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21 декабря 2012 г. - рождение новой реальностиThe last days before December 21, requires utmost concentration and inner peace. Indigenous tribes in these few days perform rituals apologize for caused the Land of evil. They understand that to the Divine plan unfolded as planned, the people who made the greatest distortion of their thoughts, feelings and actions, should ask forgiveness, and not to interfere in the processes. Wise pray and meditate, realizing that inner silence and purity of the soul will help them see what is unfolding, and to support these processes.

On the subtle planes open energy mini-portals (wormholes), covering all the dimensions of our Universe. The dominant frequency in such mini-portals - this frequency is being broadcast from the Great Central sun, surrounded overtone frequencies that support the main tone.

Overtone sound harmoniously attuned to the main tone, overshadowed by a cacophony of sounds low frequency measurements. This disharmonious the background constantly grows closer to the end of the world", hammering divine harmony emerging reality. That is why any human activity happening in the rhythm brain "beta waves", not desirable because it increases the vibration cacophony. In this cacophony very difficult to hear and the more tune in to the Divine tone.

Those who are centered in the fifth dimension of the heart, can it be configured and rebuild the sound of your own energy body. Interestingly, when should you configure the heart with the Divine tone, you seem to get into the Emptiness, the silence and timelessness. This Emptiness, in fact, carries a powerful potential, the charge of which will be the new reality. And those who hear this silent appeal, will continue to participate in the creation of this new reality.

If within you there is no harmony, you remain locked in a lower dimension, in a kind of energy "pockets", which have a fairly strict borders. As proved by the whole history of human development, from the third dimension is very difficult to rise in the fourth and the fifth. Among these measures, there is a lot of "thresholds", overcoming of which requires radical transformations in the human soul. Similar thresholds exist between the third and second/first dimension - thus works the law separating the lower, middle and upper worlds from each other.

However, at the end of large cycles (as now), with the passage "spokes of time, the borders between the worlds opened under the influence of Cosmic law of a greater Whole. Are mini-portals that integrates all dimensions of the Universe that allows people with the developed consciousness to make a "quantum jump" in a new, more reality. People with a less developed consciousness, the dominant frequency of which is owned by a third dimension (duality), remain in the "old" reality, which is more "shrink" under the influence of new energies and as a result of the expansion of mini-portals. Elaboration of the problems will be more rigid and uncompromising. Because the "old" reality has a rather rigid boundaries, people have to choose between a forced enlightenment or fall in the lower vibrations and subsequent maintenance of the incarnation. It will cause even more tension.

Understand that on the subtle planes all major transformation has happened. This transformation is now projected into more dense dimension, and you want to create the most harmonious conditions for their manifestation. This is why we ask you to treat with the maximum attention to what you do, feel and think in the period before and after 21 December. Open new opportunities for individual and planetary awareness and transformation will be open until 23 December. Stay in peace with oneself. Pray and meditate. Until December 21, better to wait until the expression of any intention. Tune in vibration heart of the Earth, the Sun and the Great Central sun is setting on these vibrations will help you a lot to heal in their lives, and to understand the processes at work - the birth of a new world that many of you will have to implement.

Zolotukhina Tatiana, December 18, 2012,
group Metasites
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