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Рисунки, которые создавались вовсе не для того, чтобы на них смотретьThe scientists had a theory that the "Nazca lines" - strange figures, applied on the earth one and a half thousand years ago in the desert of Peru was used in ritual as labyrinths.

These drawings, depicting people, birds, plants, huge - up to two hundred meters. Fully visible only from the air. And scientists are still unable to find the answer, for what they created.

Recently, British researchers said that the drawings were not to be seen. They have a completely different purpose.

"They were not intended for observation from the outside, and for use inside. These lines are designed for them," said Professor Clive Regles.

He and a colleague Nicholas Saunders studied these mysterious pictures last five years. The scientists concluded that the drawings were made in the year 500 ad the Nasca people who disappeared one and a half thousand years ago. Created paintings with a religious purpose.
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