground civilization on six floors (two of them were destroyed during the war). After the disaster of the remaining people came to the surface.

The second type is the space civilizations that lived in space on huge ships. Within these movable space giants were located entire cities with everything necessary to sustain life. They represent a kind of "Wanderers of the Universe."

And the third type, this civilization living on the planetary surface (type of our civilization). The life of this civilization is significantly dependent on natural disasters, but this civilization is the parent in relation to the first two types. This civilization is malagelada. In order to increase the life of the society of this type is necessary to develop a very high morals and achieve a harmonious relationship between people and nature.

Perhaps there are mixed types of civilization, in which underground residents have the opportunity to use for flights entire planets. It is not excluded that Pluto inhabited this civilization, because his movement is not subject to any laws.

Myths and legends which cherish many of the Nations of the earth, argue that existed on the planet powerful civilization - a race of giants, equal in power to the gods. Also in legends contains information about some giant accident which almost killed our planet.

To summarize existing knowledge about the ancient earth civilization, the experts came to the conclusion about the existence of the unity of heaven and earth, and if a person violates the moral law, use their knowledge for evil, it inevitably becomes a victim of a great disaster. And what of the people who survived the disaster, is a proof of the presence of some of the higher mind, which saves the life on the planet to give her another chance to exist.

The legend says that the titans had a lot of knowledge and skills. For example, they created people and mechanical helpers could replace any part of his body (biorobots?!), to raise the dead and had the highest level of technology, were able to travel to the planets of the solar system, and much more.

Scientists believe that the cause of death of supercivilization could be either instant sudden burst of energy storage, or deliberate action of a person or a sudden attack another alien civilization (stellar war?!). You can imagine this catastrophe: a huge wave of ashes and dust, gas and enormous evaporation block the incoming sunlight on the surface of the planet, the fires covered the entire surface of the earth. Survivors of the people hiding in underground structures. In the legends of American Indians and new Zealanders to be spoken about 9 underground worlds. For a long time (several thousand years) the atmosphere was cleansed, the ice melted, gained access to the surface, the sun's rays, the flood came, in which groups of people scattered throughout the planet, losing all ties. Some knowledge of a lost civilization preserved and turned into myths. Noteworthy is the hypothesis that supercivilization took measures to preserve the memory of himself, but had concealed this information so that it did not use ignorant that will lead mankind to a new catastrophe.

One of the puzzles that can be associated with the existence of the ancient hypersalinization is the hypothesis about the artificial nature of the moon and many satellites in the Solar system.

Scientists were allowed several versions of the origin of the Earth satellite:
- The moon is a fragment of the Earth (but why are the cardinal differences between the two parts of the former one whole?);
- The moon and the Earth was formed from a single cosmic cloud of gas (then why the structure of the two celestial objects excellent);
- Land "captured" in its sphere of attraction, accidentally took place next to her, the moon (in this case, the Moon would have ellipsoidal orbit, but in fact it really perfectly round);
Luna is an artificial object created by superior civilization.

The fourth version is very interesting. But I have more questions: which created the space object? Perhaps it was a project of the ancient mankind possessing amazing technology, to create an object that provides people at night with the light, or the Moon was used as a scientific laboratory or as a technical platform for space transport, or as a military base.

Some studies that have been conducted using modern space technology, not refuted this hypothesis, but also for its confirmation is not yet have enough information. In any case, the interest in the satellite is not quenched, so the experiments will continue.

Of special interest in connection with the proposed space activities ancient civilization, cause and satellites of Mars - Phobos and Deimos. Modern humanity wary these objects. Formed the opinion that Phobos, as an artificial object is a military space station flying over a dead planet. It revolves around Mars, as a reminder of military catastrophe that occurred millions of years ago. On the photos made by the American research spacecraft on the surface of Phobos clearly visible chain of craters elongated in straight lines. By the known scientist laws, if craters are not artificial origin, are parallel to the orbital motion of the heavenly bodies, and on the Phobos chain is perpendicular to the orbit. The assumption of the American experts, who are looking at these pictures, talked about the fact that Phobos was bombed, not so unbelievable.

Soviet astrophysicist S. Shklovsky was engaged in the problem of calculation of speed of movement of Phobos in its orbit. He came to the conclusion that this velocity exceeds the speed of rotation of Mars, and this Phobos should contain a huge cavity. Maybe this is the space station Martian civilization unusually large size?

Another interesting info: in 1988 with the USSR territory were launched apparatus "Phobos-1" and "Phobos-2". The first one is out of order directly next to the Mars. Second, when rapprochement with the satellite Phobos, cease communications with Earth. But just before the off, he gave some stunning photos. One of them is clearly visible "elliptic" shadow on Mars. Because this shadow was visible through infrared equipment, hence the photo shows a thermal object, not shadow.

In another shot was clearly visible cylindrical object directly above the surface of Phobos. The object had a length of 20 km, and the width of 1.5 km According to experts, this cigar-shaped spaceship destroyed the earth's research unit before he was going to fold on the surface of Phobos scientific equipment.

Successful suffered and American spacecraft "Mars observer", ending the transmission of information, being in the orbit of Mars. However, at present, near the red planet are two low-budget American system, which constitute a map of the planet.

Researchers in the field of search patterns existing in the Solar system, note the following interesting facts:
- all of the planet systems are exactly in the same plane (the plane of the Ecliptic);
- the ratio of the radii of the orbits of all the planets of the system are the Fibonacci series.

This knowledge was able to determine that in the ranks of the planets is missing two. Between Mars and Jupiter were located, according to the legends, the planet Phaeton. Between Saturn and Uranus were destroyed planet Chiron (Saturn).

In addition to the regularities of the Fibonacci series subject to the following celestial bodies:
five satellites of Jupiter, and the rest are fragments of the lost planet Phaeton;
- satellites of Saturn, half of which occurred after the death of Chiron.

Scientists seriously considered the following hypothesis of destruction. They believe that in the distant past all five terrestrial planets (+ Phaeton) were inhabited by intelligent civilizations that have successfully mastered the planets and satellites of the Solar system. Having a high level of development of civilization has reached immortality. This led to the overcrowding of planets and, consequently, to armed conflicts. This, obviously, was used weapons incredibly destructive power.

It is believed that the meaning of life of any civilization, as well as each of its members, appears in the case, if civilization has reached immortality. Therefore, if we assume that on the Earth there were more than a million of civilizations, it is necessary to understand the causes of their disappearance, to retain the existing civilization. Of course, many of the stated hypotheses requiret more convincing evidence. Time will show whether these assumptions are true.

You look at history for many millions of years ago is not only interesting, but also instructive.
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