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Зачем НЛО "копают" скважины?In various points of the planet detected so-called anomalous well - melted a hole in the earth, the appearance of which is associated with UFOs. Sometimes strangers credited and the disappearance of significant amounts of soil, when on the earth's surface overnight formed a huge pit, reminiscent of the craters.

Charlinski crater

On the morning of 16 July 1963 farmer Roy Blanchard, as usual, saddled his horse and went to go around their fields. His farm manor under the Charlton (England) was famous for its exemplary order and high productivity. Roy was lucky: in all the years of trouble, whether it be thieves, hurricanes or the neighbor's cattle, always avoided his field. Therefore, what he saw that day on the border of potato and barley fields, literally deprived him of speech: in the land gaped huge round hole... it Seemed that someone giant bucket pulled out and took the land together with potatoes and barley.

In the evening around the hole gathered almost all the surrounding farmers, including police. Roy, who by that time had already recovered from the turmoil began, to my great pleasure, get the first dividend from a puzzling event in the form of increased public attention. Proudly with his chest, he every newly arrived stated that this hole, no doubt, was formed as a result of a landing alien spacecraft.

The next day on the farm was raided by the journalists. Version of Blanchard on a space ship, of course, came to them for the soul. Roy confidently said: "In fact, I have not seen a flying saucer, but, judge for yourself, how else can it be explained? It is clear that it was some kind of extraterrestrial spacecraft, and he sucked my barley and potatoes, when flew".
Mysterious hole became this year a real sensation, she was written about virtually all English Newspapers, soon about the events on the farm manor recognized throughout the world. Cartoonscom crater, nicknamed this mysterious hole, interested scientists. On the farm came research group dedicated to the study of meteorites. According to these experts, the crater could be caused by the fall of a large meteorite.

However, such a simple explanation of many no longer satisfied, so wide resonance had the statement of certain Australian "expert", which stated that on the basis of the damage caused to the fields of a farmer, he made his calculations and fully disclose the secret of the mysterious crater.

If you believe "expert"under the Charlton landed a huge flying saucer with a diameter of 150 m and a weight of 600 tons... "Expert" in some incomprehensible way, even it became known that her crew consisted of 50 humanoids, who arrived on Earth from the vicinity of Uranium... Stunned reporters he told the following additional information: "I believe that their mission was peaceful and research. It is quite possible that they are concerned about our nuclear tests, because the stability of their world may depend on the situation on the Ground. Development they are ahead of us, about 100 years, and the ship on which they arrived, we can create only in the middle of the next century". As rightly pointed out by the British UFO researcher John Spencer: "Behold what an impressive analysis of one hole in the ground!"

Now, scientists have suggested that the crater was formed due to the fall of the meteorite, but no its wreckage they have not found. Not in favor of this hypothesis was the fact that neither the owner of the fields, nor the surrounding farmers and members of their families, nobody heard anything resembling an explosion, because the fall of the large meteorite certainly could not pass without rumble and shake the ground in radius of several kilometers. In addition, the fall of the meteorite was very difficult to explain the lack of even minor release of the soil, and too perfect shape holes in the ground.

Extraterrestrial grinders"

Surprisingly, but the assumption is simple farmer about the involvement of UFOs to this hole in the ground is most suitable for explanations of education Carloscage crater. The fact that all over the world ufologists are fixed so-called anomalous well. This is usually round cylindropuntia the notches in the soil or rock, sometimes quite considerable depth. In principle, they would resemble terrestrial well, if not a number of circumstances.
First, you cannot find a company or even a man involved in the drilling operations, in which they formed.

Secondly, about the anomalous wells absolutely no traces of a rig, car or truck, in General, any traces of people, which never happens in normal drilling operations.
Third, the walls of these wells are sometimes melted, and the holes in the soil or rock are located in places that are often not available for drilling equipment.

Abnormal wells were discovered on the territory of Russia. A. Lukyanets from Primorsky Krai discovered in 1992, three wells in the area where there were no drilling. Diameter of 25-30 cm, very deep, they were in strange places: one was "drilled" right on the dirt road and the other in the field, and the third is through the large boulder lying on the surface of the earth... it is Worth noting especially the last case: any normal driller will not be drilled through the boulder, this is completely absurd operation.

Around there was absolutely no trace of either ground or a drilling rig. A survey A. Lukyanets conducted among local residents, has allowed to establish, that in the spring of 1992 in the region of anomalous wells eyewitnesses observed hovering in the sky UFO like promopulse the earth and rocks ray dark red.

Strange footprints in the Amur taiga

Here is another example of activity mysterious "diggers" on our planet, which said Yevgeny Konstantinovich Rezvanov: "From 1969 to 1974, I worked as a cartographer in the Moscow state University (Department of geomorphology). We went in the Amur region. Once, in 1972, we went on all-terrain vehicle in the upper reaches of the river Bassa. The place is amazing! Rare larch, the surface is smooth, working conditions are almost ideal. However, near the riverbed, we surprisingly saw deep round hole. Its depth was about 15 m and the diameter at the top of 20-25 metres, slopes went down very cool, somewhere near 80 degrees. At the bottom of this hollow in the ground has accumulated a little water. Near the pit was a small ravine below its upper part there was a dam flush with the surface, but no water for it was not!

Who did all this? People, except surveyors (one batch), there never was! If a meteorite fell there, then from the explosion would have been knocked forest and seen the piles of earth, but of this we were not observed. Suppose someone had dug a pit and filled dam in the ravine, but after that should remain the soil (its volume extracted from the pit, was much higher than was spent in the dam), but it was nowhere to be found! We head of the team was not able to invent anything for the explanation, the more then about UFOs did not hear, and did not know.

And still. When we arrived to this place, it was often seen on both sides of the path on the earth's surface charred black circles with a radius of 0.5 to 5 m, and maybe more. As if someone put a pipe of the same size and burned inside her all vegetation, and outside the circles of the grass grew still. We had no radiometer, or any of the other devices, and radiation we never thought. It remained a mystery to us these black circles and this strange pit".
An interesting testimony, isn't it? Impressive pit with very steep walls, which is unknown who and with what purpose had dug, black circles scorched grass...

By the way, several years ago, such black circles were found in meadows in the vicinity of the village of Arkhangelsk (Voronezh region), next to them, people felt unwell, and the scientists have not been able to explain how these scorched bare patches were formed. However, when such black circles appeared in 1981 in France, there wereconducted all necessary studies and concluded that the earth
the reasons for such "tracks" impossible to explain.

Why UFO "dig" pit?

Many ufologists have no doubt that the appearance of anomalous wells and excavations of soil involved in UFO. What is the purpose of UFO "Buryat" our land and "dig" in it the pit? The experience of our Solar system research it is known that when studying any of cosmic bodies, scientists are trying to learn more about their structure and analyze their chemical composition. Perhaps the aliens are doing the same, only the equipment for these purposes is much more effective than ours, anyway,classical drilling pipes they just not...

As for the disappearance too impressive volumes of ground (take Charlinski crater), to explain them by using quite fantastic hypotheses. Some believe that the aliens arrange somewhere (on their own planet, on the moon?) a unique exposition devoted to the Earth, and to plant trees and other vegetation, they need such quantity of soil.

Well, to be honest, the whole truth about the abnormal wells and pits will be known only in one case: if you come into contact with the aliens and they we all talk about it.

Author: Modelica
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