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Спиральная галактика-рекордсменка оказалась в пять раз больше Млечного ПутиSpace Agency NASA says about the discovery of the largest known spiral galaxies, which was significantly higher than their congeners from the galactic environment. According to the estimates of NASA, the new galaxy is about five times the milky way. To get the full picture managed with the help of telescopes NASA and the European space Agency.

Giant galaxy NGC 6872 removed from us at 212 million light-years away in the southern direction. The diameter of the galaxy from edge to edge is 522 000 light-years, compared with 100,000 light-years from the milky way, where the Solar system. Scientists say that NGC 6872 is the large spiral galaxy discovered over the last decade.

Accurately determine the size of the galaxy managed with the help of new techniques ultraviolet observations, which allowed to consider gas concentrations at the edges of the galaxy. Details about the new galaxy was told on 221-th meeting of the American astronomical community. NASA said that while the study of the galaxy is not completed and the reality of her size could be several more, which will only strengthen its leadership.

Astronomers say that because of their huge size galaxy has a very powerful gravitation, which allowed it to attract neighboring galaxy IC 4970. By calculations of experts co-exist two galaxies in the immediate vicinity from each other not less than 130 million years. In structure of NGC 6872 heterogeneous and its Northern sleeves now produce stars more actively than the South.

Also, the researchers pay attention to the unusually large galactic center, which has a diameter of almost 26 000 light years.
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