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Почему президенты не видят летающих тарелок?Have you ever seen a flying saucer? No? And you will not see. Because some ufologists believe that they only appear before the elect. So who has seen - can be proud of. Strange, but true: those who see UFOs, sometimes I see it every month, and many researchers of this phenomenon are generally deprived of such opportunity. Well not come to them "little green men"! Mankind has already split into two hostile camps: the UFO is not and can not be, said the first. The latter say nothing, apparently understanding that the opposite is proven impossible. Yet. Interesting obtained thing.

None of us saw Caesar, but no one doubt in his reality. About this because it is written in the textbooks. About UFOs in the world written hundreds of times more than any other subject or person, and in him, you see, who does not believe. Stanislavskii direct any. Have you seen? No! I, too, and he had not seen, and the President is not met. And in the Duma, they didn't arrive! So UFO not? So... don't know what epithet would come to this logic. Honestly, to prove or disprove the existence of the UFO no desire. Tired! Let's try to understand whether it makes sense to do it at all. So...

Vision, stay - I'll shoot!

This hoax or hallucination, say scientists. Well, this is it. Let us then acknowledge that mankind has engulfed global mental illness. Let us recognize that the military develop guidelines on observation of glitches and mirages, and the air force are fighting flared imagination. Pilots, you know, often fired vision in the sky that fly at supersonic speed. Such visions. Yes... the Lord scientists, our congratulations! You have managed to create amazing radar and cameras. They can capture not existing, abstract things. Fantastic! On the other hand, most of what he saw in the sky objects, really, UFOs are not. They are easily identifiable and are often the stars, aircraft, satellites, probes, and so on, Only 10% -a true "plates".

Them and explore ufologists, which did not give any results. In Russia and abroad created a database that describe the device is man-made UFOs to the point where they vases with flowers stand. But the main question - what is it? - still not solved, and every explains this phenomenon in its own way: from the manifestations of nature to secret weapons, from the alien invaders to illusions and hallucinations. Among UFO brethren on account of the origin of "plates" unity either. Some believe UFOs product of more advanced civilizations, others say that it is certain beings living on our planet in other dimensions. There is even a theory that our planet is a living space creature, and with the help of "plates" is watching us. In total there are 36 ways of explaining the unexplained still phenomenon.

So is there or not?

There are! Moreover, always have been. In the ancient Chronicles provides numerous facts of UFO sightings. However, then they were called quite in the spirit of the time. BC - "haystacks", "night sun", "heavenly ships", "the copper boilers". Later, people described the "flying vehicles" with: sails, anchors and pipes. You can certainly assume that they were atmospheric phenomena, but here's the problem: with these "boilers" and "chariots" descended people and talked with earthlings. Sometimes "were bringing men to the house." In the antique literature you can find descriptions of UFOs, flying in the airspace of ancient Greece and Rome. It was hard to say, but it is clear that the ancient Greeks and Romans nothing flying was not built. The UFO-experiences called even more interesting - people from the ground or from the sky.

Well even angels and devils - for a change. But most importantly, the ancient no headache about these "plates". According to a Moscow ufologist Vadim Chernobrov, often UFO was identified very specifically a miracle, and all here! The most perspicacious in this sense were the Chinese - all flying objects they considered the same as natural phenomena, such as rain or rainbow. Now she's the real truth! All this, of course, wonderful, but many seem to be insufficient in order to verify the reality of UFOs. At present, the scientists have some strange items, to create them on the planet could not have one, there are still no such technology. There are movies, pictures, testimonies military locator records. Now suppose the following.

All these facts, figures, photo and film documents - someone nice joke. A natural question arises: who and why? Who would want to misinform all planet? Who paid millions of dollars for the production of books, Newspapers, television programs, creation of thousands of sites on the Internet? And finally, what for? With the Jehovah's witnesses, for example, all is clear. Propaganda! But the aliens are still nobody poklyalsya, and gods don't honor. But there are people who blame all this on some mysterious organization. Better yet. Then you should congratulate this organization, it already existed several thousand years and has branches all over the world.

