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Космические вампирыIt is believed that one of the reasons of visiting aliens planet - extraction of genetic material. About it is spoken, in particular, cases of barbaric operations performed on animals, mutilated bodies found in different countries, starting from the 60-ies of the last century. But in recent times there are reports of such operations made over people...

The first documentary evidence of this came in 1986 from Brazil. According to the British magazine UFO Magazine, here on the banks of the river Guamiranga, found the corpse of a man with traces of one of those "surgery"what the aliens are doing to the animals. People were completely exhausted, and its separate organs were cut out and withdrawn by the way, is not available modern surgeons.

A similar incident occurred at the end of 1980-ies in the vicinity rocket range white Sands in the desert of new Mexico. The officer and Sergeant went on a jeep, looking fallen fragments of the rocket. In the place where the car it was impossible to pass and they got out of the car and, wishing to cover the largest possible area of search, headed in different directions. Soon soldiers have lost each other in mind.

Already back in the car, the officer heard the cry of a Sergeant. Running up, saw a terrible picture. Low above the ground hung discoid aircraft, and from it ran something like a tentacle that encircled the unfortunate Sergeant and dragged to the unit. Tentacle pulled the man into UFOs, who immediately fled at high speed.

Returning to the base, the officer reported the incident command. He, of course, did not believe that he was suspected of murder and arrested. Three days later, a search team found in the desert bloodless corpse of a Sergeant from the inside out skin and surgically removed entrails. The officer was immediately released.

He got lucky. Human corpses with traces of operations, in contrast to the dead animals, aliens, as a rule, do not throw anywhere. Most often, the bodies of the kidnapped and operated people disappear without a trace.

Sensational photo, presents Brazilian UFO Sapatai Garcia learned in his words from a police dossier. Mutilated corpse of a man with holes in the body and removed the internal organs was found on 29 September 1988 near the Guarapiranga reservoir (Brazil). The body had not decomposed, even after many days, the internal organs were extracted, but around the body was not even a drop of blood. Read more about the examination of the body can be read here.

Appetite alien played

There is a theory that some endangered extraterrestrial race uses our genetic material to maintain its own existence. In other words, they always need our blood. Speaking in favor of this huge, a striking number of complete disappearance of people around the world. Specific statistics on this account no. Of course, a lot of disappearances can be attributed to the mundane reasons - murder or accidents. Moreover, many of the missing are subsequently.

But what about quite peaceful, not related to any crime people, those, for example, who has spent five minutes in the store and never returned, and whose bodies were found? The number of such strange cases is growing in all countries. Reports indicate that the population of entire villages seem to dissolve in the air. In the oceans continue to find drifting adrift of the court without a living soul on Board.

The scale of abductee - abduction by aliens - increase. This is recognized by all researchers. Sophisticated become actions space zealots. But their main principle is always the same: to keep their activities secret from the world's population.

For this star robbers are resorting to tricks. For example, return back some of the stolen. They instill the idea that the aliens - the benefactors of mankind, and was for peaceful exploration of the Earth or to send people some scientific knowledge. All this, of course, deception. In fact the aliens need the planet's inhabitants, particularly people, not only as equal partners, but as a "cash cow", giving the necessary material.

With space prostitutes better not mess!

In 2004, Brazilian journalist K. the Barrett conducted the investigation of the strange events in the city of Santarem, Portugal). Their essence was that after a meeting with some unknown woman men found unconscious and with considerable loss of blood. And this despite the fact that neither they, nor next to them was not a single drop of blood. Untouched remained well as money and valuables.

The guard, who was talking to Barrett, saw a woman came to the man in the house, and then walked out one. He swore that this slender lady left the building with the inflated as a pregnant woman belly!

History repeated itself in about a month, only this time the "twins" was two, and they had bled for three nights 11 men and two women (apparently, tucked them under her arm). One of the unfortunate soon died. The Barrett found that "vampires" posed as prostitutes, but instead of sex men entered into a trance and in some odd way was pumped from their blood.

Leave the false crime scene always with swollen bellies - probably filled with blood. One day at criminals pursued, but they, according to witnesses, "vanished into thin air." In General, the majority of the witnesses were convinced in the supernatural origin of the mysterious bloodsuckers.

As a result, Barrett came to the conclusion that it is either the UFO pilots, or artificially created cyber humanoid creatures, sent to Earth for the production of blood. According to ufologists, biorobots alien quite able to influence the minds of people so that suddenly become invisible to them. The Barrett indicates that the bodies of the victims had no holes through which it is possible to pump blood.

Only inspection with the use of computed tomography has shown that the selection of blood was carried out not outside, but inside. In the anus of the victim was introduced something like a tube, which is around the internal organs, "sucker" to the arteries. Operation is not practicable at the present level surgery!

Flying ghoul

Cases of abnormal, not explainable bleeding people were observed in 2000-ies in different countries (Portugal, Venezuela, England). Any "vampires" were not reported is likely memories of meeting them were simply erased from the memory of the victims.
Familiarity with such biorobot-vampire can occur in anyone, anytime. It will likely be forced. That is hypnotized man obediently will go where will make a vampire. And somewhere in a secluded place, away from prying eyes, there will be pumping blood.

We can only guess how it will look. The abdomen, groin, hands, and maybe mouth biorobot stretches a long, flexible tube and dive into the victim's body. Blood vykatilsya so much, how many it is necessary that the people were alive. The tube is then drawn back, and a vampire, leaving the victim lying unconscious, will go in search of fresh prey for their alien creators.

Perhaps biorobots-vampires are strangers for a long time. It is possible that these creatures with mechanical movements and pale, motionless faces marked the beginning of folk legends about blood sucking vampires that come from the graves to gnaw through someone's throat and drink fresh blood.

Among the many stories on this topic there are those, in which one can see a hint at the presence of strangers. For example, here is the story, written in 1950-ies of Siberia and related to the genre bylichek (stories that, as is commonly believed, actually happened). The case was still before the revolution. One woman at night noticed entered the village a stranger. Surprised, followed him. Here she sees: he comes into the house, where everyone is asleep. Walked in there, and the light in the Windows of why something is not lit.

Then after a short time comes out and goes to the other house. It, too, no one woke up. Then comes the third. The woman notices that he seems thicker was. Scared to breathe cannot fear. He stayed in a third house. Comes in fourth, fifth, sixth. And at the very clothes bursting at the seams - before swollen. From the seventh hut, where a large family lived, went out just like a barrel.

Head, shoulders left eye vilaplana, mouths open bails out thick bloody language. Went to the forest. And it is not clear how it all on their bloated feet to walk. I looked woman, and it really is not, and as if floating above the ground. Soon a ray noticed is weak and hardly visible. Ran it from the clouds to the head vampire. And flew ghoul over the path, as if hanging on the beam, as on the rope.

Flew slowly moved her plump arms and legs, until he disappeared in the darkness. The woman recovered herself, ran the neighbors. Went into the hut, and there really is no one breathes, all dead. And a single drop of blood there anybody. And where the ghoul come from and where was gone - no one knew.
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