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Как версия:Рептоиды колонизируют планету Земля 21 декабря 2012 годаThose who wrote numerous articles about the planet Nubira, moreover, that does not know what is trying to say, but didn't even read the books, wrote by Zecharia Sitchin, too, and not knowing thirds of the truth of what he was trying to write. But we will not succumb critics first, and look for inconsistencies in proceedings of the second, and just tell you about coming to us event called the end of the world as seen warned us of it's ancient Mayans, who called the exact date of the end - December 21, 2012.

And they knew what they say, because at the time of his full and mysterious disappearances exactly the Mayans were the keepers of ancient knowledge about the history of mankind. Moreover, the Mayans were descendants of the most ancient civilizations of our planet Earth and all that we perceive now myths and legends, was part of their genuine and true stories, which have already taken place on the Earth assault race reptoides were as real as the raids on the ancient Russia Varyags or Bataevich hordes.

This race of extraterrestrial beings is not the inhabitants of our Galaxy in the truest sense of the word. Without resorting to the retelling of the basic postulates of Quantum physics, say: in order to get on planet Earth, they must move from their dimension in our. But to do so they are quite easy, because reptoides have all the necessary knowledge.

Yes, they are in many ways the development of the us. That's just their development followed the way of evil and this at a certain stage of development of the race of reptoides did not allow them to make the transition between the third dimension in which they were, in the Fourth, in which at the moment is the goal of all of us. It is because of the evil that was carrying reptoides themselves and with him they were stopped during the transition from world to world, resulting became trapped in the so-called fold "worlds", where the laws of a three-dimensional world, and the laws of the four-dimensional until the end and did not emerge.

The only thing that got reptoides of all the treasures of the Fourth Dimension - border power over time. Thanks to her, they could do almost immortal, stretching his life in tens of thousands of earth years. In all other respects, they had to rely on technology, becoming a technocratic three-meter race cruel dinosaurs.

We quite difficult to assess their level of technological developments. However, there is a strong belief that he is not particularly high. And it is possible to conclude, though, because many of the dark races of the Galaxy use them as mercenaries, others are able to resist them. But still, compared with the knowledge that we possess, they are ahead of us on stony thousand years. Because contact with them may be for mankind on the planet Earth by accident.

The reason for their attack on planet Earth

In the extant writings of the Maya is described at least 4 attempts, when reptoides wanted to colonize the planet Earth. Description last but one of them we can find on the clay tablets of the Sumerians, and the last one in the old Testament in ancient Indian texts.

All 4 of the invasion was over for the race reptoides - catastrophe, as always, were the forces, capable not only to stop them, but to be cast out from planet Earth. Each time they were representatives of different solar systems, are equally called ancient earthen "gods" or "angels", and each time the people were away from these battles, becoming their third-party observers.

However, all this did not stop the race - reptoides, of new attempts to colonize the planet Earth. It is believed that for this purpose they have three reasons. The first is the address of earthlings in elementary slavery. Second - as reptoides use us (and this is unfortunately already proven) in food, their visits to the planet Earth is completely similar to what we do, going in a coop or a pig farm. And thirdly, knowing that mankind will go into the Fourth Dimension, reptoides want to do it with us.

However, scientists believed that most likely we'll get a combination of all three options when reptoides using us as food and slaves, will wait opens a passage between measurements.

Reptoides and mankind in the last few thousand years.
Alas, humanity managed to gather a huge archive of testimonies of countless visits when reptoides poexali planet Earth. UFO come to us with alarming regularity, and meetings happens so often that ufologists and specialists from the civil service has long ceased to see in them something out of the ordinary.