The most controversial in the UFO question - contactees, i.e. people who are visually or telepathically communicated with other reasonable or not reasonable?) creatures. A small example. He is 35 years, the artist name is Andre Seibert, lives in Yoshkar-Ola. Talks with representatives of the Higher Civilizations more than 4 years. Says've been on another planet and he ruled the spacecraft their "friends". To your contacts, as well as his family, is skeptical. But his stories about ancient Egypt and the pyramids are so fantastic that their motives are not ashamed to offer to make a movie and Steven Spielberg. Although there in its history and inexplicable things. He somehow knows strange and obviously heavenly language, and in a telephone conversation with me reproduce it. In addition, he has provided a huge amount of psychographic (unconscious) drawings detailing the structure of the apparatus of the aliens themselves.

With the likes of Andre, researchers of anomalous phenomena face often. And most of them unrecognized geniuses in science fiction. Very often, says Vadim Chernobrov, call people and ask to come in a specific place, where, they said, will "hang" UFO. "Come with TV, equipment. Wait another hour, and with nothing out again. And then call me and apologized, saying that that day was the inclement weather, and They could not fly". Sometimes our neighbors, the space contacted themselves, giving the screens off TVs all sorts of warnings. The most famous is the "Third appeal to the Humanity of Coalition squad of the Observers."

People, think about all of this! Do not make mistakes! We will help you! With these statements turn to us the Highest Civilization. Not much is not enough, they are going to save us! And ufologists in any't want to give in! Lies all of it, they say. Most likely it is, but I want to believe the hell that we are not alone in the Universe! In principle, any UFO - a potential millionaire. Enough browsing the Internet a few months, to boldly go to the same George Lucas with a ready script of the series. Ready to put all his property against what he heard the stories of the same Andre, be ashamed that so many years spent on baby talk in the form of "Star wars". But the KGB and did could only exist through the sale of materials on UFOlogy. Of course, all of this was and remains zasekrechennyi, but he knows one...

In one word, as if some did not want to admit it, but in the USSR UFO always been doing. More precisely, almost always. "Saucers" were not interested in (officially) only when Andropov. For some reason he ufologists disliked. In his free from the Board Yuri Vladimirovich time, Soviet workers aliens and saucers" felt less comfortable. You cannot tell that the other secretaries-General poorly the study of UFOs, but a spoke in the wheel stuck rare. But paste! For example, once the largest Metropolitan newspaper in the same day was released in two versions: in the European part of the Union message TASS about UFOs, and in the Asian - without. Apparently, the "top" of the inhabitants of this region was considered not sufficiently balanced to such news, and so cliche "asked" to be replaced.

Now to sort out "the problem of plates in Russia is quite impossible. Authoritative scientists assure, that this is complete nonsense because because. And the military continue this flying brad hunt. And even follow the instructions. As the Director of the Russian UFOlogy research station Nikolay Subbotin, the instructions explained in detail what to do and where to go, if a soldier (or other military people) happen to see a UFO. Among others, purely military guidance, there is an interesting line in it: "UFOs and their pilots not to open fire!"

...And you say "saucers," no. Here it is written: do not shoot! By the way, even in 1989, at the international UFO conference in Frankfurt-on-main researchers decided the following: "To save humanity and our civilization it is necessary to immediately stop the fire encountered UFOs". About this immediately notified of the heads of all countries.

So how can that be? Whom to believe us, the ordinary people "flying disc" not seen and energy clots" in the middle of the night have not spoken? The answer here is obvious: to wait. Wait, when the international community finally admits that bikeAMI Pro secret weapon superpowers was no use. By the way, to the question about the weapon. In his book, "There are contrary to logic" Vadim Chernobrov indicates that Weaponry flying objects, people met and in those days, when the most secret weapons were bow and arrows. Obviously, the CIA did not know about this. Otherwise wouldn't have recently to the world that many observed in the years of the cold war UFO disappeared top-secret reconnaissance aircraft. None of the ufologists such "Petrushka", of course, are not satisfied. Over the last 50 years in the world was officially registered more than 40 million of UFO sightings. Out of respect for scientists say 90%is a hoax. But, you are our respected, where to put the remaining 10%? They will not be blamed on the statistical error, and mirages they were not. You ask if they have, why we, the presidents and the astronauts don't see them? I don't know, but would only true, indeed occurred case. As a major political figure USA cried: I believe in UFOs only when "plate" will land on the lawn in front of my house! Guess what he saw on his lawn in a couple of days...
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