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Что ожидает космический телескоп «Хаббл» в ближайшие 6 лет…NASA on the meeting of the American astronomical society reported that space telescope 23-year-old Hubble still quite functional.

He plans to use its resources as long as his instruments will not fail. An assumption was made that "Hubble" will work during the next six years.

After the last major renovation in 2009, it was expected that the telescope will work up to 2015. Now NASA officially declares that the health of the legendary Observatory will be maintained for as long as possible.

The floor is the Hertz (Paul Hertz), a leading researcher in the office of space missions in the main Department of NASA, at the 21st meeting of the American astronomical society, said: "Hubble will continue to work as long as his system will work well".

NASA hopes that "Hubble" will work for another year together with the successor space telescope "James Webb", scheduled for launch in 2018.

The floor is the Hertz (Paul Hertz): "We do not intend to finish the job "Hubble, when the JWST will be launched, it will be great if, at least during the year, JWST and Hubble will work together."

The space telescope Hubble was launched in April 1990, since then there were several expeditions to service the telescope. During the last expedition, which took place in 2009, was made operational enhanced surveillance camera, recording the spectrograph. The telescope was named after Edwin Hubble, who proved that the universe is expanding.

Dan CoE (Dan Coe), astronomer working with the Hubble observed: "Now he (Hubble) works better than ever before...". He agreed that the time when the telescope Hubble and James Webb worked at the same time, it would be perfect. Because of this Observatory will be able to work on more projects, and you can compare the measurements of two telescopes.
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