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Азербайджанский эзотерик: активизация НЛО и есть "Конец Света""End of the world" is that UFOs seriously begin to interfere in politics. So Azerbaijani esoteric researcher Vagif Alekperov commented on expectations of December 21, 2012.

In his words, dates, "end of the world" in the history of mankind were many, but they all eventually proved wrong. And this time, despite the gloomy forecasts, our planet will be plunged into darkness, will not be shattered to pieces from a collision with Nibiru, and we'll still continue to use electricity.

As for descriptions of particular events in the prophecies of the ill-fated Maya, as noted esoteric, specialists famous found in Mexico so-called stone "back throne", on which are engraved that in December of 2012 the Earth will go down some chariot. What is meant by this term is not known scientists. However, recently appeared facts, which allows to understand the essence of the case, said Alekperov.

""Back throne" this is a T-shaped stone, which is divided into three fragments. Now, on the right fragment is a question of fact that in December of 2012 the Earth will go down chariot. As a rule, an important prophecy encrypted and terms in them are called approximate. With this in mind, in my opinion, the expected event has occurred: "celestial chariot" appeared at the end of October, and just where lived Maya. I mean huge mysterious spiral which recorded meteorological radars on the territory of Mexico. Spiral was seen immediately following the fall of the UFO in the form of a giant glowing cylinder into the volcano, Popocatepetl October 26" - said the Azerbaijani researcher.

Vagif Alekperov noted that UFOs and spiral, according to many commentators, have caused sandy. In light of the special meaning of the prophecy about the ancient Indians "heavenly chariot", does not seem the case and the recent shocking event in the USA: the American school sandy hook distraught young man was shot children and their teachers. Again, the link with the word "sandy", said our interlocutor. The theme of the similarity of the names, he said, concerns the mysterious disappearance of the island's sandy at the end of November in the territorial waters of New Caledonia.

"It is noteworthy that the breadth of the lost island - 19 degrees North latitude. - the same as in figures with the breadth of Popocatepetl - 19 degrees Yu. sh, " said esoteric. - I also note that the importance of the number 19 in the Mayans I said back in November of last year. So, the bottom line is that predicted events still happen, but not in the form of global disasters, and as loud tragic accidents with slightly disguised elements of mysticism. So, if there are any other consequences of the emergence "celestial chariots", then they should be searched among news, indirectly connected with the date of anomalous phenomena".

By the way, Alekperov noted that the colors of the flag of New Caledonia, on which territory and lost island sandy, exactly coincide with the colors of the flag of Azerbaijan.

In the proposed scheme fits, according to the esoteric, and the fact of observation over Baku cigar-shaped, that is cylindrical object December 9 this year.
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