In a nutshell, here's symptoms such visits:

reptoides arrive on planet Earth on a triangular aircraft usually black in color;
they themselves, despite the fact that belong to a humanoid race, still more have traits dinosaurs - scaly green or bright-yellow skin and yellow eyes with vertical pupils; three-meter high stature; and his incredible strength, bone combs, which adorn their heads, and many other;
when meeting with people they always behave exceptionally aggressive, and people after such meetings or disappear without trace, or perish, or lose their memory; often such meetings over the most ordinary physical violence.
and the last, being able to move not only in the physical world, but the astral, reptoides can attack not only coordinate our real world, but during our sleep, or when we try to go to the astral plane, and the consequences of such attacks are devastating for both the human body and psyche.

But this is what we see, perceiving reality at the level of school textbooks of physics. And in order to understand what is really going on, we must add to our normal perception of another plane of our being - the astral.

And so:

Living on more subtle levels, reptoides until the end can't manifest in our reality. No, they may be visible, audible and to influence us on the physical level, but they can't Express themselves, and therefore see and perceive us at the level of both our internal and coming to us from outside energies. And this is worse, at least for the reason that it is on the astral level reptoides inspire the citizens of planet Earth that fear, which involves every meeting with them, can devour our energy, block will and even kill.

However reptoides it themselves vulnerable, as people with knowledge of the astral war, easily able to cope with them. Because in the physical world reptoides and stronger and faster than us, and their metabolism allows you to quickly heal the wounds fatal to any inhabitant of the planet Earth. But when going into the astral everything changes, so that the account is not on growth, the speed and strength of the muscles, but in the strength and power of the energies. Now - a great number of citizens of planet Earth, has a level of astral power, allowing them to easily cope with any reptoides.

It is at this level reptoides and representatives of the bright galactic races, are at war. It is at this level St. George (remember icons) defeated the snake - reptoid. It is from the astral, in the case if such decision is made, and will include assistance on planet Earth. And it went to the astral plane Maya, rebels against reptoides-overlords, but failed to win.

We won't talk about techniques of astral wars, because those who are truly interested in them, learned or learn to fight in the astral and without our help. Just say - on planet Earth born and born by those whom we used to call the magicians, not only not realizing their true power, but, even without knowing what kind of life they actually live.

On the astral level, the inhabitants of planet Earth ready for a decisive battle with the race reptoides about 65-75%. Therefore the outcome of the battle is impossible to predict. But hardly we began to write this article, at least not trying this Exodus to imagine.

December 21, 2012
After arriving, they will not escape. It is not necessary, as the main weapon race reptoides, has long been regarded as aggression, cruelty, and unusualy all this fear. They will soar above us on his big interdimensional ships, and to exhort us to "Give up! Give up! Give up!". They will immediately start with the attacks to destroy all those who will have at least some resistance. The rest to go, like obedient cattle on the reservations already built earthlings cities and...

But there are 4 different options:

1. - The war will take those whom we called "angels" and "the messengers of God" - the inhabitants of the planet VEGA system. Able to withstand race reptoides on technocratic and astral levels, as they previously have driven them, giving humanity a regular chance for salvation, as always, not asking anything in return based on the sacred right of every rational being to personal choice.

2. - Reptoides will attack, but it will be only a cover for the penetration into the world of representatives of the galactic dark races that would use that as the reason of permanately planet Earth on his side.

3. - There will be no interference from outside, and then reptoides will reign over mankind, to really go on much needed transition in Hatverti Dimension. In this case, we can assume with almost absolute certainty that our race this will be a fatal end.

4. - Most likely of all is lately among us were born rather of those who can withstand race reptoides invasion on the astral level. They will defend our civilization joining the war from day one. But it is not the children, Indigo, as many think. Indigo came to us only as observers, just as we "arrive" in a computer game when we play in it. They realized were born in our world just to get the experience of transition from a dimension, not for someone to fight.

Genuine defenders of the planet Earth will become a people with so-called "Sunny", but not yellow and Golden energy - those White Sorcerers of antiquity or the warriors of the Light, countless lives fighting across the Galaxy any manifestation of evil.

Well, what will the new war and whether it will... Understand that we offer only one of the versions of the events that will happen (or will happen) on December 21, 2012.
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