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Что же все-таки произойдет 21 декабря?According to the astronomers, magnetic attacks on our planet in the next few days is not expected, all large asteroids and meteorites, too, is under control, so the only astronomical phenomenon, which will take place on 21 December is the winter solstice, after which day will gradually increase.

Preceding the end of the world, which predicted 21 September, we have already experienced. In General 21 Mata and September 21 - special days. At this time, the Sun and the Earth are in their orbits in such a position that it creates the perfect conditions for a strong magnetic storms.

As noted by Sergey Gaydash, who directs the Center for forecasting geophysical situation, we all live with powerful nuclear reactor. Every second our luminary spewing tons of charged matter. The sun we owe our lives on Earth and it can destroy our planet. Powerful flash on the sun unsettling the satellites, can cause a bad connection, but no more than that. Of course, in a couple billion years, the Sun will be different in the future, indeed, can play a major role in the Apocalypse, however, this will not happen tomorrow, and not on December 21.

According to the Mayan calendar in three days will begin a new era that gave rise to rumors about the coming end of the world. Astronomers say that the Sun to fear just not worth it: star now relatively calm. According to them, the scenario with a giant asteroid or comet more believable. Scientists estimate that mortal threat to humanity is the cosmic body size in km. If such a large object will fall in the sea, there will be a powerful tsunami, as if on dry land, in the atmosphere are thrown away such a large amount of dust that there will come a nuclear winter.

However, according to the astronomers, this month asteroids killer not threaten our planet. Now scientists know about 99% of large asteroids, their orbit is defined, and the Earth, these space objects, it seems, is not going to face.
